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And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse; Private for now. May un-private it in the future.
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((Anna Chase continued from Wind In The Willow))

If you looked at the small girl currently sitting inside one of the many buildings scattered nearby the mines, you wouldn't recognize her at this point.

Once upon a time, she had a pretty good life. She wasn't popular, but she made a fair amount of friends. People found her the odd one, but she never minded. At one point she even had a boyfriend.

But, things change. And at this point, Anna Chase looked and felt like shit. Maybe even shit at this point was an understatement.

And she still couldn't believe it.

Maybe she really did fall asleep on the bus, and someone would wake her up. And everything would be alright. Heck, maybe everything with Jon didn't happen, and they were still together! And then everything with Dawne and Lexie and all those people never happened, and everything was sound. Everyone was sound and everyone was still there, and there was no stabbing or shooting or people getting beaten or insane Christian zealots or anything like that. Everything was fine. Just plain peachy!

Maybe she'd soon get off the bus, and go talk with Brendan. Just chat. And then she'd go eat lunch with Dawne. Maybe Rekka too. Or Jon! Heck, maybe she and Jon would cuddle up to each other near the campfire. And then they'd all go home. That Dark Knight movie looked good. Maybe she'd bring someone to watch it with her. It had killer clowns and everything in it!

And then they'd all graduate! They'd all graduate, and go on to become successful. And then they'd all meet again, right? As adults at a reunion.

And Survival of the Fittest would only be a term relating to evolution to them, and nothing more.

Yes. Everything was going to be okay. Wasn't it? Everything always turned out for the better. Always-

She lifted up her own hand and hit herself across the cheek.

It was all wrong. Everything was wrong. Jon and Dawne were dead. She had just found out that Dawne's boyfriend had been beaten to death. Ben had ran away, and she had yelled out his name enough times once they had left the dangerzone that her throat was hoarse. Brendan was god knows where, probably fearful for his life. And her group... at the same time, she worried about their safety and was scared of them.

Those two girls could come running up to her any second to demand the crowbar back, or start arguing again. Maybe they would tear it out of her hands, just after attacking her to the point where she'd be knocked out just like Marty was. Perhaps with the crowbar itself, while she was at it.

Marty and this Joshua Krakowski person, though, were somewhat more reliable than those two. Well, Josh was. She had no clue about Marty. Marty was still injured, and could do absolutely anything at this point, to be honest. He seemed particularly frightened of her and those two girls back at the beach.

And that's all she had. The only people right now she could stay with.

Chase had told herself that she was only going to stay until Marty got better. But, she ended up sticking with them after he had woken up. She guessed she was just that desperate.

And yet, she couldn't help but think about Brendan.

Where was he? Was he alright?

Please be alright.

Please. Please please please please.

She didn't know what she'd do if he was gone too. Everyone else was gone. All gone. Either crazy or dead. He had to be the only sane, living person, right? She didn't want to know whether or not him and Erik would become... different.

Chase missed everyone. Brendan, Dawne, Jon, Rekka, Erik. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't help but think of them. She knew she would never chat with Dawne again, or cuddle up to Jon, or watch movies with Brendan ever again. It was all gone now. Everything was gone. It was over.


She could find Brendan, right? Just find him, make sure he's okay. She didn't know what she could do after that, though. She was helpless, and stuck with a group that could implode on itself any minute. She... she couldn't protect him or anything. Could she?

She had the crowbar. She could defend herself with it.

But what then?

She didn't know what to do... oh god... what was there to do...

Chase suddenly reached inside her bra to pull out the necklace from earlier. She missed him, so much. What would have done? Or anyone else, for that matter?

And all the death around her wasn't the only thing for her to ponder, either. There was Polanski, as well. No, not the director of Rosemary's Baby. Someone by that name got her collar off, and Danya was on the warpath over it. People got their collar blown over it, apparently. It was possible to get your collar off, but they were on even closer scrutiny right now. If someone tried it now, he'd set the collar off to kill them.

Could they find Polanski, though?

Find Polanski. Find Ben. Find Brendan.

Could she do that?

She was too late to find Jon, Dawne, and Rekka. Much too late. Polanski had a bounty on her head, and Ben could be halfway across the island at this point. And Brendan... she didn't want to think about what he could be going through right at this moment.

And there was the issue of the fact that Polanski had let those people die. What if Polanski turned out to be yet another psycho? Even if she wasn't, would she help them? She knew how to get it off. Even if they didn't escape, having the collar off would help. They could simply hide out in a dangerzone without fear, and not have to run into other people. It was a bit like when she was younger, when her class played Capture The Flag, there was always someone who hid in the safe spot. Could that work here?

And even if she helped them... Danya could just simply kill them if he noticed it. He would press the button, and boom. Who's up for Chunky Salsa Anna Chase Style brand? Sorry, no refunds, the movie is over, go home. She went out with a bang, shades, The Who.

Was it even worth a shot?

Well, she needed to find Ben and Brendan as well. Why... why didn't she go after him? She was so stunned, and had almost no clue what was going on. She should have followed him, made sure he was safe. He had to be safe, right? Chase could have simply ran with him despite his wishes. She... she was a coward, wasn't she? She could have like... ran after him.

She had to find him. Not only him, but Brendan and Polanski.

It was the right thing to do.

The necklace hung in her hands, glinting in the small amount of light.

And suddenly, she snapped out of her thoughts. Marty! Was he alright? He seemed to be improving, but he had to be dragged out of the dangerzone. And not only that, but those girls... they were still there! They could-

Wait. They might know something about Ben, Brendan, and Polanski, right? Maybe they saw where Ben ran exactly, or had seen Brendan and Polanski before. It wasn't that unlikely.

She had to talk to them. Even just a few words.

Chase lifted herself off the ground, still feeling unsteady thanks to the amount of stress and lack of nutrients in her body. Just a few words. That's all she needed.

She searched for what to say. No words came to mind. Her mind was a sea of words of what she could possibly say.

But only a few came out.

"Guys..." she began, looking around her. "We should... I dunno..."

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((Joshua and Marty continued from Wind in the Willow))

Life as it seemed for Joshua Krakowski had a tendency to never go as planned.

At the start, he assumed that once he found Marty everything would pretty much sort themselves out. That things could only get better once they were finally reunited. He wasn't exactly sure HOW they would get better. Maybe the government would finally get off their asses and save them or something? Nah, if they REALLY wanted to save us, they would have already done it by now. Couldn't be THAT hard tracking down a once inhabited island like this...

But, after witnessing the effects of the recent announcement on Marty, Joshua had a bad feeling that things from now on could only go downhill.

Thankfully though, for now at least they had some kind of shelter to take refuge within. A nice little log cabin kind of thing which Anna found near the mines. It was actually pretty nice, compared to the great outdoors which Joshua had to cope with for the past couple of days. There were a couple of beds, a chair or two and even a sweet little stove! Which, sadly, none of them really knew how to operate. Nevertheless, for all it's faults, the shack was practically a godsend compared to what it was like sleeping outside.

Now all he had to worry about was if somebody else had the same idea.

Still, as he lay back on the bumpy mattress of the bed nearest to the door, all the would-be rocker could think about was the fact that Marty had yet to snap out of his trance-like state.

Damn, hearing about Carol's death must have hit the poor guy harder then I thought... Not that I can really blame him, I mean, I kinda reacted the same way when I realised Daniel and Everett were gone. Stuff like that ain't easy to shake off... But even so, Marty's been like this for a good couple of hours now. What the heck's on his mind right now?

He was about to ask Marty how he was holding up before Anna came along and started talking to him and Aston about... Something. He couldn't really tell. She seemed concerned about something, that's for sure. Only problem was however that she didn't give much clue as to what that something was.

Well, what better way to reply to an awkward question then with an equally awkward answer...

"Um... Yeah, I guess?"

