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It Knows Nothing of Whim; Day 4. Morning. Open.
Topic Started: Nov 9 2010, 04:01 PM (3,921 Views)
Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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((Rena Peters continued from Watch Your Step))

Despite the fact that she'd spent the past few days struggling for her life on a deserted island, Rena was now realizing that these days had fallen into a bizarre routine. Go to a place, meet some people, talk for a bit, maybe a brief spat and a moment where she truly feared for her life, flee the place, get a few hours of sleep, hear the announcements, and move on to the next place. Even the announcements themselves were getting rather routine, as Rena tried to ignore the fact that faces belonged to the name, and pushed aside the twinge in her heart she felt when he thought she recognized a name.

It was getting strangely familiar, and she was certain that that was, indeed, a very terrible thing.

So she did what she always did when something very terrible was occurring- she vehemently ignored it, burrowing deeper into the wonderful hole of denial she had made her home in.

They arrived at the tunnels with little complication, so far as Rena could tell at the very least, and with the knowledge that they had survived another somewhat routine day on this island of death and mayhem.

Of course, there was a problem when they got there that Rena had not entirely accounted for. It was dark. And while she wasn't afraid of the dark, there as something that seemed rather foolish about spending their time in there. It was an easy place to get pounced upon- someone could be hiding anywhere, really. And bumbling around blindly in the daylight was already grating on her patience- bumbling around blindly in the dark just sounded like a death sentence.

"I'm just glad that we got here before too late in the day. You two alright?"

"Fine." Rena could have said that her leg was flaring up again, and was probably scabbing over- but there was no way she'd glance down long enough to find out if that was true. She could have mentioned her fear that she was becoming too used to living on the island. She could have brought up the itching in the back of her throat, the mud and dirt caked on her clothes, the tangles knotted in her hair. But she didn't, simply because there was a time and a place for those complaints, and now really didn't seem like the time.

"We should rest once we find a good spot. Like, around the corner or something. That might be defensible, right?"

Rena nodded, finding the itching in her throat preventing words from escaping her lips. Had it not been so dark, she might have fished in her bag for water, but she instead focused her eyes directly ahead, trying not to bump into anything.

Just follow Ridley. It's worked for you so far, and nothing too bad has happened.

Rena wished she could have glanced back to see how Raine was doing, but the mere thought of pulling her eyes any other direction behind forward caused her to stumble slightly.

Her foot landed in water, and she shuddered quietly, letting her mind imagine what nasty things existed in this tunnel. Against her better judgment, she glanced down in an attempt to wipe the water from her leg.

Her heart stopped. Her eyes widened. A small squeak escaped her throat. She wanted to scream, but no noise besides that one pathetic squeak would escape. She knew she had to do something, say something, make sure that Ridley and Raine knew what was going on-but she was frozen to the spot. She didn't have the energy to scream, or the power to vomit, or the will to move. All she had left was one thought, repeating constantly in her mind.

That's not water...
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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((OOC: Is Holly still in this thread?))

"Don't worry Rena, it's probably just water right? I've had it happen before."

That's not water.

"Ridley...Sh-Shine your ipod light over here...Please...J-Just tell me it's not what I think it is...Smells like..."

That's not water.

"It's just water, okay? We're in tunnels, so of course there'll be some water or mud here and there."

That's not water.

"Come on, let's go further in, okay?"

That's not water that's not water that's not water-

"THAT'S NOT FUCKING WATER!" Rena's scream echoed across the tunnels, slamming violently around the enclosed space.

Tears swarmed in her eyes, a feeling of disgust and fear- deadly, paralyzing fear- crawling up her spine.

The beautiful walls of denial she'd been building ever since the start of the "game" were crumbling down. The memories she'd tried so hard to repress were coming back to her, swarming her mind like bees.

