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Take Back The Fear; Private Thread -- Sunrise Day 5
Topic Started: Jan 9 2011, 02:46 AM (3,514 Views)
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((OOC: This is a private thread taking place on Day 5))
((Also, all GMing in this thread was approved by handlers involved))


((Staffan Kronwall continued from Hysteria. Darren Locke continued from Cabin Fever))

Darren Locke has long since lost his traveling companion Jamie. One moment he had been taking a nap, the next he woke up along in the middle of the jungle. Not exactly what his master plan had been, but it did help him realize that Jamie could have killed him and he wouldn't have stood a chance. He would have to be more careful if he was going to make it home.

After making sure to take notes of the dangerzones and anyone particularly dangerous, Darren found himself in an area marked on his map as the Fun Fair, which indicated a rather large House of Mirrors in it's parameters. Darren had arrived in the Fun Fair shortly after midnight, so navigating his way to the Fun Fair in the dark proved a challenge. What proved to be a greater challenge was navigating the house of mirrors itself. After one too many close encounters of the wall-to-face kind, Darren remember about his lighter in the first aid kit they'd been assigned. Luckily for him it sparked a flame on the first try and he was soon able to navigate his way up to the second floor of the building.

He picked a spot near the place where he'd entered the second floor and sat down against one of the mirrors. Darren took a side-ward glance into one of the mirrors, using the lighter to view his reflection. He chuckled to himself as he realized the toll the jungle had had on him so far. He was lucky enough to still feel strong, but he certainly didn't look it. He made a mental note to find a water source to wash up at in the morning. After working his bag into a somewhat comfortable position under his head, Darren allowed his eyes to close.


Staffan Kronwall was still rattled about what had happened at the Parish. It hadn't been his fault right? Brent Shanahan had provoked him, and that Alicia girl wouldn't stop screaming. He didn't even have a chance to explain to her what happened. She didn't even give him a chance to show that Brent was a dick. She claimed he'd been so cruel. That was rich coming for her. Staffan was willing to bet that she assumed he killed Brent because he was a foreign kid. It was always easy for these Americans to blame it on an outsider. Staffan was also willing to bet that if it had been his older brother in the same position, Alicia would have dropped to her knees and blew him on the spot.

Staffan had been laying low. Moving only when he had to, and trying to stay away from anyone who came near him. However, all that alone time had given Staffan a lot of time to think about his brother and once he heard over the announcement that the other Kronwall brother had killed someone, something in Staffan finally clicked. He instantly thought of how Nik was probably someone's big hero with his kill, and how he would convince everyone around that situation that he was their ticket to survival. Mr. Popularity. First he became the star of the hockey team. Then he managed to get the girl Staffan has secretly crushed on. This was the last straw. He couldn't take living in his brother's shadow any longer and Staffan resolved to show the world that he was the better Kronwall. He would be the winner of Survival of the Fittest.

Staffan shielded his eyes as the sunlight of the morning hit him dead on as he exited the dense brush. He was now in the Fun Fair, standing very near to a house of mirrors.

Good place for someone to hide.

Staffan entered the house of mirrors with his fist clenched and daypack slung over his shoulder. He would be ready with the dynamite at a moments notice.


Darren awoke with a start. He heard footsteps coming from the floor below.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," He breathed, "Locke you idiot."

Darren berated himself as quietly as he could while he scrambled to get his belongings together. Escape out the way he came in was not an option. He would have to move very carefully through the mirrors. Darren rose to his feet and began to tread softly along the path through the mirrors. Each step felt like it took an eternity to complete. It did not help that Darren could still hear the footsteps coming from the floor beneath him. Then, it happened. Darren placed his right foot down and heard a damning sound. A loud and obnoxious moan emitted from the floor beneath him.

"Fuck me..."


It was like the house of mirrors wanted Staffan to begin his conquest within it's walls. The floor groaned against something above him. Staffan was already near the stairs that led to the second level, so he took two long strides then began his ascent. Staffan bounded into the second level of the house of mirrors, only to be halted by the sight in front of him. There stood a boy, obviously the source of the noise, facing him with a sword in his hands. Staffan recognized the boy. His name was Darren Locke.

