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Meet Again; All you've got is Pride and Glory. (Private)
Topic Started: Jan 3 2011, 08:40 PM (5,163 Views)
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((Clio Gabriella continues from Out and In))



The least-stale piece of bread left in her bag was met by sharp incisors. One of her only pleasures, the last true one she could indulge in at this time, the simple act of eating and keeping her hands on a good piece of bread...yes, that was just ruined as well. Squinting, she saw that even it was speckled with dots of green and blue. It flew to the wayside, bouncing out of site behind a large tree, and Clio moved back to her position in the bushes.

She'd been there a while, doing something one would call "staking out the scene". She wasn't a scout, so she was rather unprepared for harshing the wilderness for so long. Even with her inconspicuous position, there was always the chance of someone taking out their anger on the wildlife in her vicinity, and then the island would be down half its Italian sluts.

What was she staking out? Competition. Every so often, people would leave the town down the path, or through the trees near her. It was only a matter of time before a straggler left. And then she'd pounce. If they were armed, then she wouldn't waste time. If they weren't, they would meet their end the hard way. She didn't have any testimonies to the contrary, so Clio assumed that a Sai to the gut was a painful way to go. They'd deserve it anyway, if they didn't have anything useful to give her, like another gun.

On the subject of food, she'd ignored the wine. No matter what impression Maxwell gave off when he gave it to her, there was nothing classy about drinking wine from a water bottle. What kind of girl did he take her for, anyway? Instead of touching that stuff, she'd gone through about 3 lukewarm bottles of water and resisted the primal urge to go for the tastier stuff.

She wasn't concerned about eating right now, but more about keeping her eye on her bit of town. If she could just get a weak straggler...

...hold on.

Clio moved away an overhanging full branch from her little area, and looked down the path heading to the group of houses. There were people there. That word and their direction drove her reason for not gunning them down. People. Not a person, but more than one. She couldn't take down a group of people, it'd backfire bad for her.

While the people moved closer, she held her head in the palm of her hand and sighed. This really wasn't such a good idea, especially since she hadn't seen anyone on their own all day. If she waited for the next few days, and ran out of energy before she could even bat her eyelashes, then what was honestly the point in wasting all this time?

However, as the people got closer, she mentally whited-out those words. The main reason behind this was because these two people had a certain quality to them now that she could see their faces.

They were some of the first ones who got away.

Ivan Kuznetsov. The tennis player she wounded on their first Day. According to the big man in the sky, he beat Keith Christoph to death and won a weapon for it. Her mind did a double take when the aforementioned weapon came out of the darkness in her conscience and placed itself in his hands. A giant shotgun, nothing she'd ever seen, or even had described to her.


And with her was the skater chick he "rescued" on the first day, Tabi. Tabi Gweneth or something. Now this was just too cute to interrupt. Had he been travelling around with her for the last few days, protecting her from all the big mean boys on the island? What a leech. She was gonna die, she didn't even kill anyone. She probably spent the whole time crying, shrieking, begging for Ivan to save her.

...well, this was just perfect, wasn't it? Unfinished business. Take out the ones who got away the first time.

They passed by, and Clio was ready. Silently, she followed parallel only just a bit behind them. All the way to town, she stayed out of the way. Not one word escaped the two of them, and as they ventured into the house, she was almost right behind them, dropping her bag, Ji, and Sai at the door, and shoved her Walther PPK's box of ammo into the back of her skirtline. The momentary exploration of the house was merely absent of their unknowing predator, who took the moment to pull her two guns from her bag. She always told herself to avoid wielding akimbo, the risk of one being stolen and used against her too great for such an occasion, but honestly, it was just insurance. If there wasn't too much ammo left in the Korth, going in with 3 bullets between 2 people was a blatant suicide attempt.