Jake had smiled so nicely after he pushed her. But he didn't run. Despite the hideous red liquid pouring out of her face and the pain, and the screams- she'd been screaming so loud- he just stood there, smiling. Like nothing had happened at all. She'd felt his hands on her back, she'd felt herself fall, she felt the sandbox edge slice her under her eye, she felt it- he saw it, but he just stood there, smiling. And all she could see was the red, drying on her face, pumping out of the wound, the hideous, hideous red, and his smile- and she was terrified.

She'd fallen off of her bike. Red. Carla had cut her finger. Red. The razor slipped in the shower. Red. The color of hate, and death. Red. Red. Redredredredred.

After the memories, names.

Remi Pierce, Reika Ishida, Paige Strand, Augustus MacDougal, Eve Walker-Luther, Violetta Lindsburg, Eva Lancaster, Cody Jenkins, Hermione Miller, James Mulzet- she'd seen James, hadn't she? Wasn't it James? He'd been there- why was he gone now?

Real. It was all real. They were real. They were dead.

Rena screamed again, louder. "Don't you dare tell me it's water. I know what it is!" Tears flowed from her face, sobs ached in her throat. "I know, I know." She whispered the words, finally admitting to herself that it was all actually happening- she wasn't going to wake up.

Rena had pulled out her own flashlight and clicked it on before even realizing that she was moving. Maybe someone just got wounded- maybe they're okay.

The figure was misshapen- brutally beaten and mauled. Covered in the red. Dead. Deader than she thought was possible.

She squeaked again, choking out her sobs. "Shit. Shit shit shit shit fucking shit!"

It's real...it's all fucking real...

"We're all gonna fucking die."

She screamed, as loud as she could, as if somehow the noise would force her to wake up- as if it would make everything alright.

It didn't.

It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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She sounds so far away. Rena blinked rapidly. Raine's voice slowly dragged her from her state of hysteria. She took several shallow and shaky breaths as the German girl continued.

"Yes, it's a dead body. It's the dead body of a schoolmate that we will all terribly miss!"

What? No. No. No, no, no. She's not...she's not going to do what I think she's going to do, is she? No. She can't!

"But we musn't scream. Whoever it was might still be around. What we can do...is prevent it from happening again...We have to stop whoever this person is from doing more harm to our other friends."

Rena shook her head. She wasn't hearing this. There was no way Raine was seriously saying those words to her. No way.

"What the fuck are you doing, Rena? Christ! What does this accomplish? Come on, let's go further in already!"
Ridley's voice pierced Rena's ears, breaking her gaze from Raine to him.

"No." She shook her head. Those stupid bitches. Fuck them. They can't...no...

"NO!" She was shaking again, but not from fear. Now it was anger that drove her words. Anger that overtook her body. This wasn't happening. They couldn't seriously be so cold.

"I just stepped in a dead body. I just fucking stepped in a dead body! A body so badly mauled that I can't even tell if it's a boy or a girl! And you two are telling me to just shrug it off and get over it? Are you both robots or something? I can't believe you!"

She turned to face Raine. "You! Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't even know who this person is, don't pretend you'll miss them! They don't matter to you! And futhermore, you keep on making these damn promises! 'We won't let Eva happen again.' 'We have to prevent it from happening'! Newsflash! You can't make those promises! Everyone on this island is going to die, and you can't help them! Get it through your head! We're all fucking doomed!"

She whipped around to face Ridley, her anger coming to a point where she was certain that there was actual steam coming out of her ears. "And You! Who do you exactly think you are? 'What does this accomplish?' Stop acting like this isn't real! Neither of you fucking stepped in it! This guy is literally on my shoe! Think about that for a minute! I am not afraid of much in this world, but there is one thing, one fucking thing that I hate more than anything else- it's blood! And now I'm covered in it! It's everywhere! I stepped in someone, and you two act as if I saw a spider! Wake the fuck up! There's a mutilated body at our feet! Stop acting like none of this is real when it is! It's real, and we're doomed, and you two need to fucking face reality!"


