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Day of the Dove; Day 3 : Sunset. Open
Topic Started: Oct 10 2010, 08:45 PM (4,154 Views)
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((Isabel Guerra continued from Time is Not on Our Side))

((Also, this post was a team effort. Teeaaam!))

Dave, Isabel and Charlie had gotten to know each other. The three sat on the greens, watching the sun set after walking since they had awoken shortly after sunrise.

During the first hour of their walk they had been quiet. Isabel was still shaken from the announcements, Dave was complaining about the misty morning and Charlie was fussing with her hair.

During the third hour they started talking a little more. Dave and Isabel told Charlie about their day trip to the fun fair and the magic mirror house, while Charlie told them about being bashed in the face with a hammer and narrowly avoiding getting her ass capped.

Into the fourth hour they began to argue about who had had the worst day. Sure Charlie had taken a hammer to the nose, but Dave and Isabel had endured poetry from the dark, tortured soul of a goth chick. In the end they reasoned the two just about evened out.

On the fifth hour they began to get bored with chatter.

“Why don’t we play a game?” asked Isabel.

“Game? Sure. Let’s play the license plate game,” Dave sourly replied.

"Don't think we're gonna see any cars," said Charlie, equally sourly. "How about instead, every time we see a tree, we punch a Latina."

“Ummm, could you not?” Isabel frowned and clutched her trumpet protectively.

"Right. Sorry. I didn't... sorry. We're cool, right?"

At the sixth hour they tried to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” eating a little piece of a bread slice for every thing that they had done. This would have been a bit more sporting if Dave and Isabel had ever bothered to do anything. Soon they had just made it a game of trying to get Charlie to run through her bread.

“Uhh, Shit, I got this one, hang on... Never have I ever joined the cheerleading squad," said Dave.

“Oh, fuck you guys.” Charlie took a vicious bite of her slice.

They stopped for two hours to rest. The girls filled up their bottles at a river in the forest and Dave found berries that looked safe for consumption. The three sat in the dirt and smashed the berries into their bread. It wasn’t much but it certainly improved the cheap, store brand white bread.

At the ninth hour they took off and continued on. Isabel and Dave tried to keep their heads down as they saw the back of the mirror maze off in the distance. Suddenly, Dave broke the silence.



“Lay me a beat.”


“Aw come on! Lay me a beat!”


Dave turned to Charlie, strangely enthused after the hours of walking.

“Lay me a fat beat. Come on. Do it. Just fucking do it.”

“You’re joking right?”

Isabel sighed and brought the trumpet up to her mouth. She could see Charlie cringe out of the corner of her eye. She blew a note and repeated it at about the pace at which they were walking.

"Yo, sup, name's Dave. Listen up everybody, gonna be a fan fave."

"I watched a fucker get chainsawed, I'll admit"

"But keeping my chin up high, despite the grit"

"In my back, that's whack, I'm cut, and that's just smack”

"Imagine what I'm gonna do If I eventually crack."

Isabel couldn’t go on. Her notes splintered and she pulled the mouth piece away, dissolving into giggles. Charlie likewise seemed to be affected and was leaning against a tree with both hands covering her mouth as she laughed.

Despite having slept for an entire day the trio was starting to get tired again. Isabel hung back, thinking to herself while Dave and Charlie headed the front. He cautiously looked over his shoulder at Isabel.

“Looks like Hernadez back there is getting tired,” he whispered. “And here I thought she’d be used to being on her feet forever. All the jobs available to her require it. Waitress, nanny, gardener…uh…..gardener who watches kids while serving drinks….”

“Y'know, Dave, I'm actually really sad we didn't get to know each other back at school. I feel like we could've gotten to be pretty good friends, and then you'd probably start developing feelings for me that I'd never return or even notice." Charlie tossed a quick look back at the other girl as well now, then turned back to Dave. "And then Izzy would be off in the corner, stealing jobs from hard-working Americans."