By the doorway of the room adjacent to the stairway, she hid. It was only for a fleeting moment though, as when the creak echoed throughout the house, her hands were now clenched to her guns, and when the pounding steps bang, bang, banged against the floor, she slowly crept up behind the skater chick and pressed each barrel to each temple.

Oh, and to really nail the danger home?

She pulled back both hammers.


A harsh and taunting whisper erupted from Clio's throat as the girl stood there, in more possible danger than anyone else on the island.

"I wouldn't say anything, honey," Clio sneered "Oh, and keep your panties dry this time, I don't wanna kill your new best friend covered in piss."
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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"Yeees, it's been while, hasn't it? I've missed you two so much," Clio whispered. Tabi couldn't see it, but Clio was smiling. She was right, wasn't she, huh? This girl was pathetic. What was the Russian brute still doing with her? Did he just need someone to protect? A blithering, sobbing ball to clean up after every time she soiled her underwear?

"Now, let's just wait until your friend comes back, okay? I might ask you, do you want to die first, or would you like to see him die? Cause you're both gonna die here, but I might give you a little liberty when it happens. That's pretty nice of me, isn't it?" Clio paused. A brief moment later, she pushed each gun harder on reflex as she saw Ivan.

"Hello Ivan. You should probably get your friend here a guard dog or something, this was way too easy," Clio said, keeping her eyes trained on both Ivan and the large shotgun in his hands.

She let him have his little frustrated speech, since he deserved that much. Some last words wouldn't go astray too. But as he finished, something about "a real killer" she couldn't help but giggle.

"Ivan, you misread me. I'm not here for revenge, do you think I'm that petty? I couldn't give a fuck what you did to me four days ago, I'm just here to finish something that I started. I don't care about anything you just said. I'm not a monster, I'm just someone who wants to get home, and to do that-"

With that, Clio's foot jammed itself into the back of Tabi's knee, and forced her to the ground.

"-I need to remove each-"

The back of her hand pushed Tabi roughly to the side, onto the tile floor..

"-and every-"

Her recently reloaded Walther PPK aimed at Ivan.

"-one of you."

She didn't even get a bullet out before Ivan sprinted away, back up the stairs. She tried to aim and fire, but despite how slow he was, he was quickly out of sight. Clio was quick to follow him, even though her shoes weren't exactly made for running. She watched his figure dash away across the second floor, and Clio teared her way up the staircase.

"Give up, Ivan, you can't get the ju-"

Of course, Clio wasn't thinking straight. She forgot to take in her inability to see Ivan once he reached the next floor. She didn't think to be quiet in her ascent. She didn't even shut up, she kept on rambling like she was a Shakespearean character announcing his/her actions through soliloquy.

And Ivan got the jump on her.

She wasn't sure whether it was his arm or his gun that whacked her across the face, but granted how powerful his physique was, it wouldn't have made a clear difference. Clio stopped in her tracks, like a deer in the headlights, before the pain walloped down on her.

This all happened in a split second as she started to fall backwards.

Her eyes lit up as she realised what was about to happen. If this was how she died, if this was the end of Clio Gabriella, one of the top killers on the island, then it would suck, putting it lightly. Breaking her neck wasn't the way that anyone wanted to go, especially after taking a fall of all things. Clio reflexively grabbed out in front of her, trying to grasp onto something, the banister, the low roof, one of the empty frames on the wall.

Instead, she grabbed onto Ivan.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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((Ugh, I'm sorry this took so long))


Clio didn't know exactly where she was hurt, because frankly every twanging nerve was getting punted in the gut by a metal rod. Falling down the stairs...not good. Loosing both of her guns (she could hear them clatter away with Ivan's own shotgun)...not good. Loosing her ammo box of all things as well...not good! And all of this hit her the moment she cleared the landing.

For the next few seconds, all that surrounded her in the time it took to come to her damn senses was just a collection of motions and colours. Were she in some sort of cartoon, there would be little Tweety birds asking her a top of the morning. Every damn second. Just as she found out she wasn't falling, she could feel every little bump, every step that jammed into her skin come back tenfold. She wasn't sure how beefed up Ivan was, but she knew she's taken the brute of the fall.