As Joshua and Anna engaged in an intellectual conversation, Marty at that very moment was sitting on a seat with a pale and haunted look on his face. For the past few hours now, Marty had only been vaguely aware of what was going on around him. He was in a shack somewhere, with Joshua and a couple of other people. They'd been more-or-less dragged him here and placed him in this chair, something he'd not objected to in the slightest. To be frank, he was in too severe a state of shock to object to anything right now...

After all, all he could think about was the fact that he was helpless to prevent Carol from dying.

He knew from the start that it was inevitable. That eventually he would hear her name on the announcement listed amonst the dead. He thought he'd accepted that fact long ago, that they would ALL die eventually on this island. He didn't feel much sympathy for everyone else, not even Daniel Vaughan stifled much of a tear, so why should he be so concerned when Carol was announced dead as well? Was it because of that stupid crush he had on her? No, can't be. It wasn't as if he was in love with her or anything. Just a stupid crush. A stupid, stupid crush which never went anywhere because he was too much of a chickenshit to approach her...

I can't stand it here... I need some air damnit!

"Guys, you mind if I...If I... I just, just gotta go outside for a minute." he muttered, the first words he'd spoken for a while now. Joshua looked on in surprise as he best friend stood up and stumbled slowly out through the door, standing alone outside of their newly found shelter. He was tempted to do or say something about it, but in the end Joshua simply sighed and shook his head. It didn't take a genius to tell that Marty wanted to be alone right now. Best to let him get over it in his own time...

What he didn't realise, however, was at that very moment Marty was on the brink of completely losing it.

She's dead... Shit, she's really dead! And there was nothing I can do about it! Abso-fucking-lutely nothing! All I did was hide in some pink tent like a coward, like a filthy fucking rat! No, I'm lower then a rat aren't I? At least rats look out for one another... Oh god... I... I never got to say goodbye. The last time I spoke to her... Back at the prom, where I had the opportunity to ask her to dance. And what did I do? I chickened out, thats what. Wasted my last ever opportunity to be anywhere near a girl again. All because I'm a big fucking coward. A big fucking coward who freaks out when a bunch of girls try to be friendly to him. A big fucking coward who hides underneath beds and screams like a girl at the slightest provocation. A big fucking coward who got intimidated by Jimmy Brennan of all people! What the HELL kind of excuse for a human being am I!!!

Eventually, the stress overtook the small boy, and he fell to his knees and let out a long bellow of grief and torment. Tears began to flow from his eyes as he beat the ground furiously, venting all the anger and frustrastion from his time spent on the island in one large burst.

Damnit Marty! You fucking asshole! YOU let her die! You let Reiko kill her! That fucking bitch... She was her friend! HER. FRIEND! How could she does such a thing! Fuck her. Fuck her and this whole fucking game to hell.

And you know what, why stop there? Fuck you Joshua, you stupid dumbass! Its your fault I never got to dance with her in the first place! You just had to fucking butt in, didn't you?!? And fuck you Aston, you spastic psychobitch! I remember now how that scene by the beach played out... How you nearly fucking lost it and start popping caps into everyone! And fuck you Michelle, you stupid bitch! You could have fucking killed me back there! And fuck you Anna, for... For... For not fucking doing anything! How DARE you be so ineffectual and worthless! Fuck Anna, fuck Aston, fuck Michelle, fuck Joshua, fuck Reiko, fuck me FUCK EVERYONE!!!

Oh, and most of all... How could I forget... Fuck you Danya. You're the sick bastard who put us all here in the first place, right? Why us? Why me? WHY CAROL? She didn't deserve to die! She never meant anyone any harm! Me, I'm expendable. Who gives a flying fuck whether or not I live or die? So why the hell aren't I dead, instead of her? No, of course not. This is Danya's game after all. Sick fucker probably jerks off to all these kids killing each other all day. Hell, I bet even now he's...

Just then, a thought hit Marty.

He quickly turned his head up, looking around at the surrounding area until he spotted what he was looking for.

A camera, watching his every movement from a nearby tree.

"...The fuck are YOU looking at?" he grunted, scrambling up to his feet. His head was throbbing, partially due to the injury and partially due to the immense stress he was under.

"Don't you FUCKING look at me like that! Can't I be left alone? That's all I EVER wanted, you sick bastards!"

His eyes darted around, looking for something large and blunt. Like a tree branch, or a brick, or a... A large rock! Like the one the size of a fist lying there on the grass. That was good enough for Marty... Good enough for what he was intending to do anyway.

"I said... Don't... you... fucking... LOOK AT ME!!!"

With that said, he picked up the rock and pulled back, preparing to throw it at the camera with all his might. He would smash the fucking thing to oblivion, smash as many of them as he could find. He didn't give a damn if they blew his collar... One less kill for some sick Rizzolo-wannabe out there. At least he would die giving the system a good kick in the balls...

...At least he would have, if Joshua and Aston hadn't stopped him in time.

As Marty had gone outside, Joshua had been inspecting the crossbow pistol he had been given by R.J. The one which had missed him by mere feet a couple of days ago. Jesus... Am I really expected to kill someone with this thing? I mean, sure, it must be pretty easy to. Just aim and shoot, thats all. And yet... Shit man, I hope I never have to actually DO that. I can't imagine what it must be like to......

He stopped mid-sentence when he heard Marty's scream, standing to attention and looking through the open doorway. He and the others watched in awe as Marty vented his frustration at the game, smashing the dirty ground with nothing but his clenched fists.

"Don't worry guys, he's just letting off a bit of steam. A girl he, uh, really liked got announced earlier..." he whispered to the others, praying that Marty didn't hear him. He didn't want to make Marty even madder by revealing his crush to the world by accident.

At first, all Joshua did was stand there and watch as Marty pummelled the ground repeatedly. It wasn't until he stood up and began talking to the camera that Joshua began to get REALLY worried.

"Uh, buddy, I think you might need to calm down a little..." he said, but to no avail. Marty didn't seem to hear him. Or any of them for that matter. It wasn't until Marty picked up a rock and prepared himself to throw it that Joshua finally caught on to what he was doing.

"Holy shit, MARTY!"

Without wasting a second, Joshua and Aston ran out and grabbed Marty by his skinny arms, holding tightly onto the struggling boy before he could get himself hurt.

"Let go! Let... GO! I'm gonna smash that fucking thing! Smash every single last one of them!"

"Calm the hell down Marty, jeez! You don't wanna provoke the man or anything, do you?"

Eventually, Marty began to slowly calm down. His struggling getting weaker and weaker with every passing second as his mind began to clear.

"Look man, I know how hard this all must be for you and stuff. Hell, I nearly tore my own collar off the other day myself. But you got to let it go... I'm really, REALLY sorry about Carol man, but there ain't much we can do about it now. Life goes on, you know?"

Marty didn't reply. Joshua and Aston both let go of the short haired bot as he lay there on his knees for a moment, his face and shirt soaked with his own tears. Eventually, he flopped over and curled up in small ball, blocking his eyes and ears from the rest of the world. Just like he wanted. To be alone, away from all of this. Away from this horrific nightmare that had plagued him since the day he first woke up.

And in all the excitement, neither Joshua or Marty noticed that the crossbow pistol Josh in his hand a moment ago was lying in the dust a couple of feet away, after he'd dropped it in order to calm Marty down.
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((Aston Bennett continues from Wind in the Willow))

Aston opened her eyes again.

She squeezed them closed.



She couldn't get to sleep. It might have been because it was daylight when they got there, but...Aston hadn't slept for days. Ever since waking up in the tunnels, almost half a week and 90 living classmates ago, she'd been unable to even close her eyes for more than a minute or so.

It was foreign to her, this inability to get her way. She just wanted to get to sleep, but there were so many insignificant little details that were wretching her mind open. Superbitch needed constant watch to make sure that Aston wasn't murdered in her sleep. Anna needed constant watching to make sure she didn't go crazy with that crowbar, the one Aston didn't even want in the firstplace. Marty needed constant watching, to make sure that he didn't do anything stupid; according to Joshua, a girl he knew died the day before. That must have been a heavy burden to bear, something Aston couldn't imagine if she tried.

