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((Maxwell Lombardi continued from No Rest for the Wicked))

OOC: Just mentioning that this thread was SUPPOSED to be Private. So it'd be greatly appreciated if it was kept that way, thank you. :D

It had only been several hours or so since his departure from the cave, and already Maxwell Lombardi was starting to regret his decision to move without a definite destination in mind.

Yesterday he had been lucky enough to move at a brisk pace across the island, allowing himself to cover far more ground. Today however, he'd decided to move at a much slower pace. Mainly due to the fact that he was now carrying a VERY heavy shotgun along with him. Which, whilst not particuarly debilitating, meant that if he decided to move across the island TOO fast he could end up becoming very tired very quickly. And seeing as he needed to be peak condition when the time comes that he has to use said shotgun in action, he concluded that reserving his own streangth and energy was far more important than getting a move on.

That being said, he was starting to get REALLY sick of the forest he'd been travelling though for the past few hours.

Trees, trees, trees, trees, trees and *gasp* oh look... MORE TREES!

Damn it all, I need to take a break...

After finding a reasonably clean spot next to a tree to dump his bag and sit down, he quickly went about unzipping his bag and retrieving a tin of crackers to serve as a simple lunch. As he bit down on the tasteless biscuit, he was reminded once more of all the things he used to take for granted back home. Reminded of all the good food he used to eat, the comfortable beds he used to sleep on... And, arguably most of all, he was reminded of all the refreshing baths he used to have daily. God, how he could do with a good wash right about now. It wouldn't be long until everyone on the island become putrid, foul smelling, walking garbage cans. All the more reason for me to get off this damned rock as soon as possible...

At that moment he glanced over his left shoulder, looking out through the trees to find that after a couple of yards or so the forest abruptly ended. Beyond its edge lay what looked to be an endless field of tree stumps and fallen logs. It like some crazy lumberjack had decided to go on a drunken rampage with a bunch of his mates. It was quite eery at first, but after a while Maxwell quickly got bored of the sight. He was about to turn his attention to figuring out what to do next when he spotted something... Or to be more precise, he spotted SOMEONE. Someone short. Someone wearing a sleeveless red shirt and purple framed glasses...

Nooo... Really? I mean, what would be the chances...

He put the tin of crackers he had down and picked up his shotgun, moving slowly through the forest before hiding behind a tree on the outskirts. Sure enough, sitting there all alone on a log with her back to the woods was none other then Reiko Ishida. The little lesbian bitch who'd gotten away with insulting him back by the Gazebo. The same bitch who later on apparently caused the deaths of not just one, but TWO people in a row. And now here she was, all alone and seemingly unarmed...


The logical thing there would have been to just open fire on her whilst her back was turned, double barrels to the back of the head just to make sure. It'd be quick and easy, no trouble whatsoever... But for some reason, he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Not because he'd inexplicitly grown a conscience or anything, far from it. But the spark from earlier that had allowed him to waste those two idiots by the beach had all but died out by this point. Besides... This was WAY too quick and painless. She wouldn't even realise that he'd been the one who killed her if he just shot her in the back of the head. No, Maxwell wanted her to know exactly who it was who'd killed her. Wanted her to know exactly what happens to people who cross him and think they can get away with it. His blood was starting to boil already. He knew he could do it. End her sickening life right here and now. But first, he'd toy around with her a little bit...

A cruel smirk appeared on his face as he moved from behind his cover, moving out into the open as he aimed the shotgun's sights at her unprotected head. He made sure to steady himself, not wishing to be blown off his feet like that asshole earlier...

"Well well, fancy meeting you here..."
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"What, did you miss me or something?"

"As a matter of fact, yes I have... After that little fiasco by the Gazebo, you COULD say I've been looking forward to this moment for quite a while now..."

