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Topic Started: Sep 6 2010, 02:34 PM (2,460 Views)
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The Fiorious One
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((Joshua Krakowski continued from Dude, how come I feel like i'm not in Kansas anymore?))

For the past hour or so, the only thing reminding Joshua that he was in SotF was the increasingly uncomfortable collar around his neck. Apart from that, he could have almost sworn he was back home in Minnesota enjoying the morning breeze as he strolled on through the park. Only, instead of a park, he was nearing the base of a particularly tall looking mountain. Not that it was any less pleasant. The weather was clear, the temperature almost perfect, and from the top he could spot at least one particularly gorgeous looking beach just begging for him to make sandcastles on it. If it weren't for the fact that they were all in serious jeopardy it would have made for a truly awesome vacation. Ah well, least they didn't dump us in the middle of a desert or something...

He'd been walking along at a leisurely pace. After all, why rush? Its not like they were in a big hurry or anything... And personally, there was nothing Joshua loved more then a simple stroll to get his thoughts into gear. He wasn't exactly sure why Everett had taken it upon himself to rush on ahead like that. Still, as long as it made him happy... Besides, Joshua was positive that he'd be fine as long as he remained in plain sight.

But as the wannabe rockstar followed along silently, listening to AC/DC on his favourite IPOD, his thoughts couldn't help but drift to the inevitable question of how the hell they were going to get off this damn rock anyway? Even if they DID get the collars off, there was still one heck of an ocean between them and dry land...

Still, unless this island's in the middle of the Pacific ocean or something, there must be land SOMEWHERE nearby. People used to live here, right? So surely this island must be chartered on some map or something... Hell, I bet airplanes must have flown over this island dozens of times.So what's to stop...

... Airplanes? Hmm... Hey now, theres an idea! What if I get together a huge big bunch of rocks, then lay them out on the beach so that they can spell out the word "HELP!" or something so that the next airplane, or helicopter or whatever that flies over can call the CIA to come on over and save our asses! IN-FREAKIN'-GENIUS! This plan if practically fool-proof!

... Actually, wait. Surely if airplanes flew over this island, they'd be able to tell that something fishy was going along anyway 'cause of all the people running around screaming their heads off? Come to think of it, what IS stopping the CIA from finding this place on their own anyway? Don't they have, like, satellite technology an' stuff? And for that matter, couldn't they somehow track Danya through the illegal broadcasting? Hell, the more I think about it the more confused I am over how we HAVEN'T been rescued yet. The only explanation I can think of is...

... GASP! Of course! Its all obvious! Danya's being funded by THE GOVERNMENT! Why else haven't the CIA spotted us by now? Who else could empty what looked like a once-inhabited island so that it could be used as the set of a deadly gameshow? What else could have been able to afford all those fancy collars? Holy 'effin crap! It all. Makes. Sen... GAAHRGH!

All of a sudden, his train of thought was inexplicitly interrupted as he tripped over a rather awkwardly positioned stump, landing face first in a sparse patch of grass with a loud thud. OW! I really ought to look where i'm going more often... He stumbled back onto his feet, spitting out several of blades of grass as he eagerly observed his surroundings. At first he wasn't exactly sure what he was looking at, but after a while it dawned upon him that he was surrounded on all sides by hundreds upon hundreds of tree stumps, scattered about for what looked like miles amongst fallen logs and the occasional bush to spice things up a bit. The sight was... Eerie, to say the least. Like some large woodland graveyard. He half expected the logs to suddenly rise up and start shambling about looking for some fresh brains to munch upon (They didn't of course, much to Joshua's relief). The fact that it'd gradually gotten a lot cloudier didn't help matters much...

"Man... Pretty creepy, huh Everett?"


"... Everett? Yo, Everett man!"

It was at that point that it clicked that Everett was nowhere to be seen. As he spent the last twenty-odd minutes daydreaming, the poor guy must have gone on ahead of him without even realising it! For what seemed like the first time ever, Joshua began to genuinely panic. Oh shit, where'd he go?!? No way a guy like him's gonna last alone for five minutes!


Damnit! He couldn't be too far. Poor bastard's well oughta shape... Maybe if I hurry I can still catch up!

He didn't waste any time as he sprinted in the general direction they'd been heading as fast as his legs could carry him, desperate to catch up with Everett before it was too late. No way he was gonna get separated from the first living person he'd come across so soon! He dodged past various logs and stumps on his way, calling out Everett's name every second or so. He eventually found himself scaling a tall hill, which slowed his previously fast pace greatly. Maybe I can spot him from up here... Hell, I bet he's waiting for me on the other side! Just sittin' on a log somewhere, tapping his feet impatiently... Yeah, thats right! I'm sure he's fine! Hakuna Mata...