Frankly, she needed to make sure that 3 out of 4 people who knew she was slowly


her mind

Didn't do anything.

She volunteered to take watch. Superbitch's bag and her own were wedged between the wall and those muscular tree trunks known only as "legs". No chance of getting her gun. Aston wanted to feel of some use to the group, unlike one or two of them who were perpetually useless and frightened. It benefited her in the long run, it always did. So instead of resting in some form, like everyone else did, she stood by the closest bed to the door, right next to Joshua, and stood guard, leaning against the wall in a standing position.

What, who would think she was actually caring too much about the people she was stuck with until she managed to get off of this island? What kind of imbecile would think that she wasn't using them as an impromtu squad of meat sheilds that she had to painstakingly act like she cared about and took interest in their dull little lives? Was anyone a big enough of an idiot to think something like that?

She was so good at this stuff, she wondered why she needed to lie. Back at the beach, her tantrum at Marty was mostly made up. She did have one or two friends, and she had no idea who the girl who was supposedly set on fire was. If she was dumb enough to be set on fire of all things, then frankly it was a favour from Danya to the gene pool that she wasn't a contributing member.

...okay, really, she didn't have friends.

But if the people she was travelling with made it far, then...sure, she could probably grow to trust in them, right? It wasn't that hard to get on Aston's good side, so if they managed to do it, then...


Too tired to think about the future.

But why couldn't she sleep if she was so tired?

Her silent musings to herself were interrupted as Anna said something. Well, less than something really. Five words of somethingness filled the air.

The rocker beside her seemed to like her somethingness, and filled the air with his own somethingness.

Something...something something something!

Something? Something something something...


"...what are you talking about? Honestly..." Aston tried her best to sound snappish, but all that effort had been drained from her system by her constant inability to sleep. She uncrossed her arms to pinch the bridge of her nose, slightly massaging that area that joined to the eyes, and closed them again.

Wow, she actually got a bit of sleep.

It was almost five seconds of sleep. Infinite plus there.

Or at least it felt like five seconds, because the scene changed slightly when she opened her eyes again.

Marty was outside, doing something. Air, that word lurked about the cabin like a hidden spitball. Josh had since pulled out his gun and was examining it. Her eyes shot to Michelle, who was still acting a Superbitch, and she just wanted to make sure that she didn't get any ideas from the abundancy of weapons floating about.

The moment you get your hands on my gun, or that gun, is when you'll pry it from our cold dead fingers, so how about you just give up?

God, if only she had the energy to say that right now...

Closed eyes again...

A scream.

Aston's eyes shot open again, and this time they stayed open. They had to, since someone was being a spastic again and needed to his friend to calm him down. Honestly, it was a wonder this guy survived in real life, if he acted this way at every tiny thing.

Turning around, she watched the guy vent his frustration into punching the ground numerous times. For once, Aston envied the kid and his ability to actually get rid of his frustrations. More than Aston could ever do was being platformed in front of her.

Josh tried to justify what his friend was doing, something about a crush on some girl that died. Aston got that, deductive reasoning working its little magic.

What was annoying was that she was being taught, indirectly at least, how to control her anger. Why the hell didn't anyone tell her this before? "Instead of kicking a tent, how about you punch the ground? Instead of telling everyone else that you're better than them, how about you scream it out into a pillow? How about instead of trying to win, you throw a rock straight at a camera and end your game right there no no no what the hell is he doing?"

Aston bolted with Joshua, not caring if Michelle searched the bags for her gun. Honestly, she only said it was in there so she could hide it where she wanted to, in in her waistband under her shirt, and leave Superbitch scrambling. She wasn't getting her hands on the Beretta even if Aston lost her digits.

As the rock was about to leave his hands, Joshua tackled, and Aston followed suit. They both grabbed him by the arms and wrestled him down. Aston ignored all the semantics of their little friendly conversation and simply stopped the boy from doing something he was going to regret.

Eventually he calmed down, and Aston whipped her arm out.

As soon as the boring little semantics finished, Aston let it rip again. Even crying babies needed chiding, and Aston was not one for any sort of sympathy.

"Did you honestly think that smashing ONE camera would do anything? I mean, take a look around, there's heaps of them here! You weren't doing anything, you idiot, all you'd do is just give that fat, disgusting slob Danya an excuse to kill you himself! I mean honestly!"

Holding her head in her hand, she muttered indistinguishable words under her breath and sighed. Jesus Christ, of all the people to break early, it had to be people who she needed in the long run...

...something wasn't right with this picture.

Aston looked over at the boy now curled up on the ground, and over at the rocker. There was something missing in this scene that was singing out at her. Something really important.


"...didn't you have a gun with you when you came out here?"

"Oh fuck me."
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((Michelle O'Cain continued from Wind in the Willows.))

A series of failures.

That was probably the best phrase that Michelle could use to describe her entire experience on the island. Everything she had done so far had turned out to be an abject failure and served no purpose besides making her look foolish, or in this case, making her lose her sole weapon and making her the figurative whipping girl of Bitchtits McBitchface. It was disgusting, to her at least, and just thinking about it made her temper rise. Sure, she could have left at any time but...dammit, Bitchtits had her fucking crowbar and Michelle wanted at least that, if nothing else.

And now she was sitting inside some dumbshit mine building, a pseudo-prisoner of war. Not like anyone else was really doing anything, though. Anna seemed lost ('Oh, like that's something new.'), Joshua was...doing something. Resting maybe. Marty, that kid she hit in the head, said he wanted to have some time to himself. And Bitchtits was standing guard. 'Over me, I guess. What the hell am I gonna do? I haven't even done anything dangerous since that moment on the beach and you think I'm just going to try to murder everyone in this room? Well...actually...I'd murder Aston. Probably be doing the whole damn world a favor.'

'Ugh...screw this. If nothing happens I'm just going to excuse myself and leave...every step with this group has just been one disaster after another. They can do whatever the hell they want with my weapon. I don't care anymore.' She thought irritably to herself, getting to her feet and stretching for a bit.

Fate decided to throw her an oddly-disguised bone, however, because at the moment Marty screamed and started punching at the ground. Michelle stared at him like he had grown a second head, wondering what exactly was causing this freak-out of his. 'Christ, I didn't hit him so hard he became even more of a girl, did he? I mean...the announcements had been read a few hours earlier but...'

Joshua filled them all in a couple of moments later and Michelle let out a quiet "Oh" in response. Well, finding out that someone you really liked in high school just died probably was a good enough reason to freak out. She almost sympathized with him, the emphasis being almost. She still didn't like him for freaking out at the beach and being part of the reason why she was in this shitty situation in the first place and she really didn't like watching him freak out again only moments after he had regained consciousness.

What Michelle did like, however, is when Marty spazzed out even more and both Aston and Joshua went to go try to restrain him and do something stupid ('Come on, let him blow up the camera. He's just going to die anyway with that sort of attitude...'). The best part of that, though, was the fact that Joshua had left his weapon behind in his haste to help his friend. His weapon that was lying innocently on the ground within easy reach. It wasn't a real gun, but it was a much better weapon that nothing and a really deadly implement.

While Joshua and Aston were distracted with Marty's freak-out, she swiftly walked up to the fallen weapon and picked it up, a wide grin on her face as she held the small weapon in her hand. 'Things are finally looking up. Finally.'

She took a few steps back after getting the crossbow, making sure to keep Anna within sight as well. She doubted Anna would even do anything besides shake and shiver in fear, but it never hurt to be careful. Aston probably would do something with that gun of hers and Joshua...well, if he wanted to do something, he'd get a bolt right in the middle of the forehead. Marty wasn't even a subject of consideration. A smirk crossed her face as she thought about the things Marty could possibly do. 'Maybe he'd freak out again and run away.'

