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High Tides and High Hopes; A late night, an early morning. [Day 3 -> Day 4]
Topic Started: Nov 1 2010, 04:22 AM (1,298 Views)
Dr. Nic
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[Boy #61 - William Hearst. Continued from Morning Comes Slowly]

Hour after hour slipped on by as they kept a steady pace along the coastline, idle chatter between the pair of companions kept to a relative minimum compared to the previous journey. A slightly more somber tone followed the two until considerable time had passed, the first words between the two since they set forth from their camp were spoken only as morning gave way to afternoon and they sat down to eat what little they could. A meager offering of boiled water that became pine needle tea, some edible plants gathered along the way and what little remained of their combined personal snacks.

"About Peter..."

William initiated the conversation as he took the bottle off the line that held it above the fire, offering the improvised flavored drink to his fairer companion for the better half of two days. Up until then, little had been spoken since they left and little had been done; they simply walked on and on, focused on the task at hand with neither straying for long. They'd come to rely and trust in one another, or at least that is how the young man saw the situation; despite the events and the unspoken thoughts and feelings, they were in this together and would stick together. He knew her misgivings and was hesitant to voice his own... until now.

"What do you think of him? Or about him and Maddy?"

A silly question dredged up from a safer time when death didn't loom around every corner and behind every tree, hiding within every bush just a moment away. Where the decision to harm or kill another was never thought of outside the context of fiction and fantasy, of books and games and the other visual mediums.

"I mean, how do you feel about it? I'm curious..."

With hours to do nothing but think on things long past, there was little to do besides to turn to old feelings and old flames; maybe they wouldn't make much difference from now on but it was all he really had to dwell on, the only thing he really wondered about. He knew how the others in his life felt and the events that had transpired between them told him exactly how much he would be cared for and missed in this hellish situation of nightmarish proportions.

"I mean... I... well, with what we're going through now I'm just wondering where I would stand, y'know? I know everyone has their priorities and the people they want to find the most and it's just..."

He didn't really know how to put it or explain it without it sounding overly strange, without it coming off as something that was inappropriate or just plain weird to bring up in this place. He didn't want to push Tiffany away, certainly not, but they were still students with problems and issues and concerns that related to normal life; perhaps bringing up something that was at least resembling a normal issue just felt... right. Just felt, well, normal.

"I trust him and everything but I worry now about running into people we thought were friends in school. The names that get mentioned on those lists, they were friends too, some more than others, but they were still friends. And yet, they've turned around and killed each other. And I just... I can't help but wonder and worry."

This wasn't coming out right at all, he felt it and he knew it but he didn't know what to say to make it better. In the end, he didn't even really know what he wanted to come out and say to begin with, ending on a point that just made things worse instead of making them better; at least, that was the conclusion that he had jumped to in his mess of a mind. Without proper nutrition or proper rest, nothing was really making much sense now or fitting just right. Then again, would anything every make sense again?

"I worry, Tiffany. I worry a lot."

Night came again, uneasiness settling over Will's mind as he stared out at the ocean the very same way he'd done so the night before. Everything came back, everything he thought of and everything he said in silence to the waves and to the one said to be listening at all times. He thought of the curses he flung at everything he thought was to blame for the situation he'd been placed in, for the horrors he would have to face as the days slowly passed by with little respite. Now, sitting again with his sights set over the horizon and the shifting waves as a small fire crackled behind, he began to regret his words; blaming everyone else he deemed responsible and seeking to find someone to direct his anger at. He believed it to have been the cause of... of what he had done.

He believed it to have been punishment.

Possibly for what he had said or any perceived sins he had committed, but then and there at that moment he truly believed had been punished for what he'd done. So, for this night for what may very well have been the first time in his life, he turned to the nearest member of an organized religion. He turned to her and tried to figure out what he was about to ask of her in confidence, what he was going to seek her assistance with in this moment of fear and uncertainty.

"Tiffany? Um... You're religious, right? Do you think..."

The words caught in his throat for a moment as he forced the request to come forth, forcing himself to accept it as a possibility in this new reality. Things up until now had yet to look to rational to him, so now it was time to turn to the alternatives; he may not have liked them in the past but they were there now and they may be the only means of support he would find outside the arms of a dear friend. Perhaps it would give him the strength she had lent him so many times already.

"Do you think we could... I mean, I'm not really sure about all of this stuff, but do you think we could pray?"

