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Not What I was Expecting; Pm Private~
Topic Started: Nov 11 2010, 02:15 PM (1,798 Views)
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((*Puts on her Ciel mask*))

The mirrors were making her nervous, especially in the dark. In her mind, Jessica knew they were mirrors. Of course they were mirrors, but some primitive part of her brain raised a tiny alarm every time she saw something move out of the corner of her eye. The mirror girls weren’t going to jump out and get her.

Alex turned on her flashlight and the light ricocheted from wall to wall. Jessica squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed them, having gotten an eye full of light.

Alex wasn’t going to budge, that much was clear. She couldn’t argue that the sound of food and sleep wasn’t enticing, and she wasn’t going to leave Alex and go off on her own. Jessica leaned against a mirror and slowly slid down until she was sitting. Her legs went slack underneath her once her bottom hit the floor. The muscles in her legs groaned and she tried to knead the back of her leg with her left hand. Her right hand stayed at the dart gun. She wasn’t going to let her weapon out of her sight, not for anything and even if she could see it, Jessica felt better knowing it was right underneath her fingers.

“Y-yeah. Really cool,” she sighed.

She closed her eyes. Her body relaxed but her mind stayed on alert, her fingers always trailing along the gun.

“It’s quiet in here” she said softly. If there was anyone else around, they were either hiding, sleeping, or…..
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