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Topic Started: Oct 6 2010, 01:45 AM (2,201 Views)
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God was telling you "not yet".
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"No, don't take- no, I- hah... hngh-"

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"...Nghh, fummhhnh... I don't..."

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"...I'm- no, I'm- juhhh, fuh...

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Violet flipped over her camera.

"Too early..."

Mumbling to herself, she ignored the blinking numbers flashing on the screen beside her, and curled up further inside the old dusty blanket.

Mike had been gracious enough to let her have the bed for the night, and while she made an argument for him to sleep there instead, she didn't put up much of a fight against his insistence. After all, how often were they going to get the chance to sleep in a real bed while they were here? Better make the most of it while they can, she thought; she'd at least make it up to him come morning.

...Which came far too early.

She rose suddenly in the bed, her eyes widening as a tight hand wrapped itself around her bladder. It seemed her old sleeping habits had followed her all the way out here - namely, the fact that she woke up every morning, without fail, at 4am to pee. Curses launched themselves at her body as she slipped out from under the blanket without a single sound, and hesitantly she fumbled for her camera. It made a few tapping sounds as she knocked it against the bedside table, but hopefully it wouldn't be loud enough to disturb her partner in the other room.

Then a thought came to her.

Did she even know where the bathroom was in this place? She thought she might have seen it outside, but she wasn't a hundred percent sure, and didn't want to risk waking Mike up to ask him. Her eyes found the window in the dark. There was nobody around, as far as she could tell. Maybe she could slip outside, do her thing in the bushes, then climb back into the bedroom - no harm, no foul.

With hushed steps she walked over to the door, being careful not to stand on any loose floorboards there might have been, and quietly slipped into her sneakers. She left the laces undone - all she wanted was to get back to sleep as quickly as possible - then made her way over to the make-shift door. A pause to listen out for any signs of movement, then a moment to sling her camera around her neck. Her daypack, with the torch inside, sat out there with the rest of their things, so she had to make do with the light of her screen to guide the way out of the cabin.

A heavy thud soon followed as she slipped over the windowpane, crashing onto the decking below. Hissing at herself for being so loud, she checked her camera quickly for any signs of damage, sighed happily, then tip-toed out into the undergrowth.

After she was done, she took in the view around her. Trees, tall and dark, swayed heavily in the nightly breeze, and the sounds of shadows swished and flew amongst the grass and the leaves. That was when she noticed the large, formidable shapes nearby, lining the base of the mountain like ancient, crumbling protectors. Knowing she had time to snoop around before anyone would find her, Violet carved a dim path through the darkness by pointing the camera straight ahead as she walked on over to the curious mounds.


And dirt.

Lots of it, tonnes of it, piled up high around her. Artificial, of course, which meant someone had been digging. Digging what though? She wondered for a while, examining each of the mounds with some frustration as the light seemed to grow more dim with every passing second. Not wanting to waste all of her batteries, she decided to turn back, but before she got a chance to she saw something familiar.

It was total luck that led her there, but she didn't feel quite so lucky when she realized what she'd found.

Down in the bushes, by the largest mound of dirt, sat a tangled pair of straps that belonged to a large, brown bag. Warily, she removed it from the twigs and hooks, then aimed her light straight at it as she pulled it up to get a better look.


Her mouth dried up.

She choked.

So he really was here, it seemed. At least, what little she'd found of him.

She didn't know where to start.

If he was here, on this very same island, then why had he left his bag behind? Didn't he need it anymore? Was that all it was? Had he found someone like Mike, and then dropped the things he didn't need?

She hoped so, but the sight of it pulled on her heartstrings because she knew that wasn't right.

She'd seen his face when she bought it for him all those years ago.

She'd seen him wear it every day; at school, at home, in town, on vacation. Everywhere.

And yet... here it was. All damp and battered, and ripped by thorns.

A quick shake.

Still full.

She buried herself in it, breathed him in.

Short, gasping breaths, which reminded her how selfish she'd been - how much she missed him, no, needed him.

They'd been together always, but now they were apart.

She sobbed quietly.


...Until she heard a pop behind her.

Hello again.
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God was telling you "not yet".
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Thank God, he was-

No time to think, he was running towards her - a messy shape in the dark which soon had his arms wrapped tightly around her. Was he attacking her?!

