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"Can You Hear Me Now?"; Day 4 thread: Open
Topic Started: Nov 21 2010, 10:12 PM (3,140 Views)
Unknown Kadath
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I'm a wizard and that looks fucked up.
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Oh man.

Oh god.

Oh man oh god.

He needed to get the fuck out of here.

He looked around. Panic was ensuing. The several people were looking around in a confused before running around in several directions. Some went right, others went left, and as soon as Sapphire reached him, he bolted forward, away from the tower, now transformed into a ticking time bomb.

Oh wait. The bomb was on his neck.

Forget about teenagers with guns. He had a FUCKING BOMB STRAPPED TO HIS NECK OH MAN OH GOD.

His vision began to darken on the edges as he pushed himself, running forward with everything he had. He only hoped he made it in time.

((Saul Fetteralf continued elsewhere.))

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It took Bill about ten seconds to determine that he needed to get out of there. No, it took him about five. Never mind about dealing with whether one of the others had a gun...he started backing away.

"Saul? Sapphire? Sorry to cut this short, but I'd rather not go boom."

And with that, Bill backed up a few steps and started running as fast as he could in...some direction. Away from here, and preferably not into another danger zone.

((Bill Davis continued elsewhere))
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