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The Various Downsides of Becoming "Paranoid as Balls"; The Return of Everyones Favorite Stoner/Perv!
Topic Started: Oct 24 2010, 11:14 AM (4,698 Views)
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An eerie fluorescent glow radiated from the Wainwrights’ ancient computer, harshly bouncing off Gracie’s face before disappearing into the absolute darkness of her family room. Her heavily lidded eyes, in all their sultry intensity, remained fixated on the computer screen. The impersonal ‘Your partner is typing…’ scrolled past the bottom of the window, almost tauntingly so. The anticipation always got to her, never failing to be far worse than the experience itself. She wasn’t good at waiting, never was. Her hand found the end of her thick ponytail and feverishly began twisting it around her index finger; she needed something to do with her hands. Anything was better than letting them hover awkwardly over the dated keyboard. Just as the pins and needles of anxiety began nagging the pit of her stomach, a lively ‘bloop bloop’ emanated from her speakers, almost drowned out by Dave Matthews’ warm voice. He was always one of her dad’s favorites and, by extension, one of hers. Her dad used to drive her around the block at night when she was real little and play Dave—it never failed to put her to sleep. She wished she could go back to those days, before the little kids were born and things were simpler. Everyone had to grow up, though.

SilentInferno: you look better with your hair down

Gracie released her hair and used the free hand to offer a shy wave and a quick smile to the plastic orb latched on top of her monitor. Heeding her voyeur’s words, Gracie quickly undid her hair and gave it a quick shake and ruffle, letting the waves hang messily on her shoulders. She quickly gave a side to side, presenting the loose waves to him in a manner that’d make Vanna White green with envy.

fashionfloozy10: u think so?
SilentInferno: yeah you look really pretty either way tho ;]

Gracie bit her bottom lip in an attempt to subdue the smile making its way across her face. Her long fingers danced over the keyboard and her eyes surveyed the weathered keys, as if hoping for them to jump up and tell her what to say next. Her leg tapped nervously, half in rhythm with her quote-on-quote mood music.

fashionfloozy10: what…

Her stomach did somersaults.

fashionfloozy10: …do u like most about me?

Gracie could do coy. Gracie was the very definition of coy, but for whatever reason she felt like she needed to hear what he’d say. Like he was freakin’ Jesus himself and she was standing at the Pearly Gates, waiting with bated breath to see if he’d accept her into Heaven. She knew. Past the nagging hope that perhaps Mr. SilentInferno would break down and admit deeper feelings, she knew what the probability of that was. And when his response came—

SilentInferno: you’ve got a really nice ass ;P

—her smile didn’t falter, not in the least. If anything, as twisted as it was, her smile spread wider. You’d have thought she was just awarded a Nobel Prize, but in the hazy euphoria of acceptance, Gracie didn’t care. Baby steps. Baby steps and maybe someone would realize she wasn’t such a bad person.

fashionfloozy10: thx (:
fashionfloozy10: just 1 last thing ok?
SilentInferno: yeah?
fashionfloozy10: tell me u like me?
SilentInferno: i do. i like you a LOT

Dave Matthews swallowed the silent joy radiating from her, his melodic voice seemingly trying to drown out the nagging guilt as Gracie Wainwright pulled her top over her head.

She wasn’t a bad person.

[[Gracie Wainwright continued from Twists and Turns]

They were nice boys, Teo and Nick, so super nice and more than gracious, too. It was hard to find gentlemen, even in the real world, so finding not only one, but two on Mystery Freaking Island was a pretty big feat. Friggin’ douchers. Oh yeah, go ahead, go on don’t worry about her. Just forget all about, y’know, social freakin’ etiquette and leave her alone, squatting in some God forsaken Blair-Witch-Reject forest trying to retain some form of goddamn normalcy, OH WAIT—there wasn’t normalcy anymore, silly girl. Gunshots were like crickets on murder-island, naggy, spine-chilling crickets who just never stopped. Ever. Oh, and every time you tinkled? Watched by millions. Not hundreds, millions. Millions of freaking nasty basement dwellers popping wood when she pissed.