The new noise drew Rena out of her rant and towards the source. She pointed her flashlight at the figure- a person, who looked...vaguely familiar. If Rena wasn't in her hysteric state she might have come up with a name, but as it was, she wasn't exactly ready to think about that.

In fact, her only thought was that this person could only be one person. He had to be the one who killed the body lying at her feet. There was no one else here. This guy...this guy was a killer. And now he was going to do the same thing to them.

"Who are you?" Ridley had his gun out. Like it matters. He probably can't even shoot that thing. We're doomed. We're all gonna die. I just get to die now, I guess.

Or, you can run. Jake's voice came to her, and she could practically see that smug smile he always wore- the one he wore when he pushed her into the sandbox, when he made her all red. Like the dirty coward you are...

I can't leave Raine and Ridley. Not after everything they've done for me.

Why not? They're telling you to get over a dead body! They're acting so...inhuman. You barely know them. How can you really trust them? Why not run? Why not live to see another day?

Just then the screeching of the PA system overtook everything else. Nice timing.

But it wasn't Danya's voice. Wait- Mr. Kwong? What? He's...he's still alive...What the hell is going on?

"Should anybody successfully kill Liz Polanski, they will immediately be awarded a weapon from our very own stash of best kill prizes as a bounty."

Rena swallowed. They were offering a bounty...for a person? No one could do that...could they? She glanced down at her feet, at the pile of red beneath her. Someone did this... so why not?

"It has also come to our attention that Miss Polanski has recklessly destroyed one of our cameras, as a punishment, we will now detonate a collar. What!? No! I - you can't make me- I... I will be commencing this punishment now. B148, Daisuke Nagazawa, eliminated."

Just like that. Just like fucking that! One push of a button and a kid is dead. A teacher is a killer. Fuck. Fuck fuck fucking fuck fuck!

"Shit." Rena whispered, feeling chills run over her body. Something stung inside of her. This kid was dead now, and there was nothing she could do. But she wasn't going to be like him.

No more running. I am not going to be a killer. But I am not going to lay down and die. No fucking way.

Rena turned to face the new boy, shining her flashlight in his face.

"You. You did this?" She pointed the light breifly at the mangled corpse, refusing to look at it again for fear that she might start vomiting. "If you're the monster who did this, then fine. Kill us. Do what you're going to do-I'm not going to beg, because it won't change anything. But understand this. If you did kill this kid, if you kill us, then you better enjoy your next few days on this island. Because you will never rest again. You will be dragged down to hell by the people you killed. You're going to die on this island just like all of them- the only difference is that they won't die monsters. Even if you win, you'll be forced to face their families. Forced to live up with what you've done. If you're the monster who did this, and you run, and you don't kill us, then I will make it my personal mission to make you suffer a death more painful then any other in history."

She was a liar. She couldn't do that to this kid, even if he was a killer. But if she didn't know him, maybe he didn't know her. Maybe he didn't hear about her fear of blood. Maybe he would fall for her bluff.

"And if you didn't do this, then you have five seconds to tell us who you are and why you're here before my friend here pulls the trigger and you become just another name on the annoucements. And don't think about lying, because come morning we'll know anyway- and I don't like being lied too. So, who the hell are you?"

Rena swallowed shakily, praying that he bought it, praying that he would leave them alone.

"You got five seconds. Five..."
It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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Casey the Undead
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Let's go where eagles dare
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Rena's cheek stung, and she felt tears spring to her eyes. How was she supposed to react to being smacked? She'd never been hit before. Ever. Believe it or not, Rena Peters was not the type of girl who got into a lot of fistfights. Maybe she deserved it. Maybe she was overreacting. Maybe she was becoming hysterical.

She glance down at the pile of lumped over red meat that was now covering her shoes.

No. She wasn't overreacting. Not in the fucking slightest.


Rena tore her gaze from the leftovers of her old classmate and back to Raine. Apparently, she wasn't the only one who felt the pressure getting to her. Rena wanted to offer an arm, a hug, something, but she wouldn't be much help, would she? She was in an even worse place than Raine, emotionally. Another slight glance down reminded Rena that she was in a worse place physically, too.

