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Project Mayhem; Early Day 3 [oneshot]
Topic Started: Oct 12 2010, 03:11 PM (1,500 Views)
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[[Garrett Hunter continued from Take, Eat]]

Garrett cracked open one eye.


He shut it again.

Somewhere, a voice was speaking. He recognized the voice, sort of. The last time he'd heard it he'd been...busy. Busy with what? He wasn't sure. The pounding headache surging through his brain, the massive bruises that were developing on his sides, those things were doing a fabulous job of preventing him from forming any real, coherent thoughts. Instead, he listened. As though he had a choice.

"Ladies and gentlemen of Bayview secondary school. You are making me a very happy man indeed..."

Being fairly antisocial at Bayview- outside of Fight Club, of course- did have its advantages. The deaths Danya listed caused him absolutely no concern- hell, if other people were killing, it meant he wouldn't have to, right? For now, anyway. The name 'Rose' made him pause- wasn't that the fucking bitch with the gun? Serves her right for fucking FACEPALMING me- but then he made a quick retreat back into his own mind.


Why pain?


His first words of the new day would make a sailor blush, and he went on, getting more creative as he went, for a solid five minutes. Eventually it occurred to him that lying prone next to a tree wasn't the best fucking idea and so he pulled himself up, cursing his headache, his bruises, and mostly that fucking bitch whore cuntface slut Mirabelle Nesa.

I lost a fight. To a fucking GIRL. To fucking BELLE. What the FUCK.


No, fuck that, I didn't lose. I was at a huge fucking disadvantage with my fuckin', giant-splinter-of-bullshit.
He glared at his shinai, which had fallen from his grasp when he had passed out. He kicked it spitefully into the sludge. The motion made him wince.

Maybe I should...rest or some shit for a while-

NO, fuck that, Garrett, whoever's watching this bullshit show probably already thinks you're a fucking pussy for passing out and shit. You've got to get up, get out, and go fuck up Belle so hard everyone forgets she knocked you out the first time.

Nodding to himself, Garrett pulled himself up, letting out another steady stream of curses as he did so. Pulling his backpack off his back, he retrieved a baguette, biting the end off savagely. How long have I been out? Shit, I'm hungry. Fucking...urgh. Gotta get out of here...

He stomped blindly into the swamp, taking large bites of the bread, making his way. He'd find his way, somewhere. Stay alive. Get in a few fights.

Cause some mayhem.

What else was life about?

[[Garrett Hunter continued in God's Unwanted Children]]
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being meguca is suffering

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