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Just a Kid, Napping
Topic Started: Dec 7 2010, 12:51 AM (3,430 Views)
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Sarah was a little disappointed that Alice seemed to have driven the girl away--she'd looked uneasy, and then stepped back out the window, and that was that. But damn. Tyler though, was being rude. He clearly thought they were lesbians. Sarah resisted the temptation to break into giggles.

Yup. No Maxwell, and no clues. We're outta here.

She winked baldly at Tyler, who seemed to be trying to stifle laughter himself. Hmm. Not having a scalpel is actually curbing my fantasies of giving this guy a horrible death. Maybe she was just saving her juice up for Maxwell.

Still, if she invited Tyler along…

Alice raised an eyebrow at her. Mouthed a word. Redemption.

Right. Redemption. And a shiver up her fingers as she remembered Chris Carlson, dead.

Inviting Tyler along was a bad idea.

Putting on her chipper voice, she spoke to Tyler. "Yeah, I guess Alice is right. She and I have a handle on this. Just need to give him his meds."

"And we have all the weaponry we need if he goes crazy." Alice added.

Tyler nodded. Dumbly. What a brick.

So Sarah turned to the door, chipper and purposeful still, scanned the house for any weapons lying around (maybe there was something left out?) and let Alice lead her towards the exit.

Hasta la vista, baby.

And they were out of the house, and Alice was, she could see, shuddering. A little clammy. Had Sarah really taken that much out of her? Oh, that was bad.

Then Alice looked up at her, fixed her with something between disbelief and a glare. "Did they think we were lesbians or something?" she asked.

Alice obviously wanted the answer to be 'no', in her shocked, disbelieved, prudish French way. And Sarah couldn't resist tweaking her with the truth.

"Yes. Yes they did. It's not so surprising, isn't it?"

(Sarah Atwell and Alice Boucher continued elsewhere)

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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Tyler grabbed his things as everyone else bolted the house. He was getting out of there as quickly as he could, too...no matter how out of it he was, Tyler was not up for becoming a random red spot in a house on the island, so he buggered out of there as quickly as he could manage, barely clearing the Danger Zone as the beeping on his collar sped up.

(Tyler Franklin dying continued elsewhere)
David Anderson (deceased)
Tyler Franklin (deceased)
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