"Would everyone just calm the fuck down?"

Ridley? Rena looked at him, eyes narrowed. So his girlfriend was bawling her eyes out, sobbing about her mother or something, while they were standing in, not around, not near, but literally in a dead body- and he was still thinking that they were the ones acting weird? "It's like you're not even really human." Rena whispered under her breath, afraid that he might snap if he heard her.

“...I’m Dustin Royal. And this wasn’t me. I just came down from the other end of the tunnel. I heard...it sounded like a few people. Some screams. Must’ve been...this.”

Dustin Royal. She didn't really know him- but she knew of him. One of those "I am way cooler than you" guys. Apparently a real douchebag- although Rena really couldn't judge that well for herself. But, apparently, not a murderer. Always a plus to one's character when they aren't a crazy axe killer.

"For fuck's sake, Rena, think before you make a fucking speech like that, alright? This guy's clean."

Another quick glance at Dustin revealed that yes, in fact, he had no blood on him. Of course. Of course Rena was overreacting.

Another look down. That'snotwater. Another churl in her stomach, another deep swallow to keep the vomit down. No, no, no. Rena was acting perfectly normal considering the circumstances. Ridley was just being an asshole.

Ridley said something else, but Rena didn't really give a damn anymore. The vile anger that Raine's slap had temporarily subdued was now back like a forest fire.

"For fuck's sake Ridley!" Rena tried to put on as much of a mocking tone as she could manage. "What the hell is your problem? Your girlfriend is screaming over there, and you don't even give a damn? You...you..." She choked on her tears, her vomit, the hysteria rising from the pit of her stomach. Her heart was in her throat, and she was certain that another second in this tunnel and she would vomit her entire insides outside, until she was nothing but a pile of misshapen and unrecognizable guts on the floor, joining her classmate. "I. Am. Standing. In. A. Dead. Body. Do you get that? Do you understand that all I am seeing right now is blood?! That it didn't occur to me to check him for blood because, maybe, just maybe I was genuinely afraid that he was going to fucking kill me?!" Tears poured from her eyes, running through the dirt on her cheeks.

"I can't do this. I can't spend another fucking minute in this goddamned tunnel do you understand? Raine and I are breaking down, you're acting like some inhuman dick, and there is a pile of organs at our feet that used to be a student! So maybe, before you start yelling at me for not noticing things, you should take in your own damned surroundings! Maybe, just fucking maybe, we should get the fuck out of here before I vomit and start running!" Rena's voice pitched to a scream, which choked out and was swallowed by her sobs.

"Oh Christ. Oh Jesus Mother Fucking Christ. I can't do this. I can't stay in this tunnel anymore. I can't do this, I can't fucking do this." Rena sniffed in a large chunk of snot, gasping for breath. She took another shuddering breath, begging for composure that wasn't ever going to come.

"Can we please leave. Dustin...he's not going to kill anyone, I don't think. I don't care." Another shuddering breath, another sniff of snot, another glance down, another swallow of vomit.

"Just...please. Please. Please."

She couldn't say anything else.

Rena Peters was broken.
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It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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((OOC: I'm skipping KingKamor because I'm getting close to inactivity and might not be able to post for a few days. Sorry for the breakage.))

Time ticked slower than it did before.

It wasn't a life shattering epiphany, or a monumental realization, or even really a discovery at all. It was more an acknowledgement of unchangeable and undeniable truths that Rena was forced to abide by.

Before she'd begged Ridely to leave, time seemed to pass at it's regular pace. Her thoughts, words, and actions went no faster or slower than they normally did. However, after her question, time ticked slower. It felt like hours, and yet no noise had entered the tunnels, no answer was given, no move was made to even recognize her plea. It occurred to her that Raine had said something- more jumbled things about not forgetting- but the words were not aimed at Rena, and further, there seemed to be a still unbearably long silence following their utterance.