She felt her skin drag against the floor, and her body came to a stop. Her head rested against the edge of the wall, hair shattered around her face like a bead curtain. The body screamed 'enough', but the mind pushed her into 'continue'. Clio's eyes darted to only a few paces away, and saw the lumbering body of the Russian who had dared to resist her will push against its own will.

She tried her best to get up as well, but her nerves screamed. Clio's fingers met the hard wooden floor, and the moment her body weight was put on it, she collapsed back onto the floor, gasping for breath. But she couldn't stay down like this. If she stayed down, she would die. Everything he'd put her through, he wouldn't brush it off that easily. There was no way he was taking her life.

Clio grabbed the corner of the wall, or at least attempted to. With the pain trying to keep her down, it wasn't easy standing up. And she didn't even get to that, she just used the de-evolution into bestial mentality as her base when she launched herself from the ground to tackle the larger Russian boy and knock him against the wall.

The moment he fell under her unexpected attack, she tried her best to deal as much damage as she could to the short Russian tennis player. She balled her fists, and launched punch after punch at his face and neck, anywhere she knew it would hurt.

Even though she wasn't that strong, she still had keep him down before she finally killed him. Tabi would fall much easier. And then, she had a two-of-a-kind shotgun in her hands that would make the task of removing anyone else she found the simple task of point and shoot.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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Every punch just seemed to get weaker and weaker, until it registered with Clio that she wasn't making contact. Before she knew it, Ivan had thrown a weak kick at her side. Nothing much. What she didn't realise, however, is that it gave him leverage.

Her body fell to the side, clattering soundly off the wall. A particular point in her back, one that took it bad when falling down the stairs, jammed into the skirting board of the wall.

She let out a pained yell as her injuries fought against her mind, their screams echoed. She couldn't, nay, she wouldn't pay attention to them when someone had to die.

The Russian crawled across the ground, towards his gun. Clio didn't waste time here, since she saw an inadmissible threat to her wellbeing, and given her experiences, that was saying something. She couldn't just ignore the pain, but Clio tried to, stumbling over to the crawling figure on her weak legs and tackling him once more.

As the two went flying over the gun which Ivan so desperately wanted, Clio felt herself collide with the floor again, and the echoing return. The Russian was struggling, just wanting to get that gun, but Clio wasn't about to let that happen, not while she still had purple in her hair. Her arm worked its way around his neck, tightening. There was no way, no way in hell she could kill him this way, she wasn't that strong, no way. There had to be something else.

Her foot nudged itself against the dormant Jackhammer on the ground, as she tried her best to grab onto Ivan.

Without her even realising it, her foot jerked upwards.

Adrenaline does amazing things to the human body. Whether it's people who've been able to lift cars, or make fools of the laws of physics, it works its magic whenever it needs to. Somehow, Clio's foot snagged under the shotgun, and at that moment, her foot was aiming towards the door. So when she flicked it, it went flying momentarily in the air, but instead of landing and clattering...it hit the floor on its end, and started towards the doorway of the house.

She saw the shotgun hit earth the second time, and she took that risk. She pushed Ivan towards the opposite direction, and did her best to run, past everything that was happening, and towards that fucking gun.

Every step twang of pain, but before she could get her hands on it, it went out the door, down the steps to the street. The girl smiled. Perfect opportunity here.

Clio grabbed the door, and slammed it shut. Without a moment to lose, she sprinted forward towards the stationary Jackhammer, and wheeled around with it in her hands as the door opened.

And there it was.

The perfect opportunity.

Ivan stood there, hands in the air.


at her mercy.

"Well," Clio started, her grip tightening on the gun in her hands, keeping it well aimed at Ivan's head "That was fun, wasn't it? I especially like the bit where you thought you could get away with everything you've done to me, Ivan, that was really the highlight."

