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Topic Started: Sep 6 2010, 02:34 PM (2,457 Views)
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Jessica Pentangeli continued from Ten Shades of Gray)

"I think we're lost..."

Jessica stated the obvious because it was the only way for her to get a grasp of her situation. They were hopelessly lost in a open field that stretched for miles, and had only just come across a large field of stumps. Jessica could have made some sort of observation, like "wow, there must be some sort of logging factory around here". She was way too tired to be bothered though. All she saw were stumps. Just stumps. Friggin stumps. She almost tripped on one and it hurt her foot.

Time to get a grip. Think.

Jessica had just pulled her best, no, not her best friend, she didn't know Alex well enough to call her that. Jessica had just pulled her ONLY friend out of the ONLY place with people in it to follow two people that she didn't even know. Just to give her the happy fuzzy feeling belonging in a group because she thought it might be the only thing that could save her. Alex had gone along with the idea, but Jessica had to tug on her shoulder to get her to do it. It was Jessica's fuck up.

"Oh god." Jessica sighed, stopping in her tracks.

Jessica had the map clenched in her one hand. When she first tried to traverse the woods using it, when she first started to realize that she might have went past Nik and Fiona. Jessica wasn't used to leading someone else. She really wanted Alex to do it, but Alex thought Jessica knew where she was going and Jessica had been stupid enough to believe that. So she pulled out her map and the compass and she tried to coordinate exactly where the two of them were, but everything looked the same. Every piece of grass and every tree stump looked too much alike and it made her stomach queasy. So she said screw the map, stuffed the compass in her pocket and just held onto her rifle for dear life. Now who was going to protect them? Jessica had a dart gun! How was she going to protect Alex, much less herself?

Jessica looked back at Alex. "I..."

Jessica felt her eyes well up. Oh god, she had just lead her friend into even more trouble. Oh no. She grabbed Alex's hand and squeezed it, not registering the fact that she dropped her map. Jessica didn't care.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I-I thought they went this way and I... I don't wanna-"


Jessica clammed up. She turned her head. Southwest she believed. She shrunk back, picking up the map and hastily putting it in her pocket.

"I... I think it came from over there."

Jessica hesitated. The ground curved upwards into a large hill, stumps laying all around. In the distance she could make out a boy all the way at the top of the hill. Too far to make a clear face. Jessica turned to Alex, letting go of her hand finally. She grabbed the rifle and crept up the side of the hill, looking back at Alex the whole time.

The hill was steep. Jessica could make out who was screaming until she finally got to the top of the hill. Jessica wasn't expecting roses, but the dead body and the boy who appeared to be crying over it. Another boy was walking, slowly, hands out on either side. Jessica couldn't make much else out, faces, intentions, nothing. This scared Jessica.

So she did the only thing she thought she could do - she turned her head away and tried to pretend the body wasn't there.

"Alex," Jessica whispered, hoping Alex would tell her that the body wasn't there.

It was all just a trick of the moonlight, she told herself. Had to be. The boy was just crying for his own life. Yet Omar came rushing to her head and she wondered if that boy would be alright. Shouldn't Jessica do something? And yet she doubted herself, holding the butt of her gun close to her side.

"W-What should we do? Do you think that boy might try to kill him? S-Should we go down there?"

So many questions. Jessica's mind was spinning.

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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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(Thanks to Rugga. I think this turned out great.)

Dayna was just telling her... names. She knew these people. Not all that well, but she KNEW the names. That was it though. They were just names.

Warren Brown. Omar Burton shot him in the chest with his own gun, which would really have been quite embarrassing if he wasn't dead and all.

Jessica squeezed her eyes closed.

"... bastard."

Jessica wanted to hit something.

She wished she had done something. It wasn't her fault, she wasn't blaming herself, but if only she had opened her eyes a few minutes earlier she might have saved Warren. She felt no sympathy for the boy, at least not past her own feeling of complete failure. She could have done something. Yet she didn't Jessica was useless, a fact that she knew all too well.