It was this acknowledgement of the slowing time that allowed Rena to fix herself, somewhat. Raine's scathing snap about getting off of the dead body fell on deaf ears- being physically on the body no longer mattered, really. It was more the idea of having once been on the body- the fact that her shoes were now splattered with blood, that she had come face to face with the body of her classmate- that mattered more. In Rena's mind, she would always have been, at one point, stepping on a classmate, which meant that she was in the perfectly correct state of hysterics for the situation.

But as the time ticked abnormally, Rena was allowed to think about more things, to understand more, and she used her new understandings to pull herself out of her hysterics.

She shifted slightly off of the body, wondering if, come morning (should she even survive that long), she would be able to recognize their name on the announcements. Maybe it'd be better if I never knew a name...

She looked between the others in the tunnel, her last spoken words ringing in her ears.

Raine. Raine was crying, Raine was desperate, Raine did not want to be forgotten. Raine was nice. Raine was smart. Raine was...motherly, in an odd way. And yet, Raine was weaker than Rena had ever thought. She was turning towards Ridley, a look in her eyes that took several agonizingly long seconds for Rena to recognize. It was the same look Rena had given her parents so often- that begging approval look. The look that pleaded for the recipient to agree, to hug, to be proud of the giver. The look Rena so often gave and was so little rewarded for.

Raine needed approval. Why? What did she gain from it? Yes, maybe she loved Ridley. But Ridley was acting abnormal. Ridley was acting cold and rude. Why did Raine need his approval? If anything, he should be searching for Raine's as well. It was supposed to be a mutual thing, love. Wasn't it? Weren't they both supposed to support and approve of the other's actions, or at least seek the approval of the other?

Rena had never been in love. Maybe what she knew was wrong. But, at the same time, she knew something about Ridley and Raine, and that was the small fact that Ridley had spent a day looking for her, a day agonizing over where she was, following her throughout the island, and now, suddenly, he didn't seem to care what she was doing or feeling. It felt wrong.

The idea that he was trying to keep calm passed through Rena's thoughts, but she brushed it aside. He could be clam and caring, couldn't he?

Her eyes turned to the boy, carefully. She was not a leader- he was. He was the person with the gun. The person who taped up her leg, who helped her when she was down. She didn't want to leave without him. And yet, now, she wasn't so sure that he still was that boy who taped up her leg. Now someone he knew was dead. Now they had come face to face with a dead body. Now Survival of the Fittest had become frighteningly real. They reacted to it in different ways. Ridley acted cold, tried to keep his head high, tried to be logical. Raine pulled herself together, decided not to be forgotten, acted snippy because she needed to be like Ridley, needed to be calm.

And Rena? Rena freaked out. Because she didn't know what else to do. Because she wasn't Ridley or Raine, and she didn't really want to be them.

Now Ridley and Raine were changing, and Rena was staying the same. She was still the homely girl who blended into the backgrounds. She still couldn't handle blood, or death, or acting social very well. The only difference was that now she couldn't quite be so in denial. Now she had to face reality.

But she only had to face reality so long as reality was facing her. She only had to face reality so long as Ridley was still pointing his gun, so long as she was still near that body, so long as she was still in the tunnels, so long as the people she considered friends continued to change.

Rena Peters did not like change, nor did she like facing reality- at least not when her reality was as bleak as it was at the current moment.

So, as the time ticked slower, she decided that she was not going to wait for Ridley's approval. She was going to run.


It was all she could say. It was all she could do to explain her reasoning behind everything. She figured that somehow, it would be enough.

And then she ran.

As she got farther and farther away from the body, and closer towards being out of the wretched tunnels, reality began to fade. Her beautiful, elegant walls of denial began to rebuild themselves, enclosing her in a warm and beautiful mental state.

Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay, so long as you keep running.

Just pray to God that they don't catch up.

((Rena Peters, continued in Selfish))
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It's hard to get ahead when half your friends are dead!

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