She strode forward, and with one swift motion, her expensive sandal making another groin her bitch, and bringing him to his knees.

"But now it's over. You've lost. Once I'm done with you, Tabi's gonna be a piece of cake. I mean, I don't even think anyone else would bother with killing such a pathetic, whimpering, waste of a girl. Why did you even bother with her anyway? You could have just of easily found someone who wasn't so worthless."

Clio held the gun up to her chest, and placed the barrel at Ivan's head.

"Oh well. At least she'll be in great hands with me. I'll give her your regards."
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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Was she actually for real? This precious little girl was trying to threaten her, of all things? Did she even know what having a gun in her hands really meant? That scared little girl wasn't going to kill her. Face it, Clio called her bluff. If she could have killed, then she wouldn't need protection from the Russian sitting prone in front of her.

And the fact that Clio stood there unharmed, not a bullet in her body, proved her soooo right.

She aimed. Both the top of Ivan's head and Tabi's chest were in her sights. This was the absolute most perfect thing that could have ever happened. Two in one. Just like on her very first day, only this time it would go right. So right.

Clio smiled.

Her finger looped around the trigger.

But suddenly:

"What the ... Clio? What's going on here?"


She didn't move her aim at all, but instead flicked her head around to the source of that bothersome noise.

Of course, she didn't expect said bothersome noise to be her boyfriend.

It was Simon. The boy who took her to prom, the very same boy who she grew attached to over the last few months of her school life. The one who she met only briefly, three days ago. The same one who was probably the only living person on the island who didn't want her dead, her only real ally.

She stood there, staring at him for a few seconds, before her smile changed. It wasn't just a smile of contempt, content, and smugness. She...was happy! She knew she was safe around him! Of course, her focusing her attention on Simon meant that she never even noticed her gun's new occupant slipping her finger.



...that was what happened when she didn't keep her eye on the prize.

Clio felt the hot lead tear through her side. And again, the lead tore out her other side, still at the same speed. For a moment, time really felt like it stood still. There was Ivan, knelt in front of her, Simon, behind. Tabi, the girl who she sorely misjudged, at the doorway with her very own James Bond gun in her hands. And that was how it should have stayed. It should have just ended with her ending their lives, Tabi and Ivan, two more notches on her bedpost or however that fucking say she could never remember went.

Well, she knew what happened next. She'd seen it better than anyone else.


Her fingertips were the first to loose feeling. With them fell her stolen gun, it didn't bounce like it did last time, instead just giving off one little clatter before stilling.

It was quick. It did its work.

...no...no no, no way...

She'd done it, she'd really done it. Tabi just killed her.

She was dead. Dying.

But...but that wasn't fair! Look at what she'd done to get here! She'd murdered six people, six people who she couldn't just apologise to, just give them a kiss and make everything a-fucking-okay, they were gone! Gone for a good reason, so that she could live! But...but...

Not possible...not possible...not possible...please for the love of god, this isn't happening...

All these thoughts flashed by in an instant. What happened to everyone in the world watching her was that the moment the gun fell from her hands, she clutched the open wound, just above her hip, stumbled backwards a few steps before her sandals caught on the gutter of the street and tripped her over.

Clio didn't even try to brace the fall. Her hands were still grasping at the hole in her side, but the real pain hammered itself home once she hit the tarmac, full on, nothing to stop her. She heard a crack. Her own body breaking apart. Something was broken, and Clio was screaming.

"AHH! AAHHHHHH! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" her voice broke the deafening silence enveloping the small battlefront that was the street. She squirmed, trying to hold in the blood pouring out of her sides, or at least that was what she was reduced to.

Just like when she woke up, a scared girl.

She was supposed to win! She was gonna get everyone's weapons, and then she was going to cruise through this island, just wipe out anyone she came across, smear them on the landscape! She was strong! She was smart! She was supposed to get off of here, she was supposed to just live!