But somehow, this was normal. This was her life now and she knew she’d only survive if she accepted that. Accept it, roll with it, get the hell off.

Because, shit, it’s not as if she could rely on friggin’ Teo and Nick to keep her going, not when they’re all too content to leave her alone in the jungle, ’Bear Food’ slapped in bigass letters across her back. She’d give those furry douchebags a run for their money though, believe it. Hunger was beginning to get the best of her, headaches and the gnawing hunger pains becoming commonplace—irritatingly hard to ignore. The things she would’ve given up for a nice, juicy Big Mac. And fries. Anything, please. Just food. Fatty, thunder-thigh inducing food.

And a shower, oh God a shower. She was beginning to feel like a gutter-troll, like she’d just crawled out of the sewer and integrated herself into society. At least she could tell people she found out Clio’s secrets, though. How does she manage to look so whorey and unkempt and frankly completely revolting, you might ask? Well, dear inquirer, Clio’s beauty secret is, oh-so-surprisingly, foregoing showers for days on end, letting the grime, plaque, stubble and nasty creepy crawlies sit linger on her for an extended period of time. Honestly, Gracie was more than surprised a dung beetle hadn’t tried to roll her up and take her home with him.

Gracie rubbed her temples, almost forcefully trying to squeeze the overbearing headache out as she loitered at the Fun Faire gates, the same gates she had been so happy to see a few days prior. It wasn’t surprisingly that Teo would lead her back there, honestly. It was like he wanted to invoke the most excruciating of pain on her, like honestly. He insisted that she slept, probably so he and Nick could have some raunchy island sex or something—but she wasn’t an idiot, come on now. She ‘slept’, sure. Had her eyes closed, at any rate. He was trying to assert dominance or some shit, trying to establish a pecking order of trust, who knew. Doctor Phil she was not.

And now here she was—hungry, tired, cranky, and frankly terrified. Part of her wanted to count her losses and just run, run until she was far away from Teo and Nick and that damn Fun Faire and whatever horrors it wanted to unleash in its sequel. Like, Jesus. Her face still hurt, a viable warning not to trust a friggin’ soul. She had no allies, not one. Gracie had Gracie and only Gracie. And Gracie did the only thing Gracie knew how to do, make enemies. Crappy talent, yeah?

Just watch, in her next life she’ll give Oprah a run for her money. She’ll be better in that life, learn from the mistakes of Present Gracie. It’ll be okay, don’t worry.

Don’t die with regrets, right?

Gracie let her gaze hover on the sign, just for one more second. Another second of preparation, another second that she would’ve used to face some demons, another second she could’ve used to get some mental vengeance against Kyle and rid her life of him forever, but unfortunately his impact remained strongly intact as a very loud and very close gunshot rang out. Gracie’s heart instantly began palpitating, beating harshly against her throat as a cold sweat engulfed her body. It was close, closer than she’d ever heard before—surprisingly fake sounding, actually, like a fire cracker. If she had her way, she would’ve been on her knees crawling into the brush and away from the gunshot. Far, FAR away from the gunshot, which had left her ears ringing in its wake.

But life doesn’t always go perfectly and the cosmos don’t always align correctly or whatever bullshit, so instead, Gracie found herself running toward both her boys and the gun shot.

Her boys.

They hadn’t betrayed her yet, despite the ample opportunities. She owed them some back up, at least. Right?

“Hey!” She yelled, her voice cracking slightly out of fear as she bounded toward Teo and Nick and… company? People she couldn’t make out, not yet. The shooter and company, possibly? It didn’t matter, they put her boys in danger.

Her boys.

Her friends?

Loyalty was a virtue in SOTF and for quite possibly the first time in her life, Gracie Wainwright was virtuous. Funny that.

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