She had to restrain her laughter as she heard Aston voice her concerns over Joshua's missing weapon and Michelle pointed it straight at Bitchtits back, taking in deep breaths as she savored the feeling of finally, finally getting the upper hand against the whore. Her hand kept shaking, though, and she used her other hand to help steady herself, a finger tightening around the trigger. Tightening...but not firing.

Because for all of Michelle's bluster...for all of her mental build-ups to this moment, she still wasn't able to step across that thin line that would mark her as a murderer. So she shook. She aimed. But she didn't fire the trigger...couldn't. Not yet, at least. 'Come on, come on, come on! I have the damn thing...I can hit her, I know it!'

But she didn't want the others to think she was scared of scoring her first kill. So she utilized the time-honored tradition of stalling for time while trying to build confidence.

"Looks like you finally made a mistake...now stay there. Anyone...Anyone who moves is going to get a crossbow bolt straight through the chest, so just don't move and be nice little kids for the camera." She said, training the crossbow pistol on the other students. "Ahaha...I'm going to enjoy this."
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((Richard Han Continued From Cliff Richard))



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Joshua Krakowski seemed impatient, like he was waiting for her to say something. But really, her mind was a flurry of things she could be saying, and she couldn't pick one. She wanted to find Ben and Brendan, and get Polanski on their side. She wanted to go home. She wanted to grow up. She wanted everyone to be alive. She wanted food. She wanted someplace to wash herself. She wanted to sleep.

So many wants and needs, and she didn't know where to start.

She could hear Now-Only-Partially-Spiky Head mumble something groggily, as if she had just been woken up. Was she asking what was going on?

Marty went outside for some fresh air, and she watched as he hurried outside. Turning back to Joshua Krakowski, she saw that he was fiddling around with his crossbow. Marty seemed to be in shock this entire time, as if he had seen something extremely horrible.

Chase put the necklace back into her bra, and fidgeted on the spot, her head bowed to the ground. As a child, she once heard some good advice for when she was stuttering particularly badly or just was having a word block; just take a deep breath and try to stay calm.

So deep breath.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Hey, you know what this reminded her of, now that she was finally in a building for the first time in days? A zombie movie. Hiding out in an abandoned building with a bunch of weapons... that feeling that you could die any minute... the death-like feeling surrounding everything... yeah, zombie movie. It was a strange thought, especially the timing, but there that was. Personally, she'd prefer zombies over this anyday. Zombies were slow, unless they were fast. And you just needed to damage the head to kill them. Not only that, but she could set them on fire and watch them run around in flames! But that wouldn't do, they'd set things on fire, like other zombies, or buildings, or people, or houseplants.

But, zombies would have been better. At least she could easily deal with zombies. Heck, she even got that survival plan book and had a basic plan on what to do if there was a zombie infestation nearby her house. She'd be definitely having more fun if it were zombies rather than deranged versions of her classmates.

Wait a second, was that screaming? Oh god, what if she willed zombies to show up on the island?

Like everyone else, Chase glanced at the doorway, to see it was not zombies, but rather, Marty screaming and banging his fists to the ground. Hey, wasn't insanity an early symptom of zombie infection, though?

But, no more zombie comments in her head. Joshua Krakowski whispered to them one of the reasons why he would be freaking out. A girl he liked died. And suddenly, it made sense. Chase knew the feeling. She knew it all too well. She sympathized with him completely. Heck, if he had been calm, Chase would have walked outside and given him a hug. The urge was there to just try to comfort him, but she wasn't sure if he needed it.

But Marty soon started focusing his attention on a camera, shouting at it to stop looking at him. Joshua Krakowski had asked him to calm down, but he did not listen. Would he listen? No. Just kept shouting.

And when he seemed to pick up a rock and prepare to throw it at the camera... everything was in chaos once more.

It seemed that within a few seconds, everyone hurried outside to stop him. Joshua Krakowski and one of the girls got there before she did, grabbing him by the arms and shouting. Chase had ran outside with them, and was now preparing to grab him as well in case that he needed to be restrained a bit more. Her heart pounded as he struggled within his grasp.

Oh god, what the hell was he doing?! Did he really just try to throw a rock at the camera? That was going to get him killed! Not only that, but who was to say that Danya wouldn't kill the rest of them for simply being there, as well? But oh god, she didn't want him to die too! Please don't actually go through with it!

But, after a bit of getting shouted at by the two people holding him back, Marty started to calm down. They didn't need additional restraining. But... they let him go and from where Chase was standing a small feet away, she could see tears on his face. Suddenly, he collapsed to the ground, curling up into the fetal position.

Poor guy. Really, what could she say? She was surprised that she hadn't acted similarly so far herself. To be honest, she couldn't blame him. Sure, he just attempted suicide, but really, poor guy wasn't taking it so well. Heck, Chase felt tempted to like... put a hand on his shoulder or something. And yet, she couldn't do anything. She wasn't sure what she could do here. It was like she was just there, here to watch all of this.

And suddenly, there was a mention of the crossbow, then...

Chase spun around to see a most frightening sight.

In many of the movies she watched, there wasn't only zombies and such you had to worry about. There would always be some psycho in your party, who would suddenly lose their shit and start attacking others. When she first started hanging around this group, she'd suspect that it would be either Spiky-Head or Dyed-Hair Girl to play this role, if we wanted to apply the same roles here.

Well, dyed hair, you proved her suspicions correct.

She had the crossbow. That wasn't good. She started mumbling about them staying still and getting shot in front of the camera. Chase's heart started to race faster.

Oh god, this wasn't happening! They were just trying to get Marty to not kill himself, did this really seem to be a good time to go into psycho la-la-ville? And oh god, where was that crowbar? She left it back in the building, didn't she? It was lying there, and she was out here, about to get a bolt to the face! Why didn't she think of bringing it out with her? God damn it, and they were all going to die. Die die die.

But, one thing was certain. At least she was doing the time-honored tradition of stalling and trying to gloat. That wasn't exactly a smart thing to do. Someone could interrupt her by attacking her mid-sentence or something. In a way, she was clearly stalling for time.

Well, might as well keep her stalling.

As that surreal feeling sunk in again, she took a deep breath, and...

"No you aren't. Listen. Just... put the thing down. What use will y-you have, killing us all with it?", she started slightly unconfidently. "I mean, would it m-make Mommy and Daddy proud or something? I don't get it."

She glanced around at her three fellow hostages. Okay, so, they only had a rock with them, as far as she could tell. Whoopee. And that girl might not be so happy after what she just said.

What happened next... she wasn't sure if it was a sign from god, a blessing, a curse, or even a mixture of all three. All she knew was, it happened.

She heard a faraway scream from somewhere, and within a few seconds, something landed with a thud several feet to her right. Chase instinctively turned her head and...

Did a dead body just fall out of the sky?

Well, it looked a tiny bit like a person, that was for certain. She wasn't sure though. Even from here, she could tell that if it was a person, it definitely wasn't getting back up. Oh shit, so that person was dead? What the hell happened? This wasn't exactly the best of omens right now, to say the least.

And things just kept getting weirder and weirder. Not better, though. Weirder.

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"Joshua... Didn't you have a gun with you when you came out here?"

At first, Joshua wasn't exactly sure why Aston was so concerned as to whether or not Joshua still had his gun on him. It wasn't as if he could have grabbed Marty and hold onto the thing at the same time, right? Besides, its not as if some asshole was going leap from the shadows and steal his crossbow pistol thingey the second he let his guard down...

After all, Michelle as it turned out seemed perfectly happy to do that herself.

Wait, wuh W-W-W-W-WHAT?!?!?

Almost immediatly, the living anachronism put his hands up and froze on the spot in fear as Michelle preceded to threaten them all, waving about the gun Joshua had been given by R.J. as a passing gift. He couldn't believe this was actually happening... That Michelle was actually holding them hostage like this! With his OWN GUN! This ain't right! Isn't she suppose to be on our side?!? Oh crap, does this mean she's been one of them the whole time!?! This is not good man, nah ah. Not good at all...

