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Pearl and Destiny; Open Thread
Topic Started: Aug 31 2010, 01:42 PM (4,849 Views)
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Now you may be wondering, who was wearing the bolo tie? Me or the shark? Answer: YES!
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((Kari Nichols continued from Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be))
((Grim, you better grab the Parish when it opens or this will make no freaking sense.))

Kari edged stealthily around a corner of the warehouse. In the movies, stealth always involved cartwheeling over lasers and sneaking through air vents and commando rolling through doors. But in real life, it seemed, it consisted of careful footwork and nervous breath-holding. A lot of nervous breath-holding.

She chewed her lip and ran a finger along the cold sheet metal barrel of the SMG in her hands. She felt on edge, even a little guilty, about moving out on a solo scouting excursion. There was no doubt in her mind that she could handle whatever came her way, but there was also a sincere hope that nobody would wake up while she was gone. They'd assume she'd been raped and pillaged and maybe even burned, of course. A natural assumption, but one that grated a little on her, flying in the face of logic. Of course they should stick together...

I can handle things on my own, darnit.

The predawn chill bit through her sweatshirt. She shivered, rounding another corner with the gun held in front of her. Stock unfolded, one hand squeezing the bizarre safety that required her grip to let rounds down the barrel. Ready mode. Anyone trying to boost their killcount by one would get thirty-two 9mm rounds to the face. Aim wasn't much of an issue with that much lead. A flicker of doubt crossed her mind -

No. I'll do it, because it's me or them. Altruism only gets you so far.

A figure cut through the breaking dawn, heading into the gaping maw of the warehouse. She forced herself to exhale, listening to her heart hammer away. It was getting light; she really should be back at the church. But one foot followed another, and she found herself creeping ever closer to the door. Just a quick peek, then she'd be off with the news.

The island-wide public address system crackled to life. She started. Someone else screamed. For a moment, she stood rooted in terror and indecision. Then, biting back a curse, she ran back the way she'd come.

((Kari Nichols continued in Missing Those Lost))



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