"Nice sword you have." Staffan said, not taking his eyes off of it.

Darren had decided it would be better to be prepared and had readied his gladius for the oncomer. He had not expected the person appearing from the stairwell to be 6 feet 4 inches of Swedish hockey machine. Darren gulped as he realized that Staffan had been one of the announced killers. Here Darren stood. A killer in front of him, and an exit that would be difficult to find if the hulk in front of him decided to give chase.

"Yeah. It is a nice sword." Darren said, trying to sound as tough as he could.

Staffan moved his hands behind his back before speaking again.

"Have you had to use it yet, or it is just for show?" The Swede asked through his accent.

"No, I haven't had to use it, and I don't want to Staffan. Unlike you I suppose? I heard what you did earlier. How could you do that? We should be trying to fight the people who put us here, not each other." Darren replied fiercely.

"Typical. Fucking typical. You assume that I killed Brent and Alicia for fun," Staffan could feel his temper rising, "You don't even give me a chance? You just believe what that Danya man says?"

"So what if I do Staffan? You and your brother are both killers. How do I know you aren't working together? I have to watch my own ass out here, and when I hear that someone is a murderer, I damn sure make a note of that!"

"Well, I hope you make note of this." Staffan said as his arms came forward, his right hand releasing something small and red in Darren's direction.

If Darren Locke had taken the time to study the moment, he would have seen what the cameras broadcasting this moment to the world could see. Staffan's nonchalant pose had a purpose. Staffan had fished his lighter out of the bag and lit the fuse on one of the dynamite sticks. That very same dynamite stick was now sailing towards Darren Locke's feet.

Staffan dove back into the stairwell, getting as far down the stairs as he could.

Darren Locke felt like his feet were glued to the ground. He felt the gladius drop from his hand as he turned to run, but in a cruel twist of fate, Darren ran smack into one of the mirrors. He shook his head out of the daze and looked at the dynamite stick mere feet away. He closed his eyes and strange even to him, had only one slightly calming thought.

Everything happens for a reason.


The eruption from the stick shattered the glass around Darren. The force of the blast propelled Darren's body through the air, smashing through the mirrored walls and over the small viewing balcony of the second floor. The shards of mirrored glass tore at every inch of Darren like small bullets. Darren's body fell through the air and landed with a sickening thud outside of the house of mirrors. A small spurt of blood shot itself from his mouth as his head rolled to the side. Darren was dead before he hit the ground. The force of the blast at close radius had collapsed his lungs. Combining that with a rather large shard of mirror impaling itself into Darren's neck had resulted in his death.

B106 - Darren Locke - Deceased


Staffan turned back in the stairwell in time to feel the force of the boom from above, and to feel the shard shower that was blasted through the opening to the stairwell. Staffan ducked his head protectively under the trench coat. After regaining his composure, Staffan ventured back down the stairs. He snaked his way through the first floor maze and made his way back outside to survey his kill.

Now we will see who is the best brother.
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Staffan barely had time to brace himself when the blur hit him square in the chest and wrapped it's arms around him. Staffan pushed the girl slightly away from himself so he could make an identification.


It was Nik's girlfriend. It was like some kind of on-going test of morality or something. Staffan was out to prove to everyone that he could be superior to his brother, but something in him was stopping him from just throwing the girl to the ground and ending her life on the spot. She was just a scared innocent girl. She wasn't out to provoke him or anything. She needed him. She was different from the rest of bastards in their class. Staffan took solace in the fact that Evelyn having dated Nik would know understand Staffan's point of view on his victims.

Staffan snapped out of his head in time to catch Evelyn raving about a kid getting arm lopped off. She pressed herself into his chest once again. Staffan akwardly put his arm around her. Something told him it was the right thing to do. Evelyn continued to speak softly,

“I was so afraid until I saw you. But it’s all going to be okay now, right? You and I will find Nik and he’ll know exactly what to do.”