There was much to be hopeful for in the coming days and nights to follow this, much to seek forgiveness for and much to be thankful for. In a moment of uncertainty, of doubt and fear of the things that have happened and the thing that would come, he turned to the only thing he could at that moment. He turned to the only source of religion he knew of, the only source he trusted in this place of horror and nightmares brought to life. Outside of the weapon that he relied upon to give him the strength he'd need to face the reality of what they had been forced into, Tiffany and her undying faith looked to be the only real strong pillar of support remaining. In that moment, it was a source of strength, of any kind, that he was not willing to pass up.

"So, um... how does this go?"

Sitting through the second list that morning was hell again, but one that had been expected; it was hard to deal with, that was certain, but there weren't any named that struck William hard. At least, none that struck him as hard as Everett's had, still mourning the loss of such a good friend and yet there was nothing to be done about it now but go on living in his stead, doing what he could not and surviving in this hell. If they ever got out of this, he hoped to let everyone rest with a proper burial... but he wasn't likely to get home, was he? No, he may end up just like the others on the list of those who'd died before him, but he could hope and wish for the smallest thing; in this case, a proper burial instead of simply being left on the island. Surely that would be a reasonable request to make.

Of course, the people who ran this weren't exactly... reasonable.

That voice that dripped of sarcasm and sick joy from the goings on of the students on the island... he hated it. He hated it with every last drop of anger and fury he had in him and just listening to that man read off the list, offering up his little quips and quotes with the mention of murder and tragic deaths was just...


He swung the old branch hard against the tree, snapping the dead wood in twain with splinters flying off in all directions; he was gathering wood for a fire to keep them warm through the coming night, something he'd done many times already. He'd gotten quite good at dredging up old methods of fire starting in this place of little and this island of plenty; even without the proper tools, he had enough knowledge from his time with Alex and Peter out camping and hiking to make due. Perhaps he would have been better off with Alex's expertise, his perceived and believed superior knowledge of such wonderfully useful little things would have been most helpful now.

"Sorry... I just... I can't stand thinking about that man, that bastard that put us here. I can't stand to think about the joy he's getting from watching us down here, toiling away to survive the night in this god forsaken hellhole."

His temper had boiled over in his rush to gather the materials, the sun sinking fast beyond the horizon as he worked at a furious pace; they needed enough to last the night and more just in case a storm rolled in. There hadn't been any rain yet, but he wasn't leaving things to chance here; one bad rainy night could end things for the two of them and he wasn't about to let Tiffany down like that. So, he worked tirelessly, breaking the larger pieces of dry wood as best he could before gathering them up, carting them back to the place they would sit to rest. Well, the place they planned to rest, but things were never sure here; something could happen that they didn't expect, something that may leave them without a place to stay and seeking shelter elsewhere.

But it's best not to dwell on such things now.

"Anyways, from what I can tell, we're right around here on the map. If we can set out in that direction tomorrow morning, we should be able to cut back towards the building here. It's the only large building out this way, so let's hope we find Peter or Alex there."

With the rush to get things done, he wasn't focused on thinking back on what had happened or what could happen in the next day to come. He didn't want to end up dwelling on that again, didn't want to always come back to the fear and the uncertainty, to the panic and the paranoia that drove him to... drove him to...

Damn it! Not now! I can't let her down now.

He shook his head, shaking off the thoughts and the doubts that began slipping their way back in. He had a job to do and damn it, he was going to do it whether he liked it or not.

"Mind bringing that pile of shavings over here?"

He had to get the fire started. It was already dark. Already late.
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Boy #??? - Joshua Edwards
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Dr. Nic
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Not long now.

William woke up a short while ago, not quite able to get a good night's sleep. He'd been watching the horizon ever since he woke, watching and waiting for the sun to come up; he knew exactly what was going to happen when the sun rose. The only thing he had to do was wait for it. He'd spent his morning getting all of their things ready, snuffing the last of the fire they'd slept near and burying the ashes beneath the sand of the beach. There wasn't much to prepare as a meal for their breakfast, but he would worry about that after the announcements came. Just need to sit and wait. Not long now...

"Kari, Tiffany."

He turned to his current companions, one from the beginning and one as of last night; the gun Kari was carrying had worried him when she first showed up. He had left his gun in his pocket when they were gathering the firewood and when Kari called out to them and he saw the weapon she had... he hesitated to pull it out. He was concerned for Tiffany's safety as well as his own, but the last time he'd panicked and pulled his gun on someone, they ended up dead. He did not want to be responsible for yet another death... so he never pulled his gun on Kari and kept it hidden as best he could. It had been a good choice in the end. Yeah, a good choice.

"Come on Kari."

