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Ishida Hunting
Topic Started: Aug 31 2010, 01:22 AM (1,759 Views)
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"Sure thing, Dog Moon."
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((I would like to note that from this point onwards, I have taken over Josée Trembley from SRJJJB))

"Hey guys? We should find some sort of shelter. You know... find someplace to go to sleep? Protection from the elements? That sort of thing? I don't think the tunnels are the best place, though. Hopefully there's a good place to rest nearby..."

Remy promptly left the cave and Katelyn quickly followed suit. The last thing Josée wanted to do right now was obey her brother but she didn't exactly want to stick around in this dank and gloomy cave either. "Leave me behind why don't you?" Josée hated that her brother seemed to be making decisions without her input; even though she was about to make the exact same suggestion, why did Remy have to be the one to suggest it first?

Slowly, Josée moodily wandered out the cave.

((Josée Trembley continued in Too late))
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