"What..." Staffan said looking down at the girl in his arms.

“Nik will have a plan to save us. I just know it.”

Staffan pushed the smiling girl off of him.

"Nik will have a plan? NIK?!? You don't think I can get people out of here? You don't think I'm capable? Look at what I just did to Darren!" Staffan roared as he grabbed Evelyn and turned her to where Darren Locke's corpse laid.

He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't. Maybe it was five days in the heat starting to get to him, but Staffan stood baffled by the girl in front of him. The smallest inkling of hope inside him. Hope that one damn person on the island would have faith in him. Hope that one single person could look at Staffan without thinking about Nik.

"You're worthless." Staffan growled as he threw the girl to the ground.

If she didn't want to believe in him, she was just like the others. Staffan would make an example of her. Nik wasn't here to save her. He would be devastated by her death and come looking for Staffan, that much was true. But Staffan would be ready. If it took Staffan beating Nik into the ground they stood on, he would do it.

"Just like the rest of them." Staffan said as he directed a kick at the girl on the ground.
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Evelyn's reaction was exactly what he had expected. The shock and betrayal in her eyes was enough for Staffan to crack a small smile. It only got better when she started to beg him.

"Please what," The Swede barked, "Please don't hurt you? Please don't do anything to you because you're Nik's precious girlfriend? Fuck Nik, and fuck you too."

Staffan aimed another kick at the girl, hitting her in the thigh.

"Do you know what it's like? Everyday I go to that school and HE is the big hero. No one notices me. Everyone worships Nik and the ground he walks on. You...you were the worst. Drooling over him like he was a steak. I'm done with being in his shadow. I'm going to show everyone that Nik is nothing but a coward, and when I win Evie, everyone will know I am the best Kronwall brother."

Staffan lunged on top of the girl forcing himself into a mount position despite her screams of protest. He grabbed her by the chin and turned her head in each direction.

"See...no big hero going to save you. No one to give a damn about you dying."

"Very wrong brother. Very very wrong."


((Nik Kronwall continued from: Fountain of Youth))

The side of Nik's gun cracked off the side of his brother's skull, causing Staffan to roll off to the side.

"Evelyn MOVE!" Nik roared as he pointed the gun at Staffan.
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((GMing approved and all that stuff))


Staffan rolled off the girl after the blow to his head. He ended up on his back staring up at the sky, blinking furiously and heavily disoriented. He had barely heard the words before the crushing shot. He had Evelyn right where he wanted her. Crying, scared and about to die at his hand. Then what had happened? The world went from fuzzy to focused after a few more blinks, though the intense throbbing of pain and anger didn't fade. Staffan sat up and faced the direction in which his attacker had come from. His eyes bulged with a equal amount of hatred and fear.

"Always playing the hero Niklas?" Staffan said with as much of a condescending tone as he could muster.

Nik kept his gun pointed at his brother. The sight was an intimidating one to say the least. Nik's mane of hair flowing from underneath his dirty bloodied ballcap, his eyes a focused fury directed at his own flesh and blood. The rest of Nik's face showing the dry blood which Nik had yet to clean off from his encounters in the town area. His shirt and pants also bloodstained. He looked like he'd been through a war of his own.

"You..." Nik began his sentence but couldn't finish it. He looked at his brother on the ground in front of him. All this time Nik had hoped and prayed to be able to meet up with his brother, realize that Staffan couldn't have done what the announcements had claimed he'd done, and the two brothers would find their friends and try to get off the island. Instead, Nik found himself staring a lump of betrayal in the form of someone he loved and trusted. Staffan had been about to kill the girl Nik loved. There was no redemption for him for that.

Nik took a small step forward readying his finger on the trigger. He was about to pull it when heard Evelyn shout for him to stop.

"Nik don't! You can't!"

Nik hesitated. Nik let his wrist go limp as he turned to look back at his girlfriend. That split second was all Staffan needed. Staffan lunged for Nik's hand, grabbing the barrel of the gun.