Thankfully, her reaction wasn't to try and make a run for it the moment Maxwell showed himself. After all, it'd be unfortunate if he was forced to gun her down on the spot. He wanted to break her down first. Teach her what happens when you try to make a fool out of Maxwell Lombardi. Make her know what it feels like to be helpless to prevent her own death before delivering the killing blow, snuffing out her irritating life once and for all...

"Clearly you want something, or else I wouldn't be standing right now. Unless maybe... you're afraid?"

Patience Maxwell old boy... Don't let her get to you just yet.

"Oh, far from it... I just like to savour the moment, that's all." he replied, a dark smirk appearing on his face.

He could feel the spark from earlier slowly returning. The adrenaline rush that had allowed him to exterminate those two imbeciles back at the beach. It wouldn't be long now... Within a few short minutes he'd finally silence this bitch permanently. It'd only take one shot to do it. One shot to shatter her ugly little face all to a million small fragments. Hell, why end it all so quickly? Why not shoot her in the stomach and let her writhe about in agony for a few seconds longer. Why not just do that NOW, whilst he still had the chance?

...No, she might be in too much pain to concentrate on what he had to say to her. Plus he could screw it up and end up just killing her instantly. No, he wanted her to have her full concentration on him for the next couple of minutes or so...

"So what'll it be, Mr. Lombardi? You gunna shoot, or just stand there trying to look all tough while holding up a girl?"

I'm going to enjoy this...

"Oh don't worry. If you're THAT keen to die, I'll be happy to oblige momentarily... I just thought It'd be nice for us to have a little 'chat' first..."

So far so good...

"Now then, I'm going to try and keep this brief... You see, ever since you rudely left before allowing me to explain myself back at the Gazebo I've wanted nothing more then to find you a repay the favour. After all, if you hadn't been such disrespectful little tart then perhaps you MIGHT of realised that I was only looking for someone to aid me in escaping this blasted island... Not that it matters now, of course, seeing as it's become brutally obvious to me that escape isn't a viable option. The only way either of us will be getting out of this mess alive isn't some idealistic and foolhardy escape plan, but by eliminating the competion one by one..."

"Of course, I don't have to explain that to YOU of all people now, do I? You've already had your fair share of senseless murder already... Two kills in a row, my word. That IS impressive. Reika must be SO proud of you... Or at least, she would have been proud of you if you had actually BEEN there for her."

OUCH! That must have hurt...

"Tell me, how does it feel to know you were helpless to protect your own dear sister? Helpless to stop her from being murdered in cold blood, to not even be there to hold her hand and comfort her during her final moments? It must have been so painful for you to hear her death on the announcements... Or was it? Perhaps you're so dead inside that not even the news of your own twin sister's demise cause you to so much as shed a tear... But look on the bright side! At least this way you wouldn't be forced to kill her yourself, right? After all, only one person on this island will be getting away from here alive... Eventually, once all your enemies were gone, you'd be forced to then turn on all your former friends and colleagues in order to survive. And once they're all gone, the only person left for you to kill would be your own dear girlfriend. And something tells me you haven't got the guts to go through with that..."

This was it. The moment he'd been waiting for... He'd played around with her long enough, now was the time to get things over and done with...

He braced himself and aimed the heavy shotgun at her stomach, his finger poised and ready to open fire...

"...I on the other hand, do."

He gave her one last wicked smile before pulling the trigger.........




Something was wrong... Reiko's head should have exploded like a watermelon right about now. She should be DEAD!

But she wasn't. She was still standing there, looking at him! What did this mean?!? Where had he gone wrong?!?

Then it hit him...

You... IDIOT! You forgot to cock the fucking thing beforehand! Shit! SHIT! What the hell are you standing there for!?! Cock the blasted thing before its too late!!!

The once calm and collected Maxwell immediately began to panic as he scrambled to cock the shotgun in time before Reiko made her inevitable counterattack. Luckily for him, he was quick enough to cock the gun and fire it in her general direction... Unluckily though, he immediately felt something hard slam into his stomach and knock him off his feet, causing the shot to veer of harmlessly as he was winded from the unseen blow......