That was when he finally spotted him. When he finally got to the top of the hill to look down and find his newly acquired companion laying down with his head against a bloodied stump.

"......No... No no no, Oh god! Oh SHIT! OH SHIT, EVERETT!"

His heart started pumping as he dashed towards his fallen comrade at breakneck speed, desperate to figure out what had happened to him in his absence. No, no, fuck you this isn't happening! FUCK YOU, THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! By the time he made it, it had already become all to clear that Everett wasn't waking up. He was just laying there, lifelessly. His face bloodied and screwed up as if it'd been beaten in with some blunt object, fresh blood covering his shirt and the stump his head was laying against. At first, Joshua thought he must have fallen over or something and cracked his head open. But... No, then why was his stuff missing? And why was his nose broken like that?!? There was only one conclusion Joshua could make... One that he'd been dreading ever since he'd realised that he was in the middle of Survival of the Fittest...

"No... No, this can't be right! No! People can't be playing! H... How could anyone... Anyone DO such a thing?!?"

It was at that point that Joshua did something he hadn't done for at least 13 years, something that nobody would have ever thought him able to do... He cried. And not just a little cry, like the kind you'd have while watching a sad movie. But a proper, all-out, tearfest like none he'd ever had before in his life... Not even when he learnt that one his best friends in the world, Danny, had died from a drug overdose had he ever felt so depressed. So stricken with grief to have actually caused him to physically weep uncontrollably on the spot. He barely even knew Everett, barely ever talked to the guy back at Bayview before all this Survival of the Fittest bullcrap. But... Barely minutes ago he was alive and well! They were gonna try and figure out a way off the island together as a team! He was gonna get Marty and Daniel and they were all gonna fight the system TOGETHER! But now... Now he just lay there lifelessly, like some twisted ragdoll reminding Joshua exactly why they where here in the first place... To kill or be killed. The realisation hurt far more than any bullet wound or brutal stabbing could possibly inflict.

He was quickly reminded then of the guy they found earlier. The one whose head had been blown into smithereens... He wasn't sure why the reality hadn't hit him at that point, like it had now. Maybe it was because he actually knew Everett, actually SPOKEN to him. Or maybe it was because whilst that other guy died by accident, THIS proved without a doubt that people out there WERE actually willing to play, something that Joshua hadn't been willing to believe until this point.

It was also at that point that he realized that if he hadn't of been such a slowpoke, then maybe Everett would still be alive...

"Aw shit! SHIT man! This is all MY fault... Fuck, I'm so sorry Everett! I really am... I shoulda been there! Shoulda been there to look out for you! To make sure this kinda thing didn't have to happen!" he cried, clawing at his long hair as he did so. "Oh, FUCK you Joshua! You stupid-ass fucker! You fucked up BIG time, just like you always do! All you had to do was look out for the poor guy, and NOW LOOK! He's dead, an' its all your fuckin' fault you lazy-ass BASTARD!"

He was surprised at just how angry he was at himself. How angry he was with the world in general. This was Joshua Krakowski, AKA: mister Nice Guy. The living anachronism. The most optimistic guy in the whole freakin' world... And here he was, crying his heart out over the corpse of a guy he barely even knew... He could see now why Everett had been so shellshocked back there by the headless guy. He'd realised it, realised the truth. The truth that they were all gonna end up dead on this island just like Mr Headless... He knew that this exact kind of thing was going to happen sooner or later. And now, Joshua was almost certain that it'd only be a matter of time before it'd be his turn on the chopping block too.

"What the hell am I supposed to do now?!? Some fuckin' hero i'm turning out to be... Could barely save ONE guy, let alone the rest of the class! And now... Oh god! Oh god, i'm sorry! I'm so sorry!"

And on that note, he just lay there on his knees, crying his heart out like he'd never done so before in his entire life. There wasn't the slightest bit of doubt in his mind at that point that this would only be the beginning, and that it wouldn't be long until the entire island was engulfed in this pointless conflict. A conflict which Joshua happened to be standing right in the middle of, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.
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He didn't think things could get any worse... After all, what could POSSIBLY be worse then finding out that the first living person he'd befriended on the island had been brutally beaten to death without him being able to do a single thing about it? Or, worse then the realisation that if he'd made more of an effort to keep up then maybe he could have been able to prevent it from happening in the first place...