"Give it to me!" Staffan said as he rose to his feet, struggling against his brother.

Nik fought back against Staffan's strength as the brothers wrestled for control of the gun. Nik saw an opening and placed his leg behind Staffan's, pushing forward as he did so. The brothers fell to the ground.


The gun erupted as the boys hit the earth. Both of them continued to roll around for possession of the gun.


Again the gun fired a wild shot. Neither brother appeared to be hit by the shots. Nik finally managed to swing a mount position on Staffan. Nik slammed Staffan's hand holding the gun into the ground until the grip broke. Both of the boys struggled against each other, Nik trying to throw punches and Staffan defending.

"You motherfucker!" Nik roared as he continued his relentless assault. Nik's fist were starting to break through Staffan's defense. The fists rained down, bloodying Staffan's mouth and nose. Staffan was dazed. Nik grabbed Staffan's shirt collar and pulled his brother's head towards his own.

"You are nothing to me. You are not my friend. You are not my family. You are not my brother." Nik growled before delivering a nose shattering headbutt to Staffan's face.

Nik rose up off his brother, breathing heavily, sweat pouring down his bloodstained face. He turned around to face Evelyn. He saw two things, one was Autumn O'Leary speeding towards the scene. The other thing was...


Nik felt something burn and tear through his midsection, the instant pain of it causing him to fall to his knees then face down on the ground.

Staffan Kronwall had snapped awake again. His brother's back was turned and the gun mere inches away. Staffan had grabbed the gun and fired at his brother's back. Watching Nik fall to his knees was everything Staffan had hoped it would be.

"Ha...haha..ahahaa.." Staffan began to laugh at what he'd just done. Staffan lay back down on his back and closed his eyes, still laughing. He could feel the blood running from his broken nose down the sides of his face.


Staffan's smile faded quickly as something dug itself deep into his chest. Blood spurted from mouth as his eyes rolled back in his head. His body convulsed violently several times. After his body stopped shaking, his head fell limply to the side, the life taken from his eyes.

Fiona's axe had found it's target once again.

B147 - Staffan Kronwall - ELIMINATED
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The pain burned. That was all that he felt. His body felt like it was on fire. Nik's breathing came in short waves of inhales. Everytime he tried to take a deep breath the pain amplified ten-fold. He felt incredibly dizzy. Lifting his head up he tried to get his bearings. Somewhere behind him, he heard a squelching thud. Ahead of him he could make out the shape of a figure lying on the ground extending their hand in his direction.

"E--Evie.." Nik gasped when he realized there was blood covering the extended hand.

With a gasp of pain Nik crawled himself closer to where his girlfriend lay, taking her hand. There was a frightening contrast between the warmth Nik felt running through his body, and the icy-cold feel of Evelyn's hand.

"Stay with me. Ev...come on, stay with me." Nik whispered as he rubbed Evelyn's hand with his own.

Nik looked up through the mess of his own hair to see Evelyn smiling at him before her eyes closed. Her hand went limp in his own.

Nik couldn't muster up a response. The realization of what had just happened impacted Nik enough that he forgot about his own pain. He continued to hold Evelyn's hand as he lifted himself to being on all fours. With his eyes welling up, Nik leaned over his fallen girlfriend, brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her on the forehead before burying his own head in her neck, the tears streaming now.

"Nik... Nik, talk to me.."

The hand on his shoulder caused Nik to snap back to reality. Fiona was still here. It didn't matter though. Nik could feel the warmth of his body slowly fading. He knew that he wouldn't make it in this game. Nik lifted his head away from Evelyn's body and spoke to Fiona.

"Just go Fiona...leave me here okay? Just keep running..."

Nik was interrupted by a blood filled cough.

"Just go..."

Nik let his head fall back on to Evelyn's chest.

"I'll see you soon." He whispered.

Nik's eyes felt like they closed on their own. His pain seemed to just float away. It was nothing like he'd expected it to be. It felt like he just wanted to sleep. He embraced the feeling and went to sleep.

B050 - Niklas Kronwall - DEAD
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