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At first, the so-called "gentleman" hadn't a clue as to what had just happened.

It had all occurred so fast... One minute, he was preparing himself to finally finish off that little dyke with a simple and pragmatic shotgun to the stomach. The next he found himself winded, lying on his back with said dyke shouting obscenities in his face and brandishing a vicious looking Sai in her left hand...

Wait, WHAT?!?

At that moment in time, Maxwell actually thought he was about to die. That look on Reiko's face... He recognized that expression. Blondie had that exact same look on his face right before he tried (and failed... miserably) to kill him back on the beach. It was one of intense hatred and disgust, one of blind unrelenting rage. The kind of look someone has when they've just been pushed over the edge beyond the point of reason...

Was this it? Was he really going to die, right here in the middle of some godforsaken forest in the middle of some godforsaken island?!? At the hands of Reiko Ishida of all people!


She raised her weapon, its sharp and pointed edge glinting in the pale sunlight, before violently thrusting it at his unexposed neck......

...... Only to stop barely centimetres away from his neck as he hand shot up and grasped her arm with a vice-like grip. Within seconds, Maxwell's expression went from being that of sheer terror into that of pure unadulterated fury. Because at that moment, Reiko's rage towards Maxwell was NOTHING compared to how he was feeling right there and then.

Do you think i'm just going to roll over and die THAT easily?!? No... I haven't gotten this far just to be killed by some INGRATE! By some disrespectful fucking WHORE! I'll show you... I'll show you why I'M the only man here who deserves to get off this island! I have a life! I have wealth! I have prestige! YOU. HAVE. NOTHING!!!

Whilst Reiko was a lot stronger then Maxwell first suspected, he was still by far the strongest of the two. So it didn't take much for him to hold her back long enough for him to give her a brutal uppercut that knocked her onto the grass beside him. Before she could recover, he quickly rolled on top of her and preceded to rain vicious punches upon her defenceless face. The spark from earlier that had allowed him to murder Dougal and Harold had returned in full force, causing each blow he inflicted to get harder and less restrained with each passing second. A twisted smile appeared on his face as he relished his moment of glory, convinced that within a few short seconds the Japanese girl who had infuriated him so would finally stop breathing...

"Your bitch of a girlfriend can't save you now! Why don't you just take it like a man and fucking DIE already!!!"

Shortly after saying that, he felt a sudden and intense pain as Reiko kicked out in desperation, hitting Maxwell hard in in the groin. He quickly rolled off in agony, groaning out loud as he clutched his vital area. For a while, the two of them just lay there side by side, recovering from the injuries they had inflicted upon each other. After finally getting over the initial pain, Maxwell decided that now would be a good time to whip out the pistol and end this the simple way. He'd wasted enough breath on her already by this point, better to just cap her whilst she's helpless and get it over with...

But as he reached into his jacket pocket, he realised that his gun was no longer there.

What the... Where is it?!? Where's the bloody gun!?!

His eyes darted about the area, scanning the surroundings for the small instrument of destruction. Evidently, during their little scrap it must have fallen out of his pocket... It took a while, but he eventually found it lying unaccounted for on the floor... Right next to Reiko, who from the looks of things had just recovered from the blows he inflicted upon her and was already stretching her hand out for the discarded weapon. Oh no you're NOT..

Before she could get a hold of it, he quickly stretched his own arm and grabbed it himself, keeping its sights on Reiko at all times as he stumbled to his feet. He was breathing quite heavily, still recovering from all the excitement. Whilst he'd calmed down substantially by that point, his desire to end her life right there and then was still strong. It'd be so easy... All he had to do now was pull the trigger. No more games. No more speeches. No more distractions. Just one shot and it'd all be over...

"Well, any last words?" he asked with a wicked smirk on his face.
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"Go eat shit you fucking asshole."

