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Jesus Loves the Little Children; Open! Let's try not to clusterfuck too much though.
Topic Started: Oct 14 2010, 11:31 PM (4,539 Views)
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Just walk away, she silently coached herself. Just keep walking. Do not turn back. Do not engage. Just let her yell. It doesn't mean anything.

Annaliese hunched her shoulders as Jackie continued to hurl insults. Unable to let a verbal assault go unchallenged, she turned around to look at Jackie while continuing to walk backwards.

Of course she managed to turn around *just* in time to watch Allie abandon Jackie and make a beeline for the exit. Annaliese sucked in a hissing breath through clenched teeth. Oh man, if Jackie hadn't gone completely whack-a-doodle after killing Lily, then Allie's abandonment would probably push her right over the edge. Although, ditching your friend after they saved you was pretty cold blooded. It definately made her rethink her image of Allie.

"Dude, Spaz-mo-tron," she called out, trying to give Allie some time to put some distance between herself and Jackie. "Nobody's fucking judging you!"

She paused as she realized what she was saying. "Okay, well...*I'm* not judging you, anyway. I just think we need to all take a breather from each other. Before anyone else loses their head...I MEAN TEMPER!" She winced at the Fruedian slip. Way to practically draw a giant arrow to the fallen Lily, self. Taking a deep breath, she tried one more time.

"If we meet up later, hopefully you won't be all raving crazy and we can all get along. If not," she trailed off as she looked at Jackie. Who stood alone, covered in blood with a bloody weapon with only the dead for company. The whole scene did not bode well for Jackie's mental health, in her opinion. "Well then, I hope we don't meet up. Vaya con dios, man."

Annaliese snapped off a sloppy salute before swinging back around and booking it out of the area. Better safe than sorry.

((Annaliese Hansen continued in Just a Kid, Napping))
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And that was it. Jackie was now not alone, Lily's right there all alone. Mentally exhausted, Jackie collapsed, her bags to one side of her, and the knife to the other.

Several hours passed, and when Jackie's eyes opened once more, the sky was orange and fuschia with sunset. She had a headache, but she was less angry now, and regained the ability to think clearly not long after awakening.

Not that she needed it, really. Her mind was blank as she grabbed whatever food she could from the remaining bags and stuffed it into hers, along with the knife, which she unsheathed from the ground as though she was inheriting England. That was all she would need.

Thoughts finally trickled into Jackie's head as she began her trek away from the parish. Now that there was blood on her hands, she thought, there was no way she could go home. She was a criminal, and a disgrace to the only people she cared to return to. Stupid Lily MacLaughlin had made damn sure of that. Really, there was no point of staying alive here. Not that she would do that for lo-

Jackie wasn't going to be alive much longer.

That hadn't occured to her for some reason, or it had and it never really hit her like this- at most, she had a few days before someone else cut her down the way she'd cut down Lily, especially now that she'd probably pissed off karma. This was the time to do whatever the hell she wanted while she still could.

She wrought her brain for crazy end-of-the-world hijinks she could engage in- this was so much easier when it wasn't actually happening- obviously, the current situation sliced up the list of possibilities a bit.

Jackie's End of the World Hijinks
~ Vandalize Bayview Secondary
~ Shoplift entire Hot Topic

~ Prove self better than that bitch Anneliese Hansen
~ Piss in boys' bathroom (?)
~ Travel the world
~ Feed several entire turkeys to stray cats

That left a couple options- go to one of those abandoned towny area things and find a boys' bathroom, or find Anneliese Hansen.

Jackie smiled a little. For the first time in days, she wasn't quite wandering aimlessly- and she wouldn't wander again until the day she died.

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