Jessica ignored the announcements. She tried to block it all out. Almost impossible seeing how loud the speakers were. People were killing. That was all Jessica cared about. Names didn't matter. It was selfish, Jessica knew this. The only names that mattered to Jessica now were only a few.

And then Danya went on a tangent.

"Hold on just a second kiddies, I'm placing an order. Hello? Is that the Nick-"

Yes, pie sounded fine right about now.

What kind of pie though?

A kid named Nick bought her and a bunch of other people to a pie shop. Jessica never loved pie. She was more of a cake person but Rita's only sold pies. It wasn't like Jessica to complain though. Desert was desert, if it was then Jessica would like it. There were so many pies though. She wasn't sure what she was going to get. Jessica never really had pie. Her mom liked Key Lime Pie for some reason. Tasted too sour for Jessica though. Lemon? No, Jessica never had lemon. Cherry? Cherry... nah. She never liked cherries.

This was stupid. Here was Jessica, standing in the middle of Rita's just staring at the pies in the window. The cashier had asked her if she was ready countless times, and every time Jessica just shook her head. She wasn't ready. Jessica couldn't remember how long she had been standing there, hands clutched together, just looking.

"You okay Jessie?"

Jessica blinked and turned to the boy named Nick. Where did he come from? Wasn't he over at the other end of the store a minute ago?

"O-Oh, nothing," Jessica said, turning her head away.

"Are you sure?"

Jessica shook her head. "Really. I just don't know what I want..."

Nick didn't respond. He just looked at Jessica. His eyes lined her face in this strange up and down movement that just confused her. Jessica turned her head back and stared back at Nick, her eyes wide. Was something on her face? Nick scratched his head. A minute passed and he still didn't say anything. Then Nick smiled.

"Apple pie."

"Uhh, w-what?"

"You look like an apple pie kind of person. I think you'd like apple pie. Just not ala mode. It weakens the legs."

"Uhm," Jessica fidgeted. "I-I don't know. Is that the only reason I should get it?"

"Well," Nick looked back at the cashier, "that and I'm getting a whole apple pie anyway. So you can have some of it. I don't mind."

Jessica shrunk back. Why was he being so nice? This was all very sudden and she was not sure what to say. Her head said to refuse, buy your own pie. Her heart said to just go along with it. Share the pie. It wasn't like Jessica was going to eat more than a slice anyway. What was she... what... She made a decision.

“Sure,” Jessica said with a tiny smile. “Sure, I’ll have some of that.”

It was the best pie she had ever had.

"-Reid take out? Yeah, I'd like to order a number..."

Jessica exhaled. Her whole body shuddered. Why did she tense up suddenly? Nick. The Nick she knew, Nick LeMonde, he wouldn’t kill anyone. This was ridiculous. Why was she worried? Nick was just so nice. Jessica looked down at her feet. Maybe she was worried that he was hurt? Nick was capable. He was a wrestler! Even if he got a feather, he would be able to protect himself. Yeah. Yeah, Jessica was just being dumb. Being paranoid. No one would blame you Jessica. Nick is one of the few people she knows. How many people would she remember from the name alone? Alex… Nick…Josie... Meridith… that was it. Calm down Jessie. Calm down.

Jessica was so focused on calming down that the gunshot spooked her. Then Alex suddenly flew forward, ramming into Jessica, throwing her to the ground. What had just happened? Jessica gasped, wiggling like a crushed worm. Someone had just fired a gun? This was crazy. Alex was suggesting that they had to leave.

“L-Leave?” She gasped, holding her rifle to her chest. "Then what are we waiting for?!"

With her hands wrapped around the dart gun, she squeezed out from under Alex. She had to get up. They had to run. She got to her feet and peaked up to see -

Nothing. Nothing other than another dead body.

Jessica’s heart sank.