He nudged the sleeping girl a couple times, trying to wake her up; it had been a long night for everyone and she certainly seemed exhausted given how fast she fell asleep, but she would need to be awake for the announcements. Yeah... a long night. It was a nice night though, filled with idly chatter about this and that, an escape from the hell of this game and everything that came with it. William had tried to avoid mentioning anything about Trevor or the cause of his death, but the question inevitably came up. It wasn't one he could avoid forever, not after his name came out in the announcements. But he didn't blame Kari for bringing it up; he understood where her concern came from, hoping that William wasn't some cold blooded killer who would snuff her out in her sleep. He explained what he could, just as he had done with Tiffany; he had panicked and Trevor looked to be going for a weapon. He didn't want to do it, that much was certain, it was just... just something that happened.

He lied again.

But now? Now he was busy poking the exhausted young woman and trying to wake her up; he'd nudged her numerous times, spoken loudly and tried just about everything he was comfortable with trying. But eventually, something worked. He turned to Tiffany next, hoping to have her up and follow conscious before the announcements came; she was definitely the easier of the two to take up.

"Time to get up. Announcements will be coming soon..."

He didn't want to be the only one awake for the announcements and certainly didn't want to be tasked with repeating that list to the two of them once they did wake up. Some names may have been important just as before and despite such news being terrible, they would all still need to listen. They would all need to know the names of those who had killed, the ones they should be wary of and avoid at all costs... but did that mean William was among them now? Would others look to avoid him no matter what, treat him with hostility at every turn... even kill him simply because his name had been called out as the name of a killer? It was possible... but that was something to be concerned with another time. For now, he turned back to the horizon and waited.

Not long now.

He dug the map out once again before he sat back down and waited; he watched the sun slowly come up over that horizon, staring at the sea. Like clockwork, the speakers all around the island came to life and that horrible voice issued forth. Will would always hate that voice. Even if they made it out of this alive, he would never forget that voice or the hatred he held toward it and its owner, the man behind all of this. The one who picked their school and brought them to this island, the one who was forcing them to kill each other to survive. He would always hate that man.

As the names were listed, he thought hard to conjure up memories of the people who were dead and the people who had killed them. Every name was that of a friend, a classmate, someone he'd spent even the shortest amount of time with. They were all someones daughter or son or grandchild and they all wanted to go home and see their families again. Now... now those that had been listed off would never get that chance. But William wrote down every name, adding them to his own list; one that held the name of every person he would remember, every person that would be missed.

He stopped when he heard Dominic's name called out.

"Dominic is dead?"

Among the first people he ever ran into on the island and the first he ever held his gun on; the one who'd begged for William to spare Tiffany's life, to take his and spare the girl. The one who ran away from him when all was said and done. Will regretted ever making Dominic stare down the barrel of his gun the way he did. He always would just as he would always regret Trevor's death. In his mind, he was responsible for both now. Despite never pulling the trigger on Dominic, he felt responsible; if he had never held that gun on him, he might be alive now. He might have come with Tiffany and William, but not after what Will had done. Despite knowing the name of the one who was responsible for Dominic's death, William saw himself as guilty of that crime just as much as Alex Seymour.

The names kept coming and he continued writing them down. At least, until he heard Lucas Lupradio's name.

He didn't remember the boy too well, but it wasn't the dead name he heard that he was concerned about; it was the living one. Peter's name had been called out on the announcements as one of the killers, just as William's had the day before. But Peter wouldn't succumb to this game would he? He wouldn't turn on his friends and end their lives just because he was told to do it in order to survive... would he?


Any questions that he had would have to wait, however. As he idly marked down the new danger zones, thinking about Peter and all the questions he had regarding the kill made with his name attached, he realized just where they were and just where the danger zone was.

"Shit. Shit!"

In a panicked rush, he grabbed his things and threw them into his bag; he kept the map out and double checked their planned route; it wouldn't be far and they could make it there quickly. But they had to move now. They wouldn't have time to worry about breakfast or taking a moment to talk about their plans for the day. They wouldn't have time to change or get cleaned up, at least not while they were still on the beach.

When their collars started beeping, it was all the proof he needed.

"Ready to run?"

With a final glance at the map and the compass, Will grabbed Tiffany. He wasn't about to let her fall behind. After four days of trying to protect her, he wasn't about to let either of them die because of a danger zone. Anything they might have had planned and anything they might have done that morning would have to wait. Right now, they needed to run and do so as fast as they possibly could.

"Just follow us Kari!"

William had a plan to survive that morning.

The plan? Run like hell.

[Boy #61 - William Hearst. Continued in March to Your Death.]
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Boy #??? - Joshua Edwards
Hanging out somewhere, playing his heart out.
Writer and local retail slave at the comic book store.

Girl #??? - Viktoriya "Vika" Starikova
Floating in the void, unfinished and half-formed.
Hot headed member of the soft ball team, secretly wishing she could fly.

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