In hindsight, Joshua probably should have seen this coming. Michelle had been the one who struck Marty over the head after all. If any of them had to be a potential killer, the girl who nearly killed his own best friend was probably the most likely. And yet... Despite this, Joshua was still shocked to the core that he was finding himself in this situation with someone who he'd actually grown to trust. Sure, Aston didn't like her, but as far as Joshua was aware she had only done what she thought would calm Marty down at the time. Everyone does stupid stuff on impulse once in a while, right? Joshua could name about twenty odd things he'd done in the past on impulse off the top of his head that he still regrets to this very day.

But Michelle? From the sound of things, her incident with Marty was now starting to sound more like a murder attempt then ever. Hell, she was probably waiting for a chance to kill them all to begin with! And Joshua honestly believed that she was just like them... Then again, what was to say Anna and Aston weren't planning on betraying them all once the time was right? The only person here Joshua honestly knew was Marty, and even HE was on the verge of killing himself only moments ago.

Nevertheless, Anna seemed to have the right idea, trying to calmly talk down Michelle. That sounded like not such a bad idea actually... Maybe Michelle was just as scared as the rest of them? Only, unlike Marty, she's decided to threaten them all rather then try to break a nearby camera. Maybe if he could talk some sense into her... Convince her that killing them was not a good idea...

"Y-Y-Y-Yeah, I me... Mean. You don't have to do this! W-we could fight the system, y'know? We don't have to play by W-W-Whatshisface's rules! I'm sure there MUST be another wa-"


Holy shit, what the hell was that?!?


As Joshua and the others struggled with one another, a certain Marty J. Lovett was lost in his own little world as he refused to take any notice of the outside world around him.

He barely even acknowledged Aston berating him for what he'd just tried to do. Let her go on as long as she liked, Marty honestly didn't give a fuck anymore. What use was dignity in a place like this? He had absolutly nothing to be proud of thats for sure... Joshua, he had something to be proud of. He could play a guitar for one, and pretty damn well for that matter. But him? Marty was totally useless. Worthless. A complete and utter waste of humanity. Even if he hadn't of found himself on this island, he'd of probably failed miserably at his exams and ended up working at a McDonalds for the rest of his pointless existance before finally offing himself in some anticlimactic fashion.

What was that? Something about Michelle thretaning to shoot people in the chest? Fine, go ahead. Put them all out of their misery. Even if he wasn't this depressed, he'd of probaby been too much of a chickenshit to do anything about it. Besides, at least he wouldn't have to worry about suffering for any longer on this godforsaken rock.

It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not fair... It's not......................







...Get a fucking grip on yourself Marty.


You heard me. Get a FUCKING grip on yoursel!

That's easy to say... Newsflash asshole, i'm at the end of my ropes here. I'm useless remember? A cowarldy little freak who hides away in a pink tent.

The only reason you're so useless is because you've never actually TRIED to be anything other then a cowardly little freak who hides at the first sign of danger!

Tried? What's the point... Carol's dead. We're ALL going to die eventually. Why bother fighting fate...

Yeah, Carol's dead. But you know why she's dead? Because YOU didn't get you act together? Maybe if you weren't such a coward, you could have been able to do something! It's not too late you know! You can still save people out there!

SAVE people! How exactly?!? There are cameras EVERYWHERE! The last time someone got the bright idea to try and escape, people died! That Neil Sinclair guy? He got people KILLED trying to get out of here!

Yes. Yes, Neil Sinclair got people killed trying to escape. But you know what Marty? They died trying. They didn't wallow away in self-pity and resentment, they fucking tried. So what if most of them died? At least they died fighting the system, giving Danya one final kick to the balls before going out in a massive explosion. Now try and tell me that ISN'T a better way to go than hiding like a baby until some asshole comes along and shoots you in the nuts.

Leave me alone...

Marty... I hate to break this to you, but if you don't snap out of this RIGHT now and get your act together, Joshua is going to die. All because of you...

"J... Joshua?"

The young boy slowly opened his tearsoaked eyes, finally acknowledging the world around him once more. He could here the sound of people struggling behind him, fighting over something or other. He slowly turned his head around to find Aston and Michelle engaged in some kind of struggle. Michelle seemed to have Joshua's gun in one hand, whilst Aston's gun seemed to be...

...Lying barely a few feet away from him.

Neither of the others seemed to be taking any notice of him. They were too busy transfixed by fight to pay any attention to the boy who'd blocked out the entire world in some childish attempt at comforting himself. And who could blame them... The two girls looked as though they were dead set on actually killing each other. Sooner of later, one of them was going to.....

Something happened. Marty wasn't sure what, but what he did know was that Michelle had gained the upper hand and somehow managed to get Aston away from her. She then lifted her gun and looked as though she was about to pull the trigger!

...No. Not this time, not on my fucking watch! I'm not going to let someone else die because I was too afraid to do anything about it! Not going to let this bitch get away with this!

Things seemed to go in slow motion. As Michelle lifted her gun, Marty reached out for Aston's, preying to god that he could reach it in time to stop her from pulling the trigger.

I can't believe that I'm about to actually do this... But, god damnit, I have no choice! I have to stop her from killing, even if I have to sacrifice my innocence in the process!

Marty grabbed a hold of the gun. At that same moment, Michelle finally pulled the trigger, firing the crossbow bolt in Aston's direction.

NO! I can't be too late! I can still do this! I CAN STILL DO THIS!

With a look of hardended determination in his small brown eyes, Marty lifted the pistol from the ground, aimed it at Michelle's back.

And pulled the trigger. Three times in a row.
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(OOC: All godmodding of Aston is approved by Inky.)

Michelle never fully appreciated what having the upper hand in a situation meant until right this moment. Here she was, pointing a crossbow pistol...a crossbow pistol of all things at Aston and everyone was freaking out. She knew they had full reason to be freaking out...after all, she was pointing a weapon at them. Well, not them. Aston in general. She didn't even really care about the others. She would have been totally fine with just leaving them alone, but Aston...no, Michelle wanted to rub out Aston right now. And honestly, Joshua and Anna were only helping her. They were scared and it filled Michelle with a rush to finally, finally have a good weapon in this fucking retarded game and to finally be given the chance to use it. 'Listen to them, chattering about how I should just lower my weapon. As if things would somehow be magically repaired. Yeah right! Heh, that's right, Michelle...you can do it now! Show them that nothing is ever going to be the same!'

But before she could fire the weapon, there was a scream and a loud thump as something, someone crashed to the ground several feet away. Michelle took her eyes off Aston for just one second to see what had happened and it took Michelle another few moments to realize that was not a good idea. Before she could even think 'Motherfucker!', she was rammed in the stomach as Aston tried to tackle her to the ground. Her feet slipped out from under her and the pistol fell from her grip, falling to the ground a few inches away.

The breath was knocked out of her lungs as she was slammed hard onto the floor and she could only gasp as Aston aimed a punch that nailed her in the stomach. She couldn't believe that things were turning out this badly already. It wasn't fair. The one time...the one time she had a chance to actually succeed...to win for once, it all went to fucking pieces by a single distraction. And it wasn't even a good distraction like Rachel! Instead of it was some dumbshit who fell and killed himself like he was from some Saturday morning cartoon. Through the pain, she saw Aston climb off of her and head for the fallen crossbow pistol. 'Why the hell isn't she using her own gun?! She's using my weapon...taking it again! Dammit, that bitch!'