The boy from before was still on the ground

Jessica didn't think. She took a step forward, then another, and another. Before she knew it she was at the foot of the hill, looking down at the body of Eva Lancaster. A girl that Jessica had no interest in knowing in school and certainly . Jessica wanted to look away like she did before, but she found that impossible. Tears were streaming down her cheeks at the sight. Just like Warren. The tears weren't for Eva but for reasons that not even Jessica knew for certain. She held the rifle out with the end pressed against her stomach. How could - why would someone do this? She found herself turning to the boy on the ground, who had stayed quiet the whole time. She stared at him. His name was Joshua. Jessica didn't know anything else about him, much like the rest of her class.

Jessica said nothing. She just looked at Joshua with a look of shock on her face. Tears were staining her face.

She wanted to ask him what happened. Jessica stopped herself. Deep down, she really didn't want to know.

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releases greatest hits album, is an one-hit wonder
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Jessica was in shock, it was plain to see. Thinking rationally was an impossibility because, frankly, logical thinking had never been her strong point. She had a sharp head on her shoulders but she was very impulsive. Jessica forgot about Alex for the moment and continued to stare at the boy. Joshua? Yeah, that was his name. Wasn't he talking when she heard the gunshot? Yeah, he was talking, but Jessica couldn't remember what he was saying. She was daydreaming. Worried about Nick. Maybe he was doing the job that Jessica should have done. Maybe he tried to save this girl but couldn't. Jessica's heart sank even more before...


Was he staring at her breasts?

The brunette never dealt with people staring at her chest, so the thought that someone was doing it made her cheeks flush. Was she was just being paranoid? No one had really payed attention to her in school, why would they now? Oh god, did she have something on her shirt? Joshua was asking her about whether she had seen someone else.

Jessica blinked. Did he just say... boobs?

"I-I'm sorry, what?" Jessica blinked, blushing from ear to ear. It sounded like he said boobs, but that's ridiculous. He meant bells right? She thought about it for a moment, quite intensively, before she remembered his question. "O-Oh, umm," she looked left, she looked right. "Marty? D-Do you mean Martin? Martin Lovett? I-"

Jessica's eyes were darting all around, stumbling over every word. It was like she had forgotten everything she'd done over the past day. Think. THINK. Did you see Martin? She closed her eyes tightly. The guy was in her reading class, didn't talk to alot of people but he wrote this one paper on Qin Dynasty, it was like twenty pages! She should remember. She HAD to remember.

"I-I don't know!" she half-screamed, before shrinking a little and lowering her tone. "I mean, I don't, uhhm, no, I-I haven't seen him. Not Martin... s-sor-"

Jessica turned around. Alex wanted to... what? What was she doing with her hands? Did she want to leave? Couldn't she see that she was talking to Joshua? Why were they leavin- Oh, right. Someone had just died. Jessica bit her lip. How could she be so stupid? How the hell could she just forget?

Jessica made a move to leave but bumped her foot on something. A gun... or a crossbow? Jessica had never seen one. Especially one that was so small. The words on the ground read TAKE THIS and DON'T DIE. Jessica didn't understand. Who could have wrote this? She looked over at the little crossbow on the ground again. It wasn't loaded, or at least she didn't think so. With a dainty little move she took Eva's bag and the crossbow, balancing the rifle in her arms. She didn't need a crossbow but maybe Joshua did. He wasn't such a bad guy. Maybe his eyes wandered too much but he wasn't bad.

"Umm," She stammered, plopping the bag on the ground right at Joshua's feet. She placed the crossbow delicately on top before turning her attention back to the boy. "I, ahh, my name is Jessica. I-I know we don't know each other," She forced a smile, "but you can come with us. I-I don't think Alex would mind."

Jessica turned around to look at Alex. She was gone. Jessica gasped, grabbed her dufflebag and ran off, up the hill and after Alex.

"W-Wait up Alex!"

(Jessica Pentangeli continued in Cold, Wet and Tired))
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releases greatest hits album, is an one-hit wonder
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