"Charming..." he replied with a malevolent smirk.

This was it, the moment Maxwell had been waiting for. All he had to do now was pull the trigger and he'd be one step closer to getting off this damn island. One less competition for his ticket out of here. Plus, he'd be ridding himself of a great nuisance in the process.

And best of all, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Not a single damn thin.........


What in the!?!?!



Of all the possibilities that could have happened right there and then, the last Maxwell had taken into consideration was the possibility that perhaps they were not as alone as he first thought. He was just about to pull the trigger and end Reiko's miserable life once and for all when he was suddenly distracted by a shrill yet oddly familiar voice... Causing him to swing around and instinctively fire in the voice's direction instead.

Whoever it was who'd tried to stop him obviously hadn't been quick enough on the draw. They barely even had a chance to fire back before getting hit in the chest and screaming obscenities as they fell to the ground in a bloody heap. He stood there for a moment, trying to figure out what the hell just happened before he realised that he actually recognized this newcomer. He wasn't sure WHERE at first, although he definitely recalled that red hair and black turtle neck jumper from somewhere......

Then it hit him.

"V... Vera?!?"

((Vera Osborne continued from One of Three))

Several minutes earlier, Vera Osborne had just woken up after spending the night resting against the most comfortable tree trunk she could find. Which didn't change the fact that it had to have been one of the most uncomfortable nights she'd ever had. She spent so much time trying to get into a comfortable position that it was already dawn by the time she actually fell asleep.

It didn't take long however until she was awakened by the morning announcement, which she promptly ignored at first before a certain name mentioned caught her ears... Reiko?!? No... She can't be a killer, surely? She seemed so... Well, NICE! Oh god, poor Sarah... She must be feeling awful right now, the poor girl...

She spent the next hour or so fretting about before finally falling asleep again. As a result, she felt particularly drowsy that evening when she finally woke up. Her lack of sleep mixed with the uncomfortable feeling in her back making it all the more worse. God, this is EXACTLY the reason why I should have slept in that house earlier... Fucking Harding. If that asshole HADN'T of butted his greasy head in... Sigh, not much I can do about it now.

Hmm, I better eat up and figure out a plan of action...

She shifted herself up and unzipped the dufflebag that lay beside her, fetching out a loaf of bread to serve as a makeshift breakfast... Well, makeshift lunch anyway. She barely took a bite out of it before the sound of a gunshot rattled her senses.

What!?! Oh shit, where the hell did that come from?!?

She quickly dropped the bread to the ground and picked up the TEC-9 she'd been holding to her chest all night, moving slowly in the direction of the gunshot in order to discern where exactly it came from. As much as she wanted to just pack her things and make a run for it, she felt way too curious as to what had just happened to simply ignore it and turn away.

She moved slowly through the forest before she finally caught a glimpse of what caused the noise from behind a tree. Two people as it seemed were engaged in some epic struggle, one of them from the looks of things seemed to be mercilessly beating the other with their bare fists. Oh my... Jesus Christ, I should turn back. Get the hell out of here before one of them...... Wait, is that...

It was at that point that she recognised the short girl to be Sarah's girlfriend, Reiko. And the one on top of her to be none other then her former date Maxwell Lombardi.

Maxwell... Just saying his name out loud caused her blood to boil. The way he had tricked her into thinking he was some imbecile so he could take advantage of her. Just thinking about the disastrous night they had spent together at her house made her want to scream out loud in anger. She felt a sharp pain in her left cheek... An unpleasant reminder of what had happened. One which made her want take out her gun and stop him before he tried to hurt anyone else.

And seeing as from the looks of things he was about to try and execute Reiko right in front of her, she didn't really have much of a choice. Killer or not, there was no way Vera could live with herself if she just stood idly by and let him commit cold blooded murder before her eyes.

She quickly move from behind her cover and into the open, aiming her sights at Maxwell's torso.