Finally they reached what looked like a sports field. Charlie and Isabel ran forward out of the forest towards the grass and threw their things onto the field. Behind them Dave bitterly hobbled on his injured leg after them. The girls had sprawled out, lying down for the first time since their long sleep. Dave eventually plopped down next to them and the three basked in the orange glow of the sunset.

Isabel smiled warily at them. Charlie, in her surprise, smiled back.

For those few hours, they were on the camping trip they were promised.
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Isabel was pretty tired from the long hike, but when she finally took inventory on the group, they weren’t doing so badly.

It was already the third day and among them, none of them were killers, none of them were crazy, they’d all had decent rest, though the food hadn’t been great they had eaten enough and discounting Dave’s damaged knees and Charlie’s nose, they were largely uninjured. On top of all that, they seemed to get along reasonably well, which was a boon in and of it’s self.

She rolled over unto her stomach and watched Dave pull out the butcher knife. She supposed that at least counted as something the average person would be afraid of. Charlie was the least fortuitous of all, pulling out a small mirror.

“A mirror?”

Without so much as picking up her head she unzipped her bag, felt around and took out the large jagged mirror shard she had taken from the maze.

“Yeah. I’ve got one of those too,” she said lightly.

She dropped the thing back into the bag. A small voice floated down from over head and she rolled over to look. Cute girl, scared girl. She wanted to join. The more people that were added to the group, the more nervous Isabel became. Anytime she was in a group she became quieter the larger the group. She and Dave were fine. She supposed she, Dave and Charlie was fine as well. This new addition set her on edge a little, but in all honesty she felt bad turning someone like that away.

“Normally I consider myself to be sort of mean and snippy but compared to these two I’m practically the welcome wagon. So..uh…welcome.”

It struck her as singularly odd that Dave referred to her as “Izzy.” No one called her that. It wasn’t that she minded, it was just….well, no one called her that. She chalked it up to Dave being too lazy to say the whole thing.

Lord knows that extra syllable might kill him.
Still, as it was almost a term of endearment, she was fine with being called that.

“Well, go on and have a seat.”

She sat up and tried to take a survey of where they were. Looked like a golf course. In the announcement they had said the mansion was off limits. She supposed that was the thing in the distance as marked on the map. Several yards away the green dipped a little. A sand trap?

“So what’s your name and how have you spent the past three days?”
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“Hi Helen,” she responded with a bit of a wave. “It’s no problem. I don’t know most people’s name’s either.”

Isabel tried her hand at a smile. She wasn’t used to trying to be inviting, but she gave it her best shot. Helen had a very relatable story, especially the part about running from crazies. Isabel had yet to start running down her iPod battery since she’d found company to fill in the silence.

Of course, Charlie decided to put her on the spot and decided that she was the entertainment. Isabel looked at her through narrowed eyes. It seemed Dave was of the same mind.

Isabel awkwardly picked up Partario. She put the mouth piece to her lips, took a breath and blew while pushing down a plunger. Isabel managed to warble out a few notes that sounded almost like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

Suddenly she took a sharp intake of breath, turned the trumpet to Charlie and blew the hardest, loudest note she possibly could.

Isabel put down the instrument and tried to keep a straight face.

“I guess I’m rusty.”
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Things were starting to escalate again. Who knew if this new guy was the type to be easily set off. He had a tire iron and that was not something she really wanted to mess with. She could feel shades of their shouting matches with Roland in the current situation.

“Dial it back, guys,” she said. “Yeah, he couldn’t take a hint but I don’t think he really wants to do any damage here. That just makes him….annoying. Not dangerous.”

Another round of mediations.

Some sort of noise came from the bushes like whispers. Isabel narrowed her eyes to try and see who it was. It looked like a girl. A small, dirty girl.

“And guy, put the tire iron down. This is a happy place. I don’t think she’s going to give us trouble. ”

The girl was on her knees, nearly hysterical. Isabel went to her bag and pulled out a bottle of water. All of hers were full since they refilled back at a river they had found during their hike. She got onto her hands and knees and crawled towards her, though stopped a good ten feet away. Isabel took the bottle and rolled it towards the girl.

