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Darkness Within; Morning of Day 2
Topic Started: Sep 19 2010, 12:25 AM (1,697 Views)
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Cannon Fodder
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(Lucy Ashmore continued from Shelter From the Storm)

“N-No… Can’t die… Must not die!”

It had almost become a chant. Just repeating the same words over and over. A slight tremble in her voice.

She was petrified. She had already seen death outside of this game, and ever since it had been her worst fear. She didn’t want to die, no, not at all. She wanted to survive. To live long and prosper- the basic things. Never did she ever ask for anything more than a normal life; maybe something to do with music or plant science. But that was it.

What did she ever do to deserve to die?

It made no sense. Why them? Of all the seniors in the United States, why did the stupid terrorist guy have to pick them? Even the bullies didn’t deserve to die like this… Of course not. This was simply barbaric.

Leaving the residential area was a difficult task. There weren’t many trees around the houses and considering she woke up in a building she didn’t want to stumble in to another building, fearing the worst. The last thing she needed was to bump in to a savage murderer. Instead she stuck to the shadows. It was almost as if she were a spy; she bloody well felt like one. Creeping around the shadows, infiltrating the area boundaries. She had to remain hidden, no way was she going to openly reveal herself and live to tell the tale.

She must’ve been out of the area in about 20 or 30 minutes? The shouting from behind her and all around her was faint; the voices weren’t recognisable and she had no way of knowing why they were arguing- fighting- killing.

Remi Pierce.
Dallas Reynolds.
Warren Brown.
Eric Lorenz.
Reika Ishida.
Chris Davidson.
Sally Connelly.
Cyrille LaBlanche.
Daniel Vaughan.
Petrushka Ivanova.
Megan Nelson.
Everett Taylor.
Keith Christoph.
Paige Strand.
Robert Lerger.
Brent Shanahan.
Maria Santiago.
Tony Russo.
Amber Whimsy.

Nineteen. Nineteen students that she either shared classes with or bumped in to in the mall or just in the corridor. They weren’t all ray of sunshine’s. They weren’t all innocent, but still. Nobody deserved to be shot to death, nobody on the list deserved to be eaten by a fucking bear, or stung by a hornet…

She couldn’t help but shiver at the coldness of the joke that the terrorist presumably called Dorian had made. Leaving a person who could have an allergic reaction at any minute without an epi-pen!? What sort of people were they…

They weren’t even human beings. They were savages… uncivilized animals!

She also understood that going to the Lighthouse or the Groundskeeper Hut was definitely a bad idea. And the Greens; whatever that was.

Either way; she was in a deep and murky forest. She had no idea where she was, she was pretty much lost. Until she began to hear the sound of waves beating against a coast. It was dark and she couldn’t really see much ahead of her, but she managed to persevere and in less than an hour she had reached the coast; or at least she figured it was the coast.

The wind was harsher than ever. To an extent where if you stood facing the oncoming wind for a lengthened period of time you would lose your breath… It was also surprisingly cold. Her cardigan wasn’t doing a great job of keeping her warm; her tender skin was pale and blotchy and not to mention freezing cold.

She eventually finished pacing around and sat down, looking out to see. Momentarily it was peaceful. Just watching the sea ebbing slowly forward and back. Racing up the beach before hurriedly retreating back in to the murky depths. The darkness also caused the sea to almost shine. It all made it slightly eerie.

And it remained peaceful for a while. Well, about ten minutes before she heard a voice call out from just around the corner.

A person talking to herself? Saying something about playing a game. She couldn’t make out the person because she was facing the other direction, but she could recognise the voice.

It was Janet Binachi. A stupid killer. What was the chances of stumbling to a player so quickly!?

Although, it seemed she wasn’t the only one…

“A nobler purpose like what? Saving your own life?”

Another voice that could only belong to a girl emerged and pierced the night sky from her left. She had no idea who it was; she couldn’t even recognise the voice. That was bad. Maybe they were friends. Maybe they had scouted each other.

Part of her told her to run; just to leg it. Get as far away from there as possible. But she also wanted to stay. Something was about to go down, well, it was until the second person mentioned something about not playing and only wanting to find paint.

What the hell?

Either way, she wasn’t about to reveal herself to the girl wanting paint or the murderer. She would just lie there and watch on, for now.
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Cannon Fodder
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~Really short and tacky Post is short and tacky. :C~

With every second that passed, both the tension and the conversation got worse.

It had gone from introductions to a craving for paint to a revolt… Murder.

She wasn’t stupid, nobody was that stupid. Everybody in America knew that Danya’s whereabouts were unknown. It was almost as if he could go invisible. Beyond any form of governmental tracking… It was futile to even think you could actually do any form of attack on him. Especially when you were in the game.

There was no escape, it was meaningless to try. Even if it worked in the favour of some persons ego, they never ended with success, or newfound identities and a new life out of the limelight of the government, the media and more importantly the terrorist organisation.

They were blood crazy.

She wanted no part of it. None at all. It wouldn’t work. No… It couldn’t work. She wanted to survive not to die for a futile cause. A lame and dumb cause.

Revolts and rebellions were for adults; not teenagers who had no prior experience. It was virtually suicide. She cautiously stood up as she began to creep out of the area so she could flee and not die at the hands of Janet and paint girl.

With every step backwards she took, she continued to look towards the two chatting girls; to make sure they didn’t spot her. She couldn’t turn her back, just Incase-


Lucy Ashmore looked down, petrified, as she lifted her foot off what remained of a broken stick. Her eyes widened as she swore profusely to herself.

How stupid could you get?
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"You should run." the second girl bluntly spoke, "Now."

She stuttered out of fear, "R-Running..."

Within a second later she had spun around on the spot and began to run. She just ran. She had been so freaking careless and she was still punishing herself in her head. It wasn't worth sticking around. She had been given her warning and she heeded it. She wasn't going to let the rebels ruin her plan of living... Surviving.

Without turning back she continued to run, almost echoing her actions only hours before. Getting the hell out of the residential area. She thought she could've found sanctuary, but no. She needed to carry on running, being free. Being alone.

Was there anybody out there to trust?

(Lucy Ashmore continued in Burn the Louvre)
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