But as the morning announcement began to play out, informing the inhabitants of the island as to the fate of their friends and colleagues, things as it turned out for Joshua Krakowski had gotten far worse then he could have ever possibly imagined...

"Kids, I have to say that I'm truly impressed with your first day showing. Blood! Tragedy! Explosions! Mayhem! You've utterly smashed the record for first day kills; it makes an old man proud to see you all taking his instructions so thoroughly to heart!"

W, w... What?!? What does he mean by that?!?

...Congratulations to those of you that are still alive, because you've already outlasted 19 of your classmates."


Words could not have describe just how deeply his heart had sank upon hearing that simple piece of information. Couldn't describe just how thoroughly shattered all his hopes and dreams were by the revelation. That 19 people..... REAL people..... People he'd known personally since 2nd Grade..... People who were his friends, acquaintances, rivals, even childhood crushes..... Were now dead, never to come back. No extra lives, no continues, no lame-ass retcons... They were just gone. Just like how Everett was gone... And worst of all, most of them had died at the hands of their own classmates.

NO! No, no, how could... How COULD THEY? This isn't right! This can't POSSIBLY be the same Bayview I grew up in! I must have gotten mixed up with the wrong school or something... The people from the Bayview I know would NEVER of done such a thing!

Sadly, unless he'd been mixed up with a school which also had students called Remi Pierce, Alex Rasputin, Kris Hartmann, Clio Gabriella and their own pair of Ishida twins named Reika and Reiko... There was no denying the fact that these were Bayview students being listed out.

He wasn't sure which he hated hearing more... The name of the people who'd died, or the name of the people who'd killed them. Both hurt him equally as they were listed out one at a time... Like a constant punch to chest made worse by the fact that Danya was actually MOCKING them as he did so! Like... What the FUCK man!?! You can't joke about stuff like that! Its just... just... Its just WRONG man! Seriously freaking WRONG!

"Hold on just a second kiddies, I'm placing an order. Hello? Is that the Nick Reid take out? Yeah, I'd like to order a number 23. That's right, the extra crispy Daniel Vaughan in the Molotov sauce. Alright, thanks a bunch..."

D, D... Daniel? No... No, no. Oh god, DANIEL! Oh shit, not you too!

The news of Daniel's death was without a doubt the painfullest Joshua had heard so far... Unlike the others, Daniel and Joshua had been close friends back at Bayview. He wasn't his BEST friend per se, but the two were close buddies. Kindred spirits. Real amigos, y'know? So hearing now that even HE was dead as well... Joshua wasn't sure how much more of this he could take.

"Everett Taylor was our next victim, he died at the hands of Janet Binachi after a healthy dose of hockey stick."

Janet Binachi... Joshua didn't really know much about her. SHE was the one who killed Everett? Joshua just couldn't believe that someone like her would DO such a thing to the poor guy... Then again, neither did he believe that Omar, Alex, Kris, Clio, Reiko, Nick, Ivan, Rob, Staffan, Jackie, Or even Colin Falcone (Yes, THAT Colin Falcone!) would actually be sick enough to play along...

Has the world gone NUTS? Has everyone I know gone COMPLETELY FREAKING INSANE?!?

Wait...... What if..... What if Marty's playing as well? No, no way. Nah ah, not in this lifetime. Marty would never even CONSIDER doing such a thing! Sure, the guy's a bit of paranoid, but he ain't a freaking MURDERER!

Thankfully, Marty's name wasn't mentioned during the announcement. If he had, Joshua may have very well just given up on trying to survive altogether. Without Marty, who'd be there to make sure he didn't do something stupid by mistake? Or make sure that he kept his eye on the ball and frigging CONCENTRATE once in a while! He'd already lost one of his closest buddies because of his absent-mindedness, but to lose his best friend as well? No way in hell Joshua was going to let that happen...

It was at that point that a crossbow bolt shot out of nowhere and hit Everett's corpse in the neck.

Wait! W..wha..w..w..WHAT?!?

The sheer suddenness of the situation brought Joshua back to reality almost instantaneously. It was only at that point that he started noticing the various people that had assembled around him, such as the kinda-hot-ish chick up by the hill, the fairly average-looking chick who'd fired at him with a crossbow, and the REALLY tall guy who was... Oh fuck, actually SHOOTING back at the her!

