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All's Fair; Private
Topic Started: Jan 2 2011, 07:24 PM (4,111 Views)
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((Jacob Charles continues from Stay Frosty))

Even though it really wasn't a big town, squat compared to the city he'd never left in his entire life, Jacob Charles still found himself completely lost. Houses. Lots of houses. And not one of them even tried to tell him where his stuff was. You know, it probably wasn't the original intention to make them look so similar, hell most of them had different floors, different paint jobs, one or two even had a garage, but what the hell was making this search so hard?

He'd taken a look inside every available house.

House number 1.

Nothing there.

House number 2.


House number 3.


Like hell he was going around finding people on his own, it was hard enough trusting Colin and Tim, and the only reason he did was because they saved him from doing something he now regret.

Okay, house number 4.


House number 5.

That was up next-

Two loud gunshots ripped through the air, freezing Jacob in his tracks.


He hit the deck immediately. Not the smartest idea, really, cause now he couldn't run. Jacob knew he was just freaking target practice, like that squirrel his mum showed him in the backyard when he was 8. Little thing was just scratching its nuts (not the way most of the kids when he was 8 thought), and never stood a chance under Teagan Charles's Garand.

Well, after the follow-up shots never came, he safetly deduced that he wasn't gonna share the fate of that nut-scratching squirrel.

No more shooting, but the shots did seem to come from House number 5.

...damn, I'm gonna go in there, and then I'm gonna immediately not wanna go in there. I know it.

Jacob lifted himself from the house's yard, and bolted towards the door.

Okay, okay, okay, people with guns, people who are probably gonna kill me, people who ain't gonna know who they're dealing with.

He reached the door. And...

Aww, hell...

It was Victoria. He'd only just seen her leave at the fountain, and...fuck, she was dead. The girl was standing over her, some other girl he didn't know. Of course, he wasn't about to write up an encyclopaedia on everyone he met at Bayview, how the hell was he expected to remember everyone he'd met on top of his friends and Pai-other friends and his gym mates and his other friends and everyone else he knew from class?

But he wasn't thinking about how much he didn't know the girl there. What he was watching was a dead girl, lying in a pool of her own blood, reaching out, begging, enclasping a ring in her boyfriends hands as she tried to get out her last words, while her killer stood over her, sneering, yelling, trying to get them away from her as they tried their best to help the girl lying on the ground, all the while the people at the door watched in awe as a girl they barely knew died in front of them by the hands of someone they should have thought they knew and Jacob was left there, speechless as he watched the scene.



MizorekillerkillerkillerkillerkillerkillerkillerkillerkillerSoryu was standing there, looking all the more incriminating every moment.

Jacob's hands clenched.

He grit his teeth.

He charged at the girl, ready to get rid of the gun she must be hiding.

All the while, he had no idea Naoko Raidon even existed.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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He never entertained the possibility of her not being alone, not having back up. What, was he supposed to think that there was another murderer hanging about the room? Why? She looked as guilty as guilty could be, standing over Paige's body, in a pool of blood while he was there. He was right there!

He could stop her, just try and get the gun away from her. That would be the first step. He'd go and get Colin and Tom, and they'd...he wasn't sure what they'd do.

Colin's killed before, right? He must know wha-

What Jacob didn't know about the scene was where a third party was. As he almost reached the girl with his arms, he appeared.

It was at the last second, almost literally. He could almost see the individual streaks in her hair. And then...out of nowhere, he saw someone else appear.

He didn't know it was way too late for him. He never even finished his last train of thought before he saw the gun.

Every little trail of fear from a house just not like this one reached back inside of him and took ahold. This fear only extended to his face, when he realised too late he'd made the last stupid blunder he'd ever make.


The round ripped through his chest, puncturing his heart, and out his back. Jacob jolted back, forcing his cap off his head, and without even the chance for final words, final thoughts, or even a brief look of shock, he collapsed backwards to the ground, the breath well and truly knocked from his system.

Jacob Charles was well and truly with his girlfriend now.

A few seconds later, his cap floated back down to the ground, landing right on his face.

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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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