"There's uh... it's really messed up. I knew the guy, his name was Jackson, but I also know the other guy and apparently it was an accident and it's like... fuck. I don't know. Where were you, anyway?"


Violet pushed the boy away, her brain firing a millions thoughts all at once. Jackson was here? Is that what the sound was? That bang she heard? Wait, no, he spoke of another boy too. And... an accident?

"Mike, what the hell're you talking about? What's goin' on?"

Pushing past him, she made her way up the slope until she was met with the worst sight she'd ever witnessed. One boy - Ilario - huddled over a horribly still-looking body, mumbling on about CPR. Had he - oh God, he'd been trying to resuscitate the guy on the floor. But... why? What happened up here? What the hell was going on?!

She ran forward, purely on instinct, and shoved him aside.


His eye.

His eye.

His eye.

His eye.

His eye.

What the fuck was wrong with Jackson's eye?

Where did his eye go?

Why was he leaking?

Oh, fucking HELL.

Tearing her gaze away from the body as best as she could, she turned on the boy who had done this to him.

"Fiametta, what the fuck did you do?!"

Her words spat from her mouth as she shouted him down. Another asshole with a gun, another body riddled with bullets. Worst of all, she'd only been metres away when it happened - she could've stopped this! She could've saved the guy if she hadn't been wandering around in the dark like an idiot. Trent's duffel bag sat beside her, taking the brunt of her physical aggression whenever she slammed her fist down, but it was of no comfort to her now. Jackson Ockley lay dead in front of them; a bullet where his eye should've been and his killer now a shaking wreck behind him.

She didn't care if he had a gun or not, all Violet wanted to do was tear the guy apart for doing this when it could've been avoided. They could've come up with a plan together, maybe, or something. But now? Now the guy was dead and there was nothing any of them could do to help him. Least of all that sick bastard Ilario.

Mike stood near, watching on in disbelief. Some help he'd been. If he was so awake, why hadn't he done anything himself? He could've stopped this. He could've saved the poor guy on the floor.


That wasn't fair.

It wasn't his fault as much as his wan't hers.

They couldn't stop the island changing people as much as they couldn't go back to the way things used to be.

She fell back, slumping miserably onto her knees.

"Why'd you do this, Ilario?"

Her voice cracked.

"I don't... get why."
Hello again.
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God was telling you "not yet".
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"It's - it's okay. It's okay. You don't understand, he's not - he can't be dead."

Violet couldn't believe what she was hearing. Ilario's face, his expression, the deep-set terror in his eyes... he really did believe that the boy he'd just killed would somehow be alright. As though he'd get up in a few minutes, pop his eye back in and reveal that it was all an elaborate prank they'd been planning together since the very start of Bayview. "Glass-eye Jackson", they'd call him from the on, and they'd all laugh about it on the boat back home.

Mike stood closer now, concerned over the state of the two of them. Though he probably felt the same way Violet did - sick, scared, and terrified that one day they'd end up in this position, cowering over the body of someone they just killed.

"There isn't a pulse. We should- we should probably bury him or something. Something..."

Something. Yeah, something sounded really good right now. The kind of good which would get them the hell away from the body and the eye, and somewhere nobody would ever have to die again; not while she was around; not while she had Mike by her side. She stood, slowly, so she didn't startle the Fiametta, then walked over to her friend. With a whisper, she told him:

"We're leaving,"

A look back at Ilario as he trembled behind them.

"Right now."


A couple of minutes later, and the two of them had gathered up their belongings (including Trent's duffel bag - she'd get it back to him) and were almost ready to go. Taking a few steps out of the cabin, she noticed Ilario still hunched over Jackson's body, trying his very best to bring him back to life even though he must have known how fruitless the whole endeavour would be. Mike looked wary, warning her not go near him with a quick shake of his head, but she assured him it would be okay. It didn't really seem like he was going to go schizo on them any time soon, but there was still a niggling voice at the back of her head telling her to just leave.

Walking right up to the boy, she cautiously knelt down beside him and pushed herself to rest a hand on his shoulder. He didn't jerk back, which was a good sign, and so she relaxed a little.

"Hey, um... we're er, we're gonna head out now. I don't know what happened here, but I get the feeling it wasn't supposed to, so I guess I... I don't-"

He sat there, transfixed by the body, while she let out a remorseful sigh and sadly got to her feet.

"Take care, Ilario."

((Violet Druce and Michael Moretti continued in Cool Ranch))
Hello again.
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