Oh shit, oh SHIT! PLEASE tell me none of this is happening to me right now!

He had to do something... Anything! As long as it stopped the two of them from killing each other pointlessly... Enough people were dead now already without THESE two adding each to the already way too large deathlist. With this in mind, Joshua stood up and tried to calm the situation down before it escalated any further.

"Woahwoahwoah, CHILL THE HELL OUT! Quit it before one of us REALLY gets hur..."



......Oh god.
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...H, he... He actually did it... He actually wasted her..... Wasted her right in front of me.........

He wasn't fully aware of what was going on for the next couple of minutes or so. Everything that had happened ever since he'd arrived at this spot, from discovering that Everett had been murdered to witnessing one happening right before his eyes, had caused Joshua to become temporarily detached from the rest of the world around him as he was overwhelmed by a seemingly endless sea of depression.

He wasn't crying anymore... For one, he'd already used up most of his tears after realising that Everett died because he hadn't been there to watch out for him. Besides, he didn't particularly feel like crying his heart out anyway. He'd seen this happen before in movies and stuff, where the main character suffers miniature-breakdown after experiencing a traumatic event similar to the one he'd just experienced. Back then, he always used to think "Man, if I was in that situation I wouldn't be all mopey about it!"

Now on the other hand, he could see exactly where they were all coming from.

For the first time in his entire life, Joshua honestly contemplated suicide. He felt so tempted to just tug on his collar and end it all right there, before he had to endure even MORE suffering. Before he had to listen to another announcement telling him about which of his friends were playing, and which had died whilst he was helpless to do anything about it. After all he'd been through, he wasn't sure he could take it any more. He couldn't save Everett, or Daniel, or even Eva from dying pointlessly in the name of some sick game.

He found himself raising his right arm, his hand touching the metal collar he was forced to wear around his neck. How many people had died already because of these damn things? He recalled there being a name mentioned alongside Remi's in the announcement who'd apparently tried to remove it himself... Were they the only ones? Were there others who'd done the same after they listened to the announcement? Who just like him, had considered ending it all here and now so that they wouldn't have to continue on with this bullshit any longer? Joshua had no idea...

And, as his hand grasped the cold metal ring that had been irritating him ever since he'd woken up, it looked as though he'd never have the opportunity to find out......

Stay safe Marty......


........Wait, what the hell are you doing?

What does it look like?

It looks like you're giving up, that's what.

Well... What the hell else am I supposed to do?!? I'm screwed either way aren't I?

C'mon dude, since when did The Josh give up so easily? You've barely been here for a day, and already you're about to blow your friggin' head off! The Joshua Krakowski I know wouldn't give up so easily!

Yeah, well, give me ONE good reason why I should't just end it all right now and get it all over with?

Dude... You already know why..... Just think about it for a sec......




That brought him back to reality, and onto his feet for that matter.

Thats right, Marty. Now if YOU'RE feeling like crap right now, imagine how he's feeling? You really gonna just leave him to die at the hands of some pyscho like what happened to Everett and Daniel? FUCK no man! You're get your ass in gear, go out there and friggin' BE there for him! Sure, you're both probably gonna get wasted in the end... But its your job to make sure that when the time comes, neither of you has to die alone and uncared for. Its too late to do the same for Everett and Daniel, nothing could change that now. So STOP living in the past, HONOUR their memories rather then be all emo about it, and for god's sake FREAKING MAN UP!

"Yeah... YEAH! HELL YEAH! Don't worry Marty, it ain't over yet! We're gonna get out of here together, just you wait and see!"

He knew it was a longshot. That their chances of survival was practically zilch, and that most likely are he'll probably never see Marty again. But he had hope. Hope that he and Marty could fight against the odds, achieve the impossible, beat the system and return home just in time to watch the latest episode of Family Guy. Sure he was doomed to fail, but dammit he was gonna try anyway!

As he declared his plans to the rest of the world, it suddenly occurred to him that a girl had been watching him the whole time. And a cute one at that... Must... Resist... Urge... To... Stare... At... Awesome... RACK...

He immediately began to blush when he realised that he just made himself look like a complete moron in front of her. Whilst it wasn't the first time he'd done something like that in front of another girl, it didn't make what he did any less embarrassing.

"Um... Hey, uh, I guess... I don't suppose you've seen a guy called Marty around have you? Short, blonde hair, checkered shirt, paranoid look in his eyes... Ring any boobs, I mean, bells?"

