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Missing Those Lost; En route to Parish
Topic Started: Sep 23 2010, 11:59 PM (3,903 Views)
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Rein wasn't sure anymore what to think of the school. Was she crazy? How could you NOT hear the announcement? YOu had to be either deaf, asleep or doing something that requires a extreme amount of concentration to not be able to hear it. To make it worst she seem pretty dead set then they were responsible for the pain that Carol was having. She really was inconsiderate.

Simon responded with an initial outburst but caught himself. Thank god. Conflict at this point would only lead to more problems and Rein was more then happy that his friend knew how to keep his cool. At least Kari also seemed...


Rein noticed Kari wasn't around. Where had she gone off? Answering mother nature's call? Who knows but first he had to deal with the crazy girl. When he looked back at her he noticed her had was touching the collar.

She wouldn't dare... Would she?

Before Rein could react, the girl pulled her locker. Rein acted out instinctively and shielded Carol from the explosion. Of course it did little to no damage to the group it had successfully done when it was suppose to do, kill the girl.

Rein was used to seeing wounds of all kind but the sight of someone's head exploding before you was a bit more then what he was used to seeing. He wasn't as much sick as he was shocked. Before his brain could process what had happen a familiar voice called him out.


He took a moment to look at Carol. Not noticing any wounds he stood up and looked around.

"GARY?" He called out.

Only after a few minutes, Gary emerge before them. Never had Rein been so happy to see his best friend before. Running forward he threw his arms around his best friend and gave him a hug. Under normal circumstances he would of never done this but right now the sight of his best friend alive was the greatest gift he could ever earn.
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Slowly and steadily, Kari proceeded in the direction she thought the noise was coming from. Fear gnawed at her heart, and a pillar of uncertainty cast a shadow of doubt into her mind. She was surely walking right into danger...

She stopped. She almost laughed aloud. Walking into danger? From where, Magical Happy Bubblewrap Land? The very idea that she could somehow make her situation worse by a bad travel decision seemed downright silly. At any rate, she was not about to lose anytime soon, not unless the forty Furies themselves greeted her around the next bend. And that, she thought, was simply because it's hard to ration sixty-four shots between forty targets with an automatic weapon.

She gave a small smile. One absolute genuine "gee-that's-funny" smile. A precious gem on this island. That's not to say she wasn't scared - far from it. But honestly? Fear could go shove it. There was a jittery little jauntiness to her step, a tingle up her spine, a deliberateness to every scan of her environment. But that was ok. That far-off, eternally unlikely victory - glory, recognition, a chance to live the life she deserved - that was her goal. Close-up, ever-present, ever-threatening lay failure. Shame, embarrassment, and a thousand worse things, each waiting to seize her at the slightest misstep. Success was unlikely, death quite probable. Psyching herself into a burning, glowing self-confidence - one hand briefly grabbed the cube in her pocket - she was absolutely in her element.

Her heart leaped. There was an explosion there, wherever she was walking towards. What now? Explosion. Screaming. Something was missing. The answer glinted in the sun in front of her - gunfire. There was no gunfire. And what were the odds that the two other gunners in her little group would not be unloading every round in their weapons after a jolt like that? Not good. Not good at all.

She weighed her options now. She could proceed over the hilltop and take stock of the situation. Pros? It might just be Rein and Carol and Simon. Cons? They might be dead or dying. They might be jumpy enough to shoot at her. It might be someone else entirely, possibly someone with explosives. Laying it out in her mind, the choice before her was perfectly clear.

Turning on her heel, she walked away. Destination? Unknown.

((Kari Nichols continued in [http://s10.zetaboards.com/SOTF_V2/topic/7302022/1/]High Tides and High Hopes[/url]))



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"Why do you think I tossed it your way?!" Simon growled, over a mouthful of chocolate. He immediately regretted saying it; it wasn't her fault that she hadn't grasped the full, horrific reality of this island. Hell, Simon's little entourage (and where had Kari gone? Where had he lost her?) hadn't come face to face with true horror yet, they were merely waiting for the inevitable hammerstroke.

He lowered his chocolate. "Look," he said.

And then she did it.

She reached for her collar, fingered it for a moment. A peculiar expression gripped her face, and she looked between the three of them in turn, smiling oddly. Simon watched her warily; what was she thinking? Had she realized how intense the game was? Had she realized how endangered all of them were, at this moment?

"Goodbye," she said.



What the-?

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Simon yelled, jerking backwards, unable to tear his eyes from the bloody crater that had, a few seconds ago, been Hermione's neck. There was a loud thud a ways away; it took Simon a moment to realize that was the sound of her head, blown clean off, hitting the ground somewhere far away.

"I...god," he started, bile rising in his throat. "Oh god, I..."


He staggered out of their little lean-to and prepared to vomit, but before he could quite manage it he heard a voice, calling Rein's name. His nerves already firing, Simon whirled about and drew his gun. He threw up a little as he rose, sending a trickle of bile coursing from the corner of his mouth before he'd quite had time to swallow it.

"D-don't move!" he barked.
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Simon had tried to defuse the situation, by saying that there was no way they could be happy after what had happened to them so far, and there wasn't much they can do. Soon, candy bars were being handed out. As they flew about, Hermione had asked about whether she can have one.

