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The Long Road Home; semi-private; PM to join
Topic Started: Nov 23 2010, 12:04 AM (3,633 Views)
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~~~~ Day 4 ~~~~

Sarah woke the next morning feeling like she was snug in her bed at home again, adding all the more dissapointment when she put on her glasses and remembered where she was. The bed was twice the size of her own and lacked the half-naked Japanese girl she'd grown accustomed to sharing it with.

She quickly remembered why Reiko wasn't there... And before she could stop dwelling on it the announcements declared the deaths of yet more of her friends. Sitting up in bed the violence felt distant, but from Vera's death onwards that didn't make it hurt any less.

She went downstairs. Bridget was already up, double-checking their map in the daylight and the route to where they intended to carry out their plan. Roland came down the stairs not long afterwards.

The drowziness of morning was giving Sarah second thoughts about Bridget's plan. She felt more uneasy about it without the momentum of the day before. She didn't voice it, bravery might come once they were moving. Or recklessness. Besides, they'd decided not to let the others know what they were up to.

They told Roland that they were leaving to get supplies from the other end of town and asked if he could take care of Dutchy, the house, and all that was in it while they were gone. Which, after Sarah grabbed her bag full of junk, they soon were.

((Sarah and Bridget continued in Reduction))

(edits to come for day 3 later, My computer baleted them but we need to catch up. :S)
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