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Darkness Within; Morning of Day 2
Topic Started: Sep 19 2010, 12:25 AM (1,707 Views)
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((Samantha Ridley continued from The Right Thing For the Wrong Reasons))

Samantha Ridley continued to drift through the island's forests, heading toward... somewhere.... It wasn't like she had any pressing concerns to deal with, so why rush and go tiring herself out?

Wait... Where was that clapping coming from?

"Kids, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with your first day showing. Blood! Tragedy! Explosions! Mayhem! You've utterly smashed the record for first day kills; it makes an old man proud to see you all taking his instructions so thoroughly to heart! Congratulations to those of you that are still alive, because you've already outlasted 19 of your classmates."

Nineteen people? Bayview?... Really? Damn.... She could kind of understand people succumbing to the game, but this many people? Wasn't Bayview supposed to be full of pacifists?

Okay, now on to the names; Remi Pierce, Dallas Reynolds, Warren Brown... She wasn't recognizing any of these names... Sally Connelly, Cyrille LeBlanche... Cyrille...?

Sam felt like she had been punched in the gut. 'Cyrille? But... ' Sam had felt certain that none of her friends were going on the trip, but Cyrille was... and now she's.... "Dead..." Sam mouthed the word silently to herself, "Cyrille is... She... Someone... Ishida, Reiko Ishida... killed her."

Sam leaned back against a tree, and began to slump.

She was angry, but her feelings of failure over rode that. She had been such a crappy friend that she didn't know that Cyrille was going on the trip and now... Jane will... CRAP! Cyrille wouldn't be here alone Jane must be here to... here on this island, slated to die.

Sam felt sick. She felt dizzy, and nauseous, and miserable, and... She dropped to her knees, and brought her hands to her face hoping they could halt the tears welling up in her eyes.

"It's my fault, it's all my fault." She mouth formed the words but no sound came out. She could accept her own upcoming death, she wasn't worth it anyway, but her friends were out there fighting and dying, and she couldn't stand to know they were getting hurt out there while she walked around as if nothing was wrong.

Heck, were Cyrille and Jane her only friends on the island? For all Sam knew everyone she ever met was on those fucking buses, she hadn't been paying much attention. What about Amy, Jake, or Ted? They're college students now so it isn't very likely. Brian? No, while he was in the right grade he doesn't go to Bayview anymore... That would be Corrigan's fault, shit, that meant she actually had to be grateful to Justin fucking Corrigan, damn, if this trip couldn't get any worse. Hmmm... Emi and Liza? No, they were a grade lower than Sam just like Ash...
Panic momentarily gripped Sam, hurting Sam's friends was an easy way to send her over the edge, but among her friends Ash was... special. The two were practically joined at the hip, if they weren't a year apart in age they'd probably spend all damn day together every day, but... As much as tried to shake it she couldn't help but feel that her best friend who couldn't possibly be on the island was still in danger despite it all...

But no, Jane was the immediate concern, she was most likely on the island and probably wouldn't be taking Cyrille's death well. Sam's secondary concern would be offing Ishida, but securing Jane's safety was first.

Sam picked herself up and tried to compose herself. She had goals now, and she would be damned if someone kept her from them.
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Sam heard voices. Going to investigate, she found Janet and Mizore.

Janet was a killer but... Sam had bigger things to worry about, like finding Jane. She hadn't been seen so she could easily slip away... right?

As she began to walk away, she heard a twig snap. It was nowhere near her, but if it was caused by a person they might be in danger. No, she couldn't waste anymore time, everyone was already in danger she couldn't concern herself with strangers when her friends were out there!

Coming to a decision, Sam left to find her friend, and her new enemy.

((Samantha Ridley continued in Measure Once, Cut Twice))
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