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Day of the Dove; Day 3 : Sunset. Open
Topic Started: Oct 10 2010, 08:45 PM (4,152 Views)
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[[ooc: hi my name is holly and i will be your rugga this evening :3]]

Isabel smiled, an involuntary smile (imagine that!). Surprisingly her little display of trumpet-playing ability (or non-ability, as the case so clearly was) seemed to have brought the whole mood of the little camp up another notch- even Helen seemed cheered, to the point of cracking jokes, even.

It was odd, how close she felt to them at this moment. I wonder if I'd ever have made friends with them if this...this hadn't happened. Probably not. I guess there is a silver lining to every cloud...

In all honesty, though, I think I'd take not having friends over this.

And then-

“Mind if I join the party, too?”


It was a surprisingly quick response, from two directions- Dave and Charlie had apparently decided simultaneously that the group didn't need a new member. Isabel...agreed, she supposed. They'd made peace here, the trio, soon to become a foursome as Helen became part of the group. Big groups were dangerous. The more people, the more likely a member was to snap and attack them. Right?


She nodded. Saying 'yes' like Dave and Charlie had seemed a little...Isabel had never considered herself particularly polite, but it seemed excessively rude. She stayed quiet. She trusted Dave and Charlie, weird but true, and she had a feeling that given a few more hours she'd trust Helen, too. Why add someone new to the mix?

And speaking of someone new- she felt a new presence. Someone else was here, and she was sure the others noticed too. What was the smart thing to do? Probably turn around. Acknowledge the person before they shot them all in the back. What if it was someone trying to pass through unnoticed, though? Someone who wouldn't speak to them if they weren't first spoken to?

For the moment, she remained silent. Let one of the others acknowledge their semi-hidden visitor, if they wanted.

I just hope this doesn't end in a chase scene.
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