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The Man-slut, the Cocktease and the Lover
Topic Started: Sep 19 2010, 05:19 PM (4,177 Views)
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((Ethan Kent continued from All That I've Ever Known))

Ethan slowly awoke from his slumber. After the day he had, the boy had fallen into a sleep of the dead, deep and dreamless. At first he wasn’t quite sure where he was. Another question he asked himself was who was the owner of the warm body he was currently holding to his own? Despite the nightmarish situation he was coming to remember, Ethan couldn’t help a little grin.

I’m going to be so incredibly pissed if this is Duncan.

His hand roamed over the gentle silhouette of curved hips, leading to a warm, toned stomach. His hand continued up, brushing carelessly over her breasts, stopping finally at her face.

The eerie green of a glow stick on the floor provided a little bit of light in the dark tunnel; enough for them to see but not enough to attract attention. Ethan, Feo and Duncan had escaped the sawmill and found their way into the tunnels where they decided to set up camp for the night. It was rather tense the three of the sitting around, sharpening sticks with rocks since they had been dealt unfortunate “weapons” if one would even call them that, but somehow he and Feo had ended up sharing body heat and this made him smile.

He stroked her cheek lightly.

Short hair looks good on you.

It was amusing to him that they were like this, knowing all the while that he’d kill her if he had good reason and that she’d probably do the same. He settled back down comfortably into his previous position by her and threw an arm over her hip.

Once we get down to it, your hand and your hair are going to be the least of your concerns, girl. If not by me then by someone else, cause I’m going to win.
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Ethan’s hand slowly followed the curve of the sleeping girl’s cheek down to her neck. With his other hand, he trailed his fingers up the side of her smooth leg, coming to stop at the pleated hem of her skirt.

The soft glow of the discarded rod on the floor threw an alien light over the two bodies. Gradually, the thumb of his right hand slipped under her chin, forming a half circle around her neck. A hollow wind noise sounded through the tunnels, but the warmth between the two of them made the space seem oddly womb-like.

Amazing. If I wanted to, if I just applied a little bit of pressure… She’d slip away, literally beneath my fingers with nothing but the rocks and the lizards and the darkness; all lucky witnesses.

The hand around her neck didn’t move, still resting feather light against her slender throat. His fingers played on the boundary between exposed thigh and the underside of the fabric, the tips running along the edges.

Could I though? We are underground where no one would see…..she might not even wake Duncan if she couldn’t scream. I wouldn’t, there’d be no point to do it now, but could I? You need to be able to think like that to win. I’m already thinking like that so I guess that means I’ve got what it takes. That boy on the video certainly could. Just to prove to myself that when the time comes and I go up against someone I do have history with, I won’t hesitate. Could I?

The hand moved slightly upward under the skirt, the other tightened slightly around her neck.

Suddenly he felt a hand and a body roll into him. In shock he drew back his hands from Feo, turned and saw it was Duncan. He shook his head and sighed.

Jesus. Just him.

He sighed, wrapped his arm around Feo again and put his head down. Soon he heard Duncan hit the cave wall and yell.

“Duncan, I’m not that kind of girl. If you wanna do that, dinner first. So for this place, it means go catch a fish or something and we’ll talk.” He replied drowsily.

His eyes flew open when from far off, he could make out the sound of footsteps.

"You hear that?"
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((Permission to move Feo with Ethan granted))

The relaxed state of his body threatened to pull him back under the firm grip of sleep but the movement from Feo and the concentrated heat of her lips against his neck brought him back to alertness in a rush of senses. He closed his eyes and smiled.

This slut is trying to play me. She thinks she’s gonna get in my head? Well I can go toe to toe.

He opened his eyes.

“Hey there. Did you sleep okay?”

Gingerly he got to his feet, his back and legs still bruised from hitting the table back at the saw mill. He rotated his left arm a little, trying to judge the range of its motion, feeling the gradually increasing pain as he contorted it further. He straightened up his glasses and looked around. They were alone. He assumed that Duncan had gone to check out that noise he had heard earlier.

Ethan picked up Feo’s bandaged hand and held it up to the level of his face and kissed it.

“Lover boy ran off,” his lips grazing against the skin and bandages as he spoke.