But, something had appeared in Hermione's eyes for a brief second. Carol didn't know what. All she knew was that she was smiling. What for, Carol didn't know. However, it unnerved her. That wasn't a smile of happiness. It just looked... wrong.

After a while, Carol noticed that she was touching her collar, as if she had realized it was there. The odd look remained on her face. That's when Carol realized she had remembered what had happened, and was currently deep in thought.

A few seconds passed, and then she spoke.


Hermione's hands reached to grab the collar... oh god. She was going to do it. Someone had to stop her.

"Hermione no-!" Carol screamed.

But it was too late. The next few moments were a blur to her. Someone rushing in front of her, Simon shouting, the loud blasting noise only a few feet away, an object landing just in front of her...

Oh god, she did it. She actually did it.

Hermione Miller had just died in front of them, and they could've done nothing to stop her. Could they? They had no warning, and it was too quick. But still, she blew up only a few feet away from them. They could have helped her, they could have done something for her...

Carol had fallen on her rear as the explosion happened, and it seemed to only hurt Hermione. So, she was safe and uninjured. But, something was touching her shoe. A look towards her feet, and she saw what it was. She couldn't believe it, but there it was. Despite better judgement, she crawled right over to the object, and with shaking hands, hesitantly lifted the object up.

The explosion had crudely decapitated Hermione, throwing her head right in Carol and Rein's direction. What she was holding was what was left of her skull, still smiling even after death. Carol dropped the thing with a loud scream. Oh god, why did she have to pick it up? It just made things worse. She put her hands to her head, trembling and once again on the verge of tears. Someone just died in front of them! And there was nothing they could do...

They had to get out of here. She looked around very quickly. Rein and Simon were talking to... someone who had been here? It looked to be one of Rein's friends, at the very least. Simon seemed suspicious of him, of course, judging by the gun pointing at the other guy. Simon seemed ill, but Rein seemed relieved at finding his friend. But...

"Guys! I really think that it's a good idea to uh... leave..." she started, looking off into the distance. "I really don't think I could..."

She wasn't able to finish that sentence. The past few minutes had stayed with her, and she didn't want to stay with what was once Hermione any longer. Carol turned around, and after grabbing her things, ran as fast as she could. She hoped that the others would follow.

Anything to get away from Hermione.

((Carol Burke continued elsewhere))

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((Ugh, writers block... Craptastic post ahoy))

Gary's head was filled with scary thoughts. Even if he did what he just did to clear all the doubts about his best friend being a killer, there was that small little gremlin in his head trying to discourage him. Hell, for a moment Gary was ready to run away, as one of the Rein's companions pointed A GUN at him. Gary froze in place for a little while, and Rein took that opportunity to hug him tightly.

And that was it. That was the answer he wanted to hear, even though he didn't ask any question. That girl who just exploded? Probably suicide or some weird accident. The guy with the gun? Probably just shocked and overcareful. Rein? Probably the biggest good guy on the entire planet. Gary quickly wrapped his arms around the German and put his head on his shoulder.

"Oh my God, Rein... "I knew it couldn't be you. I... I saw that girl..." He stopped right there as he felt another wave of bile coming toward his throat, and that would be the worst moment to vomit ever recorded.

Gary freed himself from Rein's embrace, and looked at the boy holding a gun and the girl telling them to go. He couldn't agree with her more. But before that, he had to calm the guy.

"My name's Gary." He said to Simon. "I'm Rein's friend and I mean no harm."

The black haired boy looked at the dead body again, and quickly shifted his look back toward his best friend.

"Rein... Let's go somewhere else, okay?"

And with those words, Gary started walking toward the forest line. For the first time since waking up in the Warehouse, his face was showing a giant smile. It seemed like everything was going to be okay now...

((Gary Griffith continued in Lean On Me))
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[Sorry for skipping, SRJJJB, but as it's been two weeks sine your last post]

A friend.

Gary said he was a friend. Rein's friend. Hadn't Rein wanted to find a Gary? How luck, then, that he had stumbled itno the midst of their group. Stumbled into them, into the smoking corpse of...

Aw, Christ.

He looked down at her body. Immediately wanted to jerk his eyes away but force himself to look at the clumsily severed wound, the jagged tears reaching down to her chest and blackened skin where the explosion had charred it.

Death. She was dead. Dead as any deer Simon had ever shot down, dead by her own had. Was there any difference, really, between the corpse of a girl and the corpse of a deer.

Big difference.

What? What's the difference?

She was a girl.

He grunted, looked down at the gun in his hand--the gun still pointed after Gary, who had turned and walked away as confident as could be. Did he have that much faith in Simon? Did he really believe...

Well, why shouldn't he? They had only the word of Danya that their fellow students had turned. Gary still believed in him.

Carol had already left. Were they going to lose her? Lose her like that had lost Kari?

Are you gonna someone get hurt before your eyes again?

"Rein, come on," he growled, and went loping after Carol and Gary.

[Simon Grey concluded in Lean on Me.]
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Rein tried to follow the others. He really did. Unfortunately, he made a bad step somewhere, and when he looked up, they—including his best friend, who he'd never thought he'd see again—were gone.

The wise thing would have been to wait, to hope they came back, but Rein was not patient enough. Besides, how far could they have really gone?

He set off searching for them, unaware that he was heading in entirely the wrong direction.

(Rein Bumgarner continued in Where House?))
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