And she grew angry again. Not like before. Before was more like a teenager getting angry and sullen after being punished for doing something naughty. Sure, she had been pissed at Aston's lousy attitude, her lack of a weapon, and her overall experience on the island, but it all seemed like it would just blow over in the end. It would fade with time and she could look at it and go "Ugh, those times sucked." But this was pure, unadulterated anger. Earlier she couldn't even fire the pistol when she had Aston in her sights...now, it didn't even matter if she had a gun or not. She was going to wipe Aston out like the stain on her life she was. She would use her teeth, nails, whatever it took to kill her.

She crawled back onto her knees and immediately launched herself back at Aston, catching the other girl by the legs. They toppled to the floor again, but Aston didn't relinquish control of the gun. Michelle growled and grabbed at it, her nails scratching at Aston's fingers as she tried to force the other girl to let go. She felt a knee ram against her chest, but she didn't let up, continue to claw at the struggling girl's hand as blows continued to rain upon her. 'Gimme my gun back, you bitch! Give it give it give it!'

She heard a yelp of pain and finally Aston's hand fell open. Michelle quickly snatched her prize away and scrambled to her feet, her whole body shaking as adrenaline rushed through her veins. The pistol felt comforting in her grip...it belonged there. With a wide, crazy smile she pointed the weapon at Aston and with a quick pull of the trigger, shot a crossbow bolt straight into Aston's left arm.

Her left arm.

Not her heart.

'Well, that's fine. Look at her. She's in pain. There's no way she can fight back now.' Michelle thought to herself with sadistic glee as she heard a sequence of bangs from behind her. 'Wait...I never fired this again...'

And suddenly she was down on her knees, a burning sensation developing from the center of her back. The crossbow pistol fell out of her fingers and clattered to the ground. Her eyes opened wide and she blinked in shock, falling to the ground. Someone had shot her. It hurt. It really, really hurt. A whimper escaped from her lips as she saw blood staining the front of her shirt. She heard three shots...she felt three shots...but only one rapidly growing blood stain.

'No. No...please, this can't be right...'

There had to be something she could do. Something...anything. There was always a way...somehow. There had to be some way she could still live.

'It hurts...why did I...why did I even...'

Ever since she had started this dumb game...she just wanted to succeed. Danya had placed down the rules, she had listened to them, she had followed them. But...but in the end from straight to finish her whole life had been just one massive joke. One failure after another, her one chance to actually do something foiled by a falling dead man and...someone who managed to shoot her. She didn't even know who it was. That was the worst part.

'I thought I had it...It's not fair, it's not fair! I...I should have...'

She curled into a ball, tears falling from her eyes. There was no helping it. She had to face the facts. This whole thing...all she had tried to plan was just a complete waste. She thought she could think as well as those great tacticians and strategists in the past...she had read their works, had almost memorized the battles they had fought in. But she was no tactician. She was no strategist. She was just a dumb girl who made the wrong decisions at the wrong times.

Michelle would have laughed if she could. But all she could do was cry.

Everything...in the end...

What a fucking waste.

G065 - Michelle O'Cain - Dead
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M..m...my...my arm...my...my...ah...agh....AH.....AGH...

Her arm.

She could only watch from horror as Michelle pulled the trigger on the crossbow she managed to get ahold of and...it hurt, it really...really...

Her arm.

There was a crossbow bolt in her arm.

Her arm.

The girl stood there for what seemed like forever, as Aston really felt the pain seep in. It wasn't like anything she'd ever felt before. Kyle once hit her in the face with a basketball, just to stop her from blocking him while she was in the lead. She'd once scraped all the skin off her knee, while trying to prove to some uppity chick in Grade 3 that she was better at riding the scooter, despite having never rode one in her life. She'd even once banged her head on the bedside table of her room while fighting Wallace, but the amount of blood, and pain, and most of all (confusingly enough to her) fear that drained out of Aston thanks to one little crossbow bolt was...unmeasureable.


As she lay there, still in massive amounts of shock, her almost-cries were drowned by several loud pops. She didn't realise it, but justice was served almost instantly. As the pops resonated, her focus split.

The pain in her arm | The dying bitch in front of her

Every instinct in her body told her to taunt. She wanted to yell at her, swear, spit, kick, just cause as much pain to her before Superbitch died as she could. Not even her crying could stop her. She'd reached that point.

But no.

She couldn't.

Her own pain overtook all instinct.

And as soon as she fell, Aston's pained yells started up again, penetrating the thickening silence that enveloped the group of 5, now 4.


There wasn't any analogy she could apply here, the pain was insurmountable in its ferocity. Her arms were shaking, every movement in her left one left stabs of pain like tiny silver pins ripping apart the skin from the inside. Her other hand hovered in front of her face, trying its best to reach over to the little quiver of the crossbow that stuck out of her arm.



Too much pain.

Instead, Aston lay there still, still screaming, everything but still in the literal sense, because the girl who thought she would win without fail had been taken down so many pegs that she was flying off the rail.
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Oh hell.

Although Joshua Krakowski seemed to go along with her plan at first, Spiky Head... saw the corpse falling to the ground as an opportunity. She practically threw herself at their captor!

And suddenly, it got worse.

The two girls wrestled on the ground, punching, hitting, and pulling at each other. She could see that they attempted to get the weapon off each other, using all their might to overpower the other girl.

It was a mess.

It was a mess and Chase couldn't do anything about it.

Could she?

She simply stood there, like a deer in headlights.

She shouldn't be just standing there. She could be doing something. She could pull them off each other. She could grab for the weapon herself. She could run. She could... there were so many things she could be doing.

Dyed-hair girl suddenly came to her feet with the crossbow, and within seconds, a bolt had been shot into Spiky Head's arm, causing her to scream out in pain. Three more shots and...

Dyed-hair fell to the ground.

Oh god, what just happened?

It was all a blur. They were wrestling on the ground at first, then she shot at her, and someone shot at her in return. Who? She couldn't look around right now, all she could focus on right now was the screaming girl and what was left of the person who had tried to kill them all.

Was this really how it had to be? Even after the past few days, she still couldn't believe this had to happen. Yes, those two seemed to dislike each other from the start, but... was this how it had to go?

And if she did something... anything... would it have not happened?

Would it-

Chase was suddenly snapped out of her thoughts by the girl's screaming getting louder and more agonized.

She was still lying there. And the thing was, she could die if she lost too much blood. Even if she didn't die of blood loss, she could still get it infected or something.

Something had to be done.

Could she do something, though?

She had just stood there before. She had to do something. But what? Chase knew nothing about first aid, she knew little about how to take care of someone with a head wound, much less someone with a crossbow bolt in her arm. She knew it had to be disinfected and covered, yes, but what else needed to be done?

But, Chase stepped forward.

Come on, do the right thing.

She crouched down to get a look at the injury.

Do something.

She didn't know where to go from here. Now that she thought of it, the person who shot that girl might have been Joshua Krakowski or Marty. She hadn't bothered to look at either of them to see if they were holding any weapons. What if they were, though? She... she didn't want to deal with any more killers. She was sick and tired of this. So sick and tired.

The girl was really in pain. It was obvious, really. She was screaming and flailing around still. One thing she needed to do was to be calm, or she'll only make it worse! Both of them needed to be calm, or else...

"Calm down! Please stay calm! It'll... it'll only get worse!" she yelled in return. "Listen, stay still and we'll... we'll... we'll find a f-first aid k-k-kit or someone who knows something ab-about it. O-okay? It's going to be taken care of, don't worry."

Swiftly looking around, she murmured "Gotta find a first aid kit. Gotta find someone who knows what they're doing... oh geez..."

Hopefully the panic would have calmed down enough for her to be fixed up. Oh god, she wasn't sure if she was doing the right thing. But it had to be done, no matter if Spiky Head, Marty, and Joshua Krakowski weren't sane. This was the right thing, right? Someone had to live. There wasn't anything they could do about dyed-hair or that guy who had just fallen from the sky. In fact, she wasn't focused on them at all, only being focused on the girl screaming and flailing in front of her. But someone had to be saved. It was possible, right?