He ran his tongue over the spot he had just placed a chaste kiss. He could feel the texture change from skin to bandage, and then back to skin. The flavors of gauze, dried blood and her mingled together. Climbing up a little further past the knuckle he reached one finger and one absence of a finger. Briefly he found himself wondering how phantom limb syndrome might be factoring into all of this. His thoughts on the matter were interrupted when more loud shouting bounced off the walls.

“We’d better check that out.”

He picked up his bag; a sharpened stick and the glow stick and cautiously went further into the tunnel. Up ahead the two of them saw Duncan standing and looking at something. Ethan held the glow stick up and looked at Duncan, then looked at the girls on the floor.

“Hey Duncan, what- uh, what’s going on here?” he said, cocking his head at the mess.

Two strangers and…..a Fiametta?

“Nice oar.”
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((It's been a pleasure having you, Shake!))

Ethan watched the proceedings coolly. None of the new comers looked like they were ready to tussle, so as long as they didn’t attack him, what they did wasn’t a huge concern of his. He felt some small twinge of pity for the small Asian girl as she shot out from next to Liz and ran behind Duncan. That pity was mixed in with a good dose of disdain for acting like a scared child. He smiled when Feo grabbed the oar.

Sorry, girl. Feo just wanted it more than you.

“Frankie, ray of sunshine. We had some asshole with TNT run into us is what happened. I have to say, it looks a lot funnier on Looney Tunes then it did back there.”

Liz backed up and began writing something on the walls. He took a step forward to read the message and adjusted his glasses.

Looking for relays, hu?

He stepped back to his former place near Feo and didn’t move an inch towards Liz.

Stupid. Wasn’t she in the advanced math class? Even if there aren’t any radio relays down here to signal the detonation of the collars, and lets face it, these guys seemed pretty thorough so the chances of that are slim, but even if there aren’t, that wouldn’t be much of a help. I know a thing or two about bombs, and essentially we’ve got fucking bombs strapped to our necks. They probably designed it so that tampering would set off an internal detonator, so even if they can choose a collar to set off and blow a kid up via radio signal, trying to mess with it would STILL blow you up. And even IF they were stupid enough to make these collars able to blow up only at the call of a signal, then what? Remove the in under here and then? You’d still be stuck on this island with a shit ton of people who have already gone off their rocker. We have no idea where we are, and there are no boats. Is this girl planning on lifting a swan boat from the fun fair and sailing home in that?

“Pass. You have fun, though.”

Behind him the meek girl has some sort of freak out and ran off. He shrugged. It wasn’t his job to look after her and he wasn’t convincing her to stay if she didn’t want to.

Ethan looked at the words on the wall again. It was a stupid plan and it wouldn’t work, but the fact that she was willing to try stirred up some form of…..whatever was the opposite of contempt. What was it? He was-


“He’s thinking.”

“He’s nervous.”

“Shut up!”

The two girls giggled and watched the young boy scribble on the paper. He stuck his tongue out and hurriedly pushed his sliding glasses up with the edge of the pencil. Their father came by and hit the boy on the head with a rolled up magazine.

“Don’t talk to them that way,” he castigated. “And girls, stop trying to psyche him out. That’s not fair.”

“Everything’s fair when we play,” said the girl with long, dirty blonde hair. She grabbed his cheek in her thumb and fore finger and pulled affectionately. He swatted away her hand without looking up and grumbled a bit.

“Give him some space,” said the second girl, face resting in her arms. “Come on, baby brother. It takes Sam and me half this long when we’re the code makers.”

“I’m going, I’m going! You s-”


The girls giggled again. Ethan turned around the paper with letters that seemed to be gibberish and slid it towards them.

“THERE. Done. Ready, set, go!”
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Duncan sputtered something about having to leave. Probably to find that girl he kept talking about. He didn’t think there was ANOTHER Maria beside the dead one and the one he was looking for, but he wasn’t entirely sure.

Feo seemed to be followed Liz. Her logic was actually pretty sound and he didn’t have any other pressing things to do so he picked up the both of their bags along with his stick and followed.

All seemed to be going well until, predictably, Liz’s great plan fell apart and in a moment of blinding idiocy she seemed to want to destroy the thing.

In a bid at self preservation he stopped her, but decided when the reached the surface that he wasn’t going to be hanging out long with someone suicidal.

“See ya,” he called out behind him once the emerged from the caves.

((Ethan Kent continued in What Are Little Girls Made Of?))
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