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Axes Aren't Efficient For Grinding; They can still chop, cleave, and smash though
Topic Started: Oct 16 2010, 02:24 AM (2,430 Views)
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The others left. Left Daisuke alone, in the darkness, waiting and wondering. There was something wrong with the girl. No way around it. It made no sense for her to be down here with a weapon, alone, lacking a good explanation. He hadn't been able to stop her, though. Hadn't been able to force himself to stop her. Why? He'd resolved to stop the killers, hadn't he? He was the strong one, right? Logan had gone off. Their partnership was over, and the reason for it was that Logan couldn't kill. And yet, Daisuke had just choked.

This bore some thought.

And so, Daisuke sat down against the wall, resting and thinking. Trying to recapture that feeling of exhilaration from earlier. Trying to once again feel that surge of confidence and certainty. He could do this. He could do it.

He took deep breaths. Thought back. He'd had Kris in his sights. Had her at his mercy. He'd been afraid, but so had she. They had been ready to die to eliminate each other. That's what he had to do. Give up on surviving. Prepare himself completely to die making a difference.

He repeated it in his head, a mantra, trying to focus: I will make a difference, I will make a difference, I will make a difference, I will make a—the announcements started going, a different voice this time, wrong time of day, but he tuned them out, ignored them, kept his focus—difference, I will make a difference, I will make a difference, I will make a differen—

He was cut off by an explosion.

Daisuke never knew what hit him.

B 148: Daisuke Nagazawa ELIMINATED
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