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A Day at the Beach; Open; Day 5; starts around noon
Topic Started: Jan 5 2011, 10:24 PM (3,497 Views)
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The distance between Ericka and the other girl was closing.

This was no longer the time to be lost in thought. Ericka could do all the introspection and reminiscing that she needed to when the deed was done.

Do or die time; Ericka thrust her blade toward the form of the girl lunging toward her.
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It hurt just as much as she'd expected. The knife hit Jamie in the chest, skimming a rib, then sliding between it and its neighbor. Oh god. That was... that was pretty serious, wasn't it? This wasn't just an injury anymore. This was ruptured organs and internal bleeding and, and, and...

and maybe the hit had been a little close to the heart for comfort.

Jamie toppled backwards into the sand. That was quick. Painful. Surprising. This sucked.

It really shouldn't have been like this. She had the skills. This other girl had only had a weapon, had only had the phenomenal luck to hit her somewhere important on what had to be a blind shot. Jamie should have hit her like a steamroller. It didn't change the fact that Jamie's vision was rapidly fading to black, though, as the blood pumped out of her body.

She gurgled. Her mouth felt dry. Her throat felt like it was constricting. All this, and she still hadn't got her fucking drink. The only reason she was even here, her only little goal, and she was going to die with it still unmet.

She tried to roll over, but her head swam, and she retched, coughed up some blood. The red was all she could focus on. It was shrinking in her vision, being swallowed by a pool of black.

Finally, there was no color left at all. Jamie lost consciousness.

She didn't regain it.

G034, Jamie Li: DECEASED
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Ericka's knife pierced the other girl's chest, it seemed to do more damage than she expected. She pulled the knife out with a jerk and the other girl fell backwards onto the sand. Her victim gurgled and coughed up blood, she struggled and eventually... stopped moving....

Ericka stared at the girl's body in confusion at her own luck for a moment before remembering that it wasn't over yet.

She turned and scanned the beach for the boy that had gone after her gun. She couldn't see him anywhere. Did he take the gun and run? Would she ever get it back? She was about to panic when she saw something metallic nearby in the sand. When she reached it's location she realized it was her gun.

Ericka knelt down, picked it up, and brushed the sand off of it. She put her bag on the ground to retrieve a clip from it. After she reloaded her weapon, she closed her bag up and checked the beach for the boy again. Still not seeing him she decided to leave before anyone else came to disturb her.

((Ericka Bradley continued in Eep.))
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