She assumed he would just do as she said as drop it onto the floor. That he would get the hint and stop this madness before it all got out of hand... But instead, he did the last thing she expected and fired at HER! She didn't even get a chance to react before she felt a bullet hit her squarely in the chest, missing her heart by mere inches.

"AAARGH, FUCK! SHIT! OH GOD!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs before falling over onto her back, dropping her TEC-9 onto the grassy floor with a soft thud. She flailed about for a while, panic enveloping her as she realised what had just happened.

Jesus, he shot me! He actually fucking shot me!!! Oh god.. Oh god, this hurts! Shit! SHIT! This isn't happening to me! THIS CAN'T ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING TO ME!!!

After a while, she stopped struggling about and just lay there silently. She was in a lot of pain by that point, far more pain then she had ever experienced in her own life. She hadn't a clue how long it would be before her heart finally gave in, but there wasn't a doubt in her mind that this was a fatal wound Maxwell had just inflicted upon her. No point complaining about it... All she could do now was wait for the inevitable.

R..... Run Reiko... Run damnit while you still have a chance.....
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Maxwell just couldn't believe it at first... Of all the hundreds of people on this damn island who could have bumped into him it had to be Vera. That callous bitch he'd mistaken for an innocent virgin back at the prom, the same girl who'd introduced him to Reiko in the first place...

Speaking of Reiko, it didn't take long for the little cow to take the opportunity to deliver a painful kick to the shins and make a run for it.


He immediately fell to his knees in pain, dropping his gun as he held his shin in agony. A scowl appeared on his features as he looked to his right to find Reiko attempting to make a run for it, obviously scared out of her wits. Whilst he was glad to find that he'd finally intimidated the disrespectful slut in fleeing for her life, the fact still remained that she'd still yet to meet her maker. NO! Damnit, I can't let you get away THAT easily!

He scrambled his way over to where the shotgun lay and picked it up, cocking it and taking aim before taking a shot at Reiko's fleeing body. As anticipated, the recoil was powerful... Very powerful... No wonder that blonde idiot earlier had fallen flat on his back. If Maxwell hadn't of braced himself, he'd of fallen over too. Of course, how strong the recoil was wasn't exactly a top priority for him at that moment... What was on the other hand was the fact that he'd completely missed her.

NO! I'll not let this happen! Not when I was so damn CLOSE!

He fired off another three shots in quick concession, each completely missing their target before he finally gave up on chasing her down. There wasn't any point now. She was fast, he'd give her that. A complete and utterly repulsive dyke yes, but a fast dyke at that. Chasing after her now would be both a waste of time and bullets. Besides... She clearly hadn't any morals left in her. Left to her own devices Maxwell was certain that she'd end up thinning out the competition all on her own. Which would mean less work for Maxwell in the long run... Yes, that sounded much better then letting her get away mostly unscathed.

Anyway... May as well scrap this useless bastard of a thing. Fecking thing's more trouble then its worth... Hmm, Vera had a gun didn't she? Perhaps that could make for a suitable replacement.

He tossed the shotgun into a bush carelessly, unaware of the fact that there was still one bullet remaining inside it, before waltzing towards where Vera lay. Sure enough, still clutched in her hands was what looked to be a very dangerous looking submachine gun... Ahh... perfect

He reached his hand out, intending to inspect in closer... Only, when he tried to pry it off her supposedly dead fingers he was surprised to find them still clutching the gun hard, refusing to let go no matter how hard he tugged. It took him a short moment to realise that, as it turned out, Vera wasn't quite as dead as he'd first assumed...

"Well, seems you still have some life in you... Could you kindly let go please?" he said, looking into her scowling face.

She stared back at him with hateful eyes, furious of the fact that not only had he actually shot her in the chest, but that he was now about to steal her gun! Her only salvation... The only thing that had saved her life back at the ranger station from that psycho Kevin Harding! No way was she going to give that up without a fight... Especially not to Maxwell Lombardi of all people.

