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Axes Aren't Efficient For Grinding; They can still chop, cleave, and smash though
Topic Started: Oct 16 2010, 02:24 AM (2,432 Views)
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[[Daisuke Nagazawa continued from Clap For The Killers]]

The trip had been fairly silent for the most part, since Logan was in a sour mood and Daiuske wasn't the type to really try to bring someone out of their shell and talk to him. For the most part, he simply tagged along with Logan as they made their way back across the island towards the tunnels where they had started their ill-fated campaign against villainy. As much as Daisuke believed it was the only good thing he could possibly do, he still couldn't bring himself to abandon Logan in order hunt down the players that plagued the island.

The idea of leaving Logan behind genuinely worried Daisuke. Not only did he fear being off on the island alone once again, not knowing who to trust or who to even target in his search for vigilante justice, he feared that Logan wouldn't be able to defend himself properly if someone with killing intent attacked him. Knowing that Logan felt like he couldn't kill someone made Daisuke second guess Logan's ability to fight, as if the fact that he was the only one who was willing to kill meant that he was the only one who could do what was necessary to protect them both. He followed Logan silently throughout the day, silently keeping a lookout for possible assailants, before Logan made camp for the night somewhere in the middle of the woods.

Danya's morning announcement tempted Daiuske to try to convince Logan that what he proposed was necessary, but it seemed like the night's rest coupled with the morning news hadn't made Logan feel much better about his decision. The usually unperceptive Dai felt that now was not the best time to return to that order of business. Instead, they both silently and diligently made their way back into the shafts of the underground tunnel system, searching for Logan's missing personal effects.

Once again, the darkness of the tunnel surrounded the pair as they began their search for Logan's personal bag. It felt like an unlikely goal, but at least it was something to work towards instead of just sitting around, and it was a common goal that could keep them together. After that... who knew?

It wasn't long before Logan's flashlight caught a glimpse of something unusual. It was an unconscious girl slumped up against the wall of the tunnel with an axe in her hand. For the first time in what felt like ages, Daisuke spoke to Logan. "Do you think she's alright?" he simply asked his partner, unaware of the dead body slumped in the darkness beside her.
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