“Here. I know we might seem like jerks, but we’re mostly not. Mostly,” she said trying to figure out how much of that exactly was truth.

Hopefully she won't call me on it later.

She looked to be in pretty bad shape. Though maybe she was just in bad shape compared to the last few people who had wandered up. What counted as being in bad shape in this game?

"What happened to you?" she wondered aloud.
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It seemed the others had summed everything up pretty well. Brandishing a tire iron wasn’t how one typically made friends and could this guy please kindly leave without taking anything on the way out? The scared girl scampered over and Charlie declared that was that and went to sleep. The other girl seemed to pass dead out next to her and Dave along as well, after tossing a warning at Tyler and, of course, giving her first watch.

“Fine,” she muttered.


Isabel was dizzy. She couldn’t see straight. She wobbled until she sat down and put her face in her hands. The smell. She pulled her head back and noticed her hands were covered in blood. Not only that, her shirt was soaked in it. Her skirt, her legs, and her shoes were all electrified in red. Bits of her hair were crunchy and stiff, coated in blood. Isabel tried to speak but no sound came out. The only sound was the high pitched buzzing of an empty room. Suddenly the silence was broken by a boy sitting next to her.

"I see your reasons," he said finally. "In the end, you simply did what you simply had to do to survive. It's as plain as that. You were able to do that, which was how you managed to come this far. You wanted to survive, and I can understand that. But it doesn't change all that you've done. People have died by your hand. One with cold blood, even."

He nodded at something behind her. She turned to look over her shoulder and saw a boy pinned to a tree, dead.

"The way I see it... justice needs to be done.”

He didn’t seem to be talking to her. It was like he was looking through her rather than at her. It was like she was staring at someone on TV.

What is this? What is he talking about?

And then he looked at her. Not like before, he was really looking at her now. His glasses shined when he moved his head to face her.

“She’s a killer. She doesn’t deserve to live. You’ll see. Justice will be served.”

Her eyes fluttered open. There was just a bit of light peaking out in the sky which of course meant-

“ Ladies and gentlemen…”

Of course, him again. With more good news no doubt. She sat up slowly and stretched, but stopped when she heard Hayley’s name for the second time in as many days. Her mind was just beginning to try and figure out the likelihood of two accidental kills when she heard the name “Simon Fletcher.”

Simon. Simon’s dead. No. Why is he dead? He can’t be dead. Simon.

They were both in Alex’s house. She was uncomfortable and she was wearing that stupid yellow dress but he was so sweet and he was so nice. He seemed to be uncomfortable just like her. Immediately, she liked him.

"You're in my English class. We're both not big talkers in that class. But you seem like a nice guy....."

“Don’t worry, it's fine. You’re right about me not being a huge talker; I barely know much about some of the people in my class. That dress looks nice on you.”

Her vision got blurry. She tried to distract herself by digging her nails into her palms but it wasn’t working this time.

“It’s not mine. I mean, thanks.”

She was awkward, but he didn’t mind. She smiled at him and he smiled at her.

The floodgates broke, she couldn’t hold it back anymore and water splashed on her arm. Isabel pulled her knees towards her chest. Her hair fell forward and made a curtain that hid her face from the others. She tried to hold her breath, but the shuddering didn’t stop. When she finally opened her mouth her lungs took a sharp breath all on their own. The exhale came out shaky. She tried to wipe her eyes with the back of her hand and pushed her hair back. Isabel heard Dave get up and stood up as well, seeing as it was his intention to get moving. She sniffed and the tears started coming down again.

"Where the fuck are we headed?"

“I don’t care,” she said, trying yet again and this time failing terribly to keep her voice even. “Do whatever you want. You do anyway. I don’t care anymore.”

And with that, she walked.

((Isabel Guerra continued in Faraday's Cages))
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