Crap. Way to make a good first impression there Josh...
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Oh crap, she's blushing... Damnit Josh, You did it again!

If there was one natural skill which Joshua wished he DIDN'T have, it'd be his unprecedented talent of embarrassing himself in front of cute girls like the one right in front of him. No matter what the situation, he always ended up finding himself saying something either incredibly stupid or unintentionally perverted right in front of them. He just couldn't help himself, really...

"Marty? D-Do you mean Martin? Martin Lovett? I-"

"YEAH! Have you seen him?!?" he asked enthusiastically.

"I-I don't know!"

He was somewhat taken aback at first by her sudden tone of voice, worried that he may have inadvertently offended her. Although this fear was later averted when she then calmly added "I mean, I don't, uhhm, no, I-I haven't seen him. Not Martin... s-sor-"

"Oh... Nah, don't worry about it." he sighed, trying to hide his disappointment as best as he could. In retrospect, he probably should have seen this answer coming. It was a pretty damn big island after all, and knowing Marty he was probably hiding for his life in some creepy cave somewhere. After all, for all his sarcastic comments the little guy was a total scaredycat at heart. He remembered this one time they were at the Aquarium where Marty totally freaked out when he looked through a glass window to find a big friggin' shark staring right back at him! Poor guy was so scared that he LITERALLY pissed his pants and everything! Man, what a day THAT was...

He barely even noticed Jessica as he recalled the pleasant memory of a time when he DIDN'T have to worry about being murdered by his own classmates. It was only when she dropped Eva's duffebag onto the ground directly in front of him that he finally snapped out of his little daydream.

"I, ahh, my name is Jessica. I-I know we don't know each other, but you can come with us. I-I don't think Alex would mind."

Jessica huh? Name KINDA rings a bell, I guess...

He was tempted then to take her offer and follow along, after all you're more likely to survive in a group then you are alone. Strength in numbers and all that... But then he remembered about Everett's body lying there all alone and unaccounted for out in the open, sprawled out in a pathetically undignified position. No way he could just leave him lying there for somebody with less respect for the dead to come across. There were plenty of sick bastards out there, and god knows what they'd do should they come across Everett's body unattended.

"Nah, you go on without me. Theres something I have to do here first..." he said, barely even noticing that Jessica had already left as he walked on over to where Everett lay. He scratched his head in puzzlement as he looked over the body, trying to think how best to go about giving his former comrade a decent burial. It was the least he could do to make up for not being there for him... Only problem however was the fact that he didn't have any practical means to dig one. Hmm... I could always try using my hands I guess.

After spending ten fruitless minutes trying to dig a hole with his bare hands and failing miserably, he decided that perhaps this wasn't such a bright idea after all.

"Dang... Well, at the very least I can leave you in a more dignified position an all..."

For the next couple of minutes or so, he positioned Everett's prone body so it was lying neatly on his back rather than in a sprawled mess. He took the crossbow bolt from his neck, straitened his legs out, folded his chubby arms over his chest, and cleaned up as much blood as he could with some tissues he found in Eva's bag. After he'd finished, he took a moment to observe his handiwork. It wasn't exactly the respectful burial Everett deserved, but at least he looke more at peace now. Guess Everett's kinda lucky in a weird sorta way... At least he doesn't have to worry about any of this crazy shit anymore...

He sighed, closing Everett's eyes over as a finishing touch. "Rest in peace man..."

After spending another three minutes or so paying his respects to Everett before heading out, grabbing the crossbow pistol on his way. As much as he didn't want to carry a weapon that was potentially dangerous, he knew that NOT taking it would of been a really dumb idea. What with the island full of gun-wielding maniacs and everything.

He stopped briefly by Eva's body on his way out, taking the opportunity to pay his respects for her as well. He was going to close her eyes too, but from the looks of things the guy who'd shot her had already beaten him to it. Ah well, at least it proved that the guy wasn't as deranged as Joshua first suspected.

"Sorry for not being prompt enough... Maybe if I didn't sit on my ass all the time, then none of this crap could have happened in the first place. Then again, maybe not... Oh well, not much I can do about it now right? At least YOU don't have to worry about possibly losing your closest buddy... Anyway, I really ought to get going. Can't spend all day talking to a dead body like some kinda loon, right?"

He took a deep sigh, glancing back at Everett's body one last time before finally leaving the dreadful sight behind him.

Don't worry Marty... I'll make sure nothin' like this will ever happen to you. I promise...

((Joshua Krakowski continued elsewhere...)))
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