It didn't even completely occur to her that Marty did it.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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Once again, lady luck had decided to give Joshua an undeserved kick to the groin.

Almost the second Michelle was distracted by the strange noise, Aston wasted no time in tackling her over onto the floor and attempt to get her to drop her gun. Anywhere else, the sight of two reasonably attractive girls wrestling it out would have been an enthralling thing to witness. But considering the fact that there was a very high chance that someone could actually get themselves killed, Joshua wasn't the least bit entertained.

Oh shit! SHIT! What should I do?!? S-s-s-should I intervene? Or would that just get ME shot in the process?!? Oh god...

The living anachronism had never felt so useless in his entire life... Here he was, thinking that he could put a stop to the killing, only to find himself unable to do anything as two of his companions were in the middle of trying to kill one another! He tried to force himself to do something, or say something, or ANYTHING! But instead, he just stood there, too scared to even raise his voice. He didn't even try to reach out for Aston's gun when he saw it fall from her wasteband onto the dirt floor besides Marty...

Damnit Josh, there's gotta be SOMETHING you can do! If you don't act now, someone else is gonna end up dead! Just like when R.J shot Eva right in front of you, and you couldn't do a thing about it! But you CAN do something here! Do something fast, before......

....Wait, is Marty doing what I think he's...

....Oh jesus god, MARTY DON-








Within seconds, Joshua's entire world had been shattered into a million pieces.

The last person he'd ever expected to see... No, make that the last person he'd ever WANTED to see give in to the game had just gunned down another living being right in front of him. Just shot her three times in the back, dropping her to the floor in a big heap. Never in his entire life did Joshua think he'd ever see Marty do such thing. Hell, he never even considered Marty to be CAPABLE to doing such a thing. Sure, Michelle had just been trying to kill them. But... There was no denying the fact that Marty had been intending to kill Michelle. An intention he had, in all respects, succeeded in.

He..... He shot her... Just like that. Marty just killed Michelle... Oh my god.

It was at that point in time that it finally, truly hit Joshua that there really was no going back. Even if they somehow escaped the island, things would never be the same. Not after all the things they had seen, the things they had done, the things they'd yet to DO. Too many people were dead. People Joshua cared about. People Joshua had grown to like and respect. People who, in many ways, had become an important part of Joshua's life... And now, Marty had crossed the point of no return. He had killed someone. In self-defence, yes, and Joshua could at least take solace in the fact that Michelle DID kind of have it coming for trying to kill them and everything. But nevertheless, committing murder wasn't the kind of thing that would be forgotten easily. Especially not in the eyes of everyone back home who were watching the scene unfold...

Wait, what about the others?!? Oh god, how will they react to this!?!

He looked over to his companions... Well, his surviving companions anyway, to find them tending to an injured Aston. Turns out she'd been shot in the arm whilst Joshua wasn't looking.

"Holy shit, Aston you okay?!?"

The would-be rocker stood there for a moment, unsure as to what to do next until a familiar voice caught his ears.

"Well don't just stand there you big idiot!"

M... Marty?

"Help her! Go grab a med kit or somethin'!"

"H-how? I-I-I don't know where to get one!"

"In the duffle bags, everyone has one each remember?"

Yeah YEAH, he's right!

"R-r-right, gotcha Marty!" Joshua replied, hastily heading back inside and fetching his medkit from what he assumed was his dufflebag. Sure enough, he found one, just like Marty said.

As the living anachronism headed back to Aston's side, he could see that Marty was there alongside Anna already. He was honestly surprised to see Marty so... Well, active! As much as Joshua hated to admit it, he was half-expecting Marty to freak out the second Michelle fell down. But he seemed more lively then ever now, actively trying to be of some use for once rather then curling up in a ball like he was before. This sudden change in attitude was both a pleasant change and subtly disturbing all at the same time. On one hand, Marty as it seemed had finally gotten over his little freakout earlier...

...On the other hand, Marty was acting this way shortly after just killing someone.

Damnit Joshua, don't think about it. Marty defended us. He SAVED us all from certain death just now! Michelle was a player in waiting, you know that! And besides, you've got more important things to worry about right now...

Temporarily shaking the thought from his mind, Joshua kneeled over Aston and handed Anna the med kit, preying to god that she knew first aid.

Because Joshua knew for a fact that he hadn't a clue what to do in this situation.

"Okay, uh... We just need to, um..... Shit, does anyone here actually know first aid?"
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((Skipping Aston and Anna in order to get Marty and Joshua away ASAP. GMing done with permission))

From an outsider's perspective, the scene was one of complete and utter chaos as three clueless teenagers desperately tried to figure out how to treat an otherwise relatively minor injury. The fact that Joshua happened to be something of a clutz himself didn't make things any better, nor did his lack of knowledge on the basics of using a med kit.

In all the confusion, the living anachronism heard someone mention something along the lines of rubbing alcohol onto the wound in order to kill the germs. Alcohol? As in, like, beer an' stuff? Come to think of it, I think I still have a spare can of brewski tucked away in my bag somewhere...

"Uh, hang on a sec..."

On that note, Joshua ran back into the shack and hastily unzipped his bag, desperately searching through it for that can of beer he remembered including back when he was deciding what stuff he should bring along with him for the trip. Stuff which, in hindsight, happened to be somewhat useless in his current predicament. At first at seemed as though his search would prove meaningless, but eventually after sorting his way through a mass of comic books and half-melted chocolate bars he finally managed to find the can of beer he'd smuggled along with him for the trip. Pay dirt! Man, i'm glad I decided to save this for a special occasion!

"Hey guys! I've got some alcohol!" he called back to his companions as he rushed to their side, but from the looks of things Anna was already applying an alcohol pad to the injury. "Oh, uh, nevermind then..."

Just at that moment, Aston suddenly threw Joshua off guard when she brought up the question as to what had happened to the guy who shot Michelle earlier. At first, Joshua was confused as to why she was even asking that question, seeing as Michelle's killer in question was attending to her at that very moment. Then Anna made things even more confusing when she mentioned that she didn't know either, and that from the looks of things they seemed to be alone...

It was at that point that it hit Joshua that he was the only one of them who knew that Marty had been the one who had shot Michelle. A realisation which then put him in a difficult position as to how he should answer the question. On the one hand, Marty had killed Michelle for a completely justified reason. Joshua may not have personally felt that it was the right thing to do in the situation, but neither did he blame Marty for doing so. But would the others think the same way, especially seeing as their impression of Marty seemed to be that he was a complete lunatic.

Unsure as to what he should say, Joshua looked to his friend for some silent advice. It was then that he noticed just how pale Marty's face had become when Aston mentioned Michelle's name, his small terrified eyes meeting Joshua's with a horrified look of realisation in them. Jesus, I can't just grass him up like that! I'm gonna have to improvise something...

And so, in a moment of impulse and confusion, Joshua lied.

"I, uh, I think I s-saw someone shoot her from behind a tree or somethin'. Dunno where they are now th-though, probably ran off somewhere..."

Wait a minute... Don't they announce the name of the killers during the announcements anyway? Aw crap, way to ruin their trust in you Josh. REAL smooth...

As Joshua tried to figure out what to do next, seeing as his lie as it turned out would prove to be entirely pointless by the time the next announcement rolled along, Marty stood up and ran off into the woods before Joshua even realised he was moving.

"Marty, WAIT!!!"

The shorter kid didn't listen as he continued to run off into the distance, disappearing amongst the trees that surrounded the area.


Not wishing to lose his friend again so soon, Joshua jumped onto his feet and bolted off in the direction of his best friend, stopping only briefly to shout a muddled message back at his companions.

"Uh, don't worry! I'll be right back, I promise!"

Then, without further ado, Joshua continued his desperate pursuit of the only true friend he had left on the island.

Please, for the love of god Marty, don't do anything stupid!

