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September Mid-Month (Ish) Rolls; Day 2 mid-day
Topic Started: Sep 25 2010, 05:36 PM (2,532 Views)
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#1: Darren Locke (Riz) - Lucas Lupradio (Korazon - Hero Card played)
#2: Trevor Duncan (Vinny McQ)
#3: Dustin Royal (Pigeon Army) Scott McGregor (Frichickenisha - Hero Card played)
#4: Violetta Lindsbergh (Tythanin)
#5: Tom Guthrie (Blastinus)
#6: Daisuke Nagazawa (Lawther) - Vera Osborne (Fioriboy - Hero Card played)
#7: Tiffany Chanders Hermione Miller (selphie_trabia) (selphie_trabia - Swap Card played)

Decided to go a bit easier on you guys for the mid-day rolls this time, and only seven students were selected. Please keep in mind that you have three days to post all card saves (Until Tuesday September 28th, 2010, at 6:35pm EST), and five further days afterwards (Until Sunday, October 3rd at 6:35pm EST) to complete all deaths. If you are rolled and are waiting until day 3 for a hero, please start the process of planning your character's death early. Backlogging has been a problem thus far, and we're attempting to avoid that at all costs.

Also, one favour: Please don't immediately PM rolled handlers asking for their character's death rights once you read this. If they already have plans, let them say so in this thread - if they say they need a killer/ideas, then go ahead and PM away. I've had a couple complaints already, and I'd rather not have any more.

Also, please link the thread of the character's death here when you're done.

Happy hunting, kids!
v4 Characters:

G23: Claire Lambert: Property of the Fabulous Mr. Toben

v3 Characters:

B65: Dorian Ibanescu: Coastline


B57 - Jeff Marontate: Cleaved
B120: Jim Middleton: Pummeled
G61: Anna Grout: Submitted
G62: Andrea Vanlandingham: Martyred
G39 Alexis Machina: Crushed
G23: Trish McCarroll: Defeated

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