Clio didn't even realise she was crying.

Her vision was murky, clouded. Dark. It was getting darker...

But throughout all of that, she could see someone standing in the distance.


Simon could help her! Simon loved her! Simon would protect her, make everything better! That's what people who loved her did, right? They protected her? Clio loved Simon, he had to love her back, right?


Through the screaming, the crying, the hysterical sobbing, she extended her arm.


She didn't know how much was coming out of her mouth, it was all warping, just mixing like butter under the sun.


She tried to move herself across the road, just trying to get closer to him. The blistering tarmac scrapped against her skin, scraping it open, and leaving a bloody trail across the road. It hurt, hurt so much. But she kept on moving.

He was there, right next to her. He was saying something, she couldn't understand, she grabbed him and pulled him close, arms around his neck. A hug. Just like the one she gave him on their first date, at prom. She didn't care about how much he must have hated her at the moment. She was a killer. But...he wasn't in love with a killer, he was in love with Clio Gabriella! She wasn't in love with whatever he tried to be with her, at that one fleeting moment at prom, she was in love with Simon Telamon.

"Simon, help me! I-I'm sorry Simon! I didn't mean to, please help me, I don't wanna die, please, do something, just help me Simon! PLEASE! Please..." she begged into his ear as her tears wet his hair.


I just...I just...I just wanted to live, I wanna live! I wanna live!

"Simon, please, help me, help me, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die," Clio spluttered out, over, and over and over. Weaker and weaker.

Weaker and weaker.

"I didn't, I didn't, I-I didn't think there was another way, I just wanted to get off, Simon," she just blurted out through the pain, the heaviness trying to drag her on. Here it came. The deathbed confession. The surefire way that she knew she was dying, she wanted to say everything she could. It may have been a cliche to every last person on this hellhole, but...she wasn't a character in a TV show, she wasn't a story character. She was just a girl. A dying girl. Not even Simon, her Simon, could help her there.

You deserve it.
There was no other way.
You loved him too much.

Clio was starting to fall back down, but she tightened her grip on him. It was...the lowest thing she could do. She was forcing Simon to have the girl who loved him more than anything else in the world die in his arms. Then again, Clio never really cared for anyone else but herself.

"I...Simon, just run, Simon. Just-" Clio's wounds throbbed like the parapets of her body were crashing down. She gasped out a pained yell, and closed her eyes. What did she want to say to him?

The words swirled around in her head, just bouncing out of reach. Like she was a normal girl again, not part of this game. Different ones flew by, how much she loved him, how sweet he was to her, how different he was and how much she liked that, what she never told him at prom, what they never got to do at prom, what she was going to do instead of going back to Italy with her parents, and what he meant to her as she lay by her dying breaths.

...but she couldn't even get that out. Soppy, melodramatic declarations of love were above her level, even for a prime-time bitch like Clio, who demanded that she deserved more than anyone to get out of here. Just one word escaped her lips as the spots flying in front of her eyes grew like miasma.


It's time you moved on Clio. You're done-
You didn't do it right, you stupid whore-
You're immortal now. No one will ever forget about Clio Gabriella-
You're not important anymore Clio, this isn't about you-
A moment's hesitation, that's all it took-
One day, when it gets dark, darker than it can ever be for one sole person, whoever really makes it out of here will look back-
It was always your fault Clio, you could never do anything right-
And when they think about everyone who had to die for them, you're going to be among them, Clio-
He was never going to love you again Clio, you should have just killed him when you had the chance-
You've marked your place-
You made sure that everyone around you was miserable because you hated people-
You're immortal-
And now, you blew it all. He'll forget you Clio.
...you'll see your parents again.

And six innocent people won't.

Death after death would follow her, but for now, thanks to one Tabitha Gweneth, a psychopathic, selfish bitch was dead.

The young Italian girl finally passed on in her boyfriend's arms.

She never even made it halfway across the road.


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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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