((Joshua Krakowski and Marty J. Lovett continued in Later, Buddy))
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They didn't know what the FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK they were doing did they? Here she was, her arm was FUBB, and not one of them knew what they were doing! Why the fuck did she even stick with these INCOMPETENT FUCKTARDS again?

At least Anna knew how to at least apply some alcohol, cause if she got infected and died of some stupid airborne disease then she was gonna shake a up a whole lotta hell with whoever was upstairs, that was for sure. Alcohol, disinfected stuff. Good riddance, she was useful after all.

Joshua was trying and failing to be helpful, just like before. Aston had a crossbow bolt sticking out of her arm, you'd think he'd get a clue, right?

No, now while Anna was trying her best to steriilze the wound or whatever, Aston clenching her teeth and trying not to scream, he waltzed back to their bags and got a can of beer! Whoop-de-fucking doo Mr. Useless!

Through clenched teeth, she spat back at him.

"You are so fucking lucky that someone decided to waste Michelle before I could, because if I could move by now you have no idea what I would do to you for standing back and leaving me to die like that."

Aston glanced around the area, trying to catch a glimpse of whoever decided to do the honor she so desperately grasped for.

"Speaking of, give a fucking medal to whoever shot that bitch down, cause I sure can't."

More scenes of anguish, Joshua tried to rattle off some response, and then the two ran off before she could even bat an eye.

As Anna continued to work on her wound while the two left, Aston felt that something was rather wrong. Through the throbbing pain in her arm, that had somewhat died down from the shock, she tried to think through the events that ran past in the last few minutes.

Let's see:

Michelle got Josh's gun.

Aston tackled Michelle.

Aston got shot with Josh's gun by Michelle.

And...then there was something missing.

...Michelle got shot, so...the only real gun on sight here was hers, and...the crap that Joshua spewed out really didn't cut it.


Aston felt around to the back of her jeans, and...no lump there. Only her ass. There wasn't a gun there.

...those bastards, they stole my fucking gun!

So, that's what happened, huh? They decided to rob her while she was down, kill Michelle, then run off with her gun and leave her wounded here? NO. FUCKING. WAY. And to think she actually put her trust in them! They fucking stole her only means of defence and left her here to take care of some small goth girl!

...those motherfuckers weren't gonna get away with that.

No way.

She didn't even wait for Anna to tell her her arm was okay, she just bolted towards the shack and grabbed her bag from its place.

Within a few seconds, the pain in her arm was gone, replaced by a pure anger, a want for revenge on these two fuckers who decided that they wanted to get rid of her and her gun.

Before this day was over, she was gonna get her revenge on them.

Whether or not they would be alive was dependant on whether or not they decided to fuck with her again.

((Aston Bennett rages on in Amazing Journey/Sparks))
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And in all the panic, she could hear Marty barking something at Joshua Krakowski, telling him to get something. Chase had to peel back a bit of Spiky-Head's shirt to get a closer look at the injury, and... oh god, she almost threw up. It didn't look so good, to be honest. So much blood... oh god, and the bolt was still sticking out like a beacon. First things first... it had to be removed.

And oh look. A first aid kit had just been handed to her!

"Thanks!" Chase hurriedly said, and opened the kit.

Oh god, so many things! Which one would she have to pull out first? There were tweezers, what appeared to be painkillers, gauze, tape, and many other things that to someone like Chase only vaguely looked like something that could be anything. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the plastic gloves and slid them over her hands. Okay, that was one thing she knew what to do.

And now to the important part; removing the thing.

"I h-h... I honestly don't kn-kn-know much" she replied to Joshua Krakowski's question. "But I th-th-think I know the b... b... b-basics."

Okay, now was the time to figure out the best way to remove this. Tweezers? Then again, enough was sticking out so she could easily remove by hand, right? Alright, remove by hand.

"Spiky-Head..." she whispered to the girl in pain in front of her. "I'm g-going to remove it, okay? It-it m-m-might hur-hurt a bit."

Taking another deep breath, she pinched the bolt with two fingers in one hand, and pressed down on the skin in the other. Okay. Fast or slow? Fast or slow... fast or slow... make a choice come on come on come on... slow? Slow would work? But here she was, still clearly screaming and in pain! Alright, slow. Within the next few seconds, Chase began withdrawing the bolt as slowly as possible.

Damn it damn it DAMN IT! All the screaming and noises was going to her head and distracting her! Not only that, but she was starting to become more panicked as she attempted to do her work.

Okay, bolt out. Chase placed it to her side. Oh god, even more bleeding. It only made the bleeding worse! Quick, how do you stop people from bleeding? Wash it out? Apply pressure?

"Guys... we need to st-stop the bleeding. Not only that, but we need uh... something to d-disinfect it. Alcohol?"

Chase searched through the med kit again, looking for it. Okay, where was that rubbing alcohol? Where was something she could use to make it stop bleeding? Ah! Here it was!

She could hear Joshua Krakowski from behind her as she put it on an alcohol soaked pad on the injury. Without thinking, she looked at him while still applying the pad... and to be honest, if she weren't so panicked and in the middle of trying to stop someone from dying while not knowing much about first aid, she would have face-palmed. Apparently he thought she meant alcohol-alcohol, as in beer. Sure, same compound, but not exactly what she was thinking. What, were they to make Spiky-Head drunk or something? Plus, that stuff could kill you if you weren't careful.

Spiky-Head, in spite of her... condition, seemed to agree with her. Only, however, she had communicated her thoughts in the form of yelling at him. Okay, will everyone please calm down? This was only making it more difficult.

And oh hell. Now Marty was running away, and Joshua Krakowski was running after him. So it was only her and an injured, angry, possibly psychotic girl, and she was supposed to fix her injuries with minimal knowledge. Joy.

But hey. At least she was calming down a little bit. And the bleeding was slowing down. Well, it seemed at least Chase was on the right track, even if she did something that would prove to be fatally wrong. Now, to cover it.

Ah! Gauze, tape, padding. Okay, time to cover it up. Chase tried her best to apply the gauze, and...

All done?

It... looked done.

It was now all covered up, so Spiky-Head couldn't get any more infected or injured, right? After all, she had removed the arrow, disinfected it, and covered it up. What else needed to be done?

Wait, painkillers? Maybe that would lower the pain a little bit? And she needed rest... lots and lots of rest, right? Chase removed the plastic gloves, and pulled out the small bottle. Now to just remove the-


Spiky-Head just lifted herself off the ground, and ran into the shack! She was only going to get more hurt that way! That wasn't good for her!

Chase immediately followed her inside, only to discover her quickly grabbing her things and heading out. Oh great, she was leaving to find the boys, no matter where they ran off to? But what if they got killed or came back only to find they weren't there?

Chase grabbed her bag, having placed her crowbar baring inside (it was clearly sticking out from the zipper), and followed her outside, only to feel something brush against her foot. Stopping to look down, she noticed that... wait, was that her gun? And the crossbow still lay there on the ground next to...

That girl. She... she really did die, didn't she?

Someone killed her. Just after she tried to kill them. And someone literally fell out of the sky, like some sort of raining corpse zombie weather thing. Under other circumstances, she'd say that sounded like a good horror movie, but...

Picking up the gun that had been left on the ground, she placed the gun inside her bag. She... wasn't sure if she wanted Spiky-Head to have it. However, with her remaining things, the crowbar sticking out from a space made with the zipper, and the gun, it was significantly heavier.

And what about the crossbow? Should... should she take that too?

She could carry it by hand, right?

Chase gently lifted it away from next to the girl, with the bag containing her things and the other two weapons in tow, and went off to follow Spiky-Head.

God, how DID she end up with absolutely no weapons to THREE of them with her? Next chance she got, she was going to look through them and see which things to leave behind. Already her back was starting to ache further with the gun and crowbar shoved in there as best as she could (only barely!), and the crossbow in her hand. There was no way someone of her size could carry around all this junk for very long.

But, as best she could, she followed.

((Anna Chase continued Here))
((Oh, and thread's closed))

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