"Go to hell asshole!" she replied bitterly, spitting out blood as she did so.

"Oh no my dear, i'm afraid YOU are the one whose going to hell here..." he replied with a devilish grin.

"Me?!? YOU'RE the bastard who tried to take advantage of me back at the prom!"

"Oh come on, you weren't exactly an innocent little virgin either now, where you?"

She gritted her teeth in frustration. As much as she hated to admit it, what he said was true. She HAD taken advantage of whom she assumed to be some harmless idiot. A harmless idiot who was now trying to take away her last chance off this island after literally shooting her! In some ways, she wasn't any better then him... No, thats not true. She had the chance to kill somebody, but she'd consciously chosen not to. She wasn't a murderer damnit! She WASN'T!

But Maxwell was, she could see that now. He WAS a murderer. He WAS a killer. That same boy who'd she allowed herself to sleep with that night was now a raging psychopath, and all she was to him now was yet another tick on his slowly growing list of murders...

"Now then, I'll say it again one last time... Could you, kindly, let go of the gun now..."

She smiled defiantly back at him.

"Like I said, go to he..."


Before she could finish her sentence, Maxwell stamped on her delicate hand as hard as he possibly could. She screamed in agony as she withdrew it away from him, grasping the broken bones in her hand tenderly as tears of pain wet her cheeks.

"There, I told you so..." he said as he stood up, moving away from her as he inspected his newly acquired gun.


"Such language... If only your brother could be here now to hear you say such things on live television. Then again, if he WAS here then he would of given me that thump to the face he'd promised me the last time we met..."

She remembered her brother saying that... After she and Maxwell had done their dirty business together and realised how much they had both been lying to each other the whole time, they had almost immediately gotten into an argument. The argument quickly heated up and before she knew it, one wrongly phrased insult and he's slapped her right in the face. Seconds later her brother came in, and being the overprotective sibling he was threatened to punch Maxwell right there and then. She should have told him what had just happened... Should have told him the truth. But she was too embarrassed by the whole thing to confess to what had just happened. So instead of getting his just desserts, Maxwell had gotten away scott free... If she HAD confessed, then maybe she could have gotten him excluded from the trip. Could have stopped this all from happening in the first place...

"...Only, he's not here now... Is he? No, he's far away watching this on TV with the rest of your sad family. And guess what, none of them can do a damn thing about it... And neither can you."

She didn't reply that time... Instead, she just wept tears of anguish. Tears for her family. Tears for herself. But most of all, tears for her friends... Her friends who were still out there somewhere, probably hiding away from psychopaths like Maxwell. What was Sarah doing right now for one? Was she alright? How did she take the news of hearing that Reiko was now a mass murderer? How would she take the news of hearing about her own imminent death? She hoped that perhaps they could have met one last time, shared opinions on the nature of the game or something before they would be forced against each other... But as it seems, that wouldn't be the case. And like Maxwell said, there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.

As the Englishman picked up his pistol from the floor, a though suddenly occurred. What if it had been damaged in the fall? He didn't know much about firearms, but he knew enough to know that if you screw around with one long enough its not going to work again... Hmm, guess there IS one way to find out if this damn thing still works...

Then, without a moments hesitance, he turned around and fired a single shot at the weeping girl a few metres away from him.

She stopped weeping after that.

Ahh, works perfectly. Good...

After that, he gathered up all his stuff and left, stopping by the place where Vera's bag lay to pick up the spare ammunition she'd left behind. After that, he made he left the scene of the tragedy that had just occurred behind him. Not feeling the least bit guilty about what he'd just done as he whistled a tune on his way.

((Maxwell Lombardi continued in Your Cross to Bear))

Vera on the other hand, didn't make a sound. Not a solitary thing... Instead, she just lay there motionlessly. A gaping hole where her left eye was supposed to be which bled freely all over the ground.

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