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What She Came For
Topic Started: Aug 26 2010, 01:21 AM (1,636 Views)
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((Rekka Saionji continued from Death is not a Game))

When he first met Lily, 'air-headed' was certainly the word to choose in describing her personality. That was just off of first impressions of course. Having fled the open aired Gazebo, the two spent a little bit more conversing while keeping an open look-out for any potential predators in the area. Rekka couldn't exactly recall when Lily decided to wander on forward, but it probably occurred some time during his constant side trips to pull a random herb or stone off the ground. To say that the trip towards a body of water was unfruitful would be a terrible lie. The insides of Rekka's side pouch of the daypack jingled happily with a handful of differently textured stones, small amounts of greenery not limited to berries, and common shrub-life used for basic first-aid. He even came across a sturdy tree branch, only slightly covered in moist moss. It would serve as his walking stick for now, but there were further plans prepared for all the materials gathered.

Thanks god for my mother and those long years of wildlife training. Looks like it'll be put to test against the rest of my class. Yeah. I still have to accept that they're now enemies. Enemies that are just as frightened and shaken as one another. Fear births anxiety. Anxiety and uneasiness creates panic. Panic goes hand in hand with fear, and then we have pandemonium. I need to hurry up and get my tools in order to just survive out in the wild. Amaterasu-no-mikoto only knows what I'll do when it comes down to confrontations...

The gun still was cozily packed into his daypack. Push came to shove, it was an amazing tool to use. However Rekka just couldn't see much of a benefit to holding it in broad daylight. People would be like a pack of starving wolves for any bone that would give them a higher chance of surviving another night. Point and case is the group that they left behind. They would probably be sorely pissed that Lily was not tagging along. Rekka was also very sure 'Leader' might go so far as to say that he was the source of that break-off. Why? Probably because of that gun. Guns gave you power, unless you figure out a way to deal with them. That would be Rekka's challenge after finding Dawne.

A couple moments more of tracking Lily's footprints and Rekka came across a clearing that brought a frown back onto his face. More signs of civilization is always a beacon of hope, but why did it need to be in such an OPEN clearing?! Rekka just couldn't shake that one aspect away from it all. The reason they left the gazebo was because of lack of cover, and now the two of them found themselves right back into the situation. Worst of all--woodlands surrounded the area. Luckily Lily wasn't that far ahead of him now, as he clutched the fedora to his head and gave chase. No excessive noise; who knew who else was in the area?

And what does Lily do? She goes bouncing over while waving to a person named Jamie! What should have made Rekka quick to silence the attention-whoring gesture, instead brought a slight chuckle out of his pale lips. He wasn't sure why, but it may have something to do with how his companion could keep the tension at bay with her antics. That alone deserved gratitude fit for an empress. It would have to wait though. This 'Jamie' person was unfamiliar to him and as such, he kept his mind ready to flick his scissor blade halves out should the worst case scenario occur.

Never can be too careful...but let's wait a bit before tossing accusations. Seems Lily knows her.

As Lily tossed her greetings to 'Jamie,' Rekka brought himself to a halt a few paces by his companion's side. Dusting off the filth that had hitchhiked a trip, he used his free hand to remove the fedora and spoke out with a bow, "I'm sorry for the sudden appearance Miss. Allow me to make amends by telling you our names. My name is Rekka Saionji and this here is Miss Lily Ainsworth."

Manners were one of the few cards that Rekka still held that kept his mind on track. Even as out of context as they were at this point in time. Now wasn't the best time, manners present or not, to be talking in the open at midday. So, he would propose a suggestion.

"If I may be so rude, can we move to someplace nearby that is not so...exposed? The thought of one of them having a clear view from the woods does not bode well with me."

As he asked that, his gaze was side tracked to the strange object that was in Jamie's possession. Nothing of the likes he had ever seen before. A look at Rekka's current face would be that of a hilarious stupor and curiosity, as he unconsciously blurted out,

"What a strange stick you have..."
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The playful gesture from Jamie brought a small frown onto Rekka's face. Apparently, the object was a floating device for shallow waters and seemed to be a very common item within culture. A swimming pool, while not unknown, was a very foreign place to the young man. He had never set foot into the recreational area--one could say that his idea of a 'pool' would be the ocean itself. It wouldn't be lying of course. Rekka usually was at the docks in Alaska or on a fishing vessel when it came to aquatic adventures. Dawne was never really the water-loving type anyways, or outdoor loving for that matter.

"Ah...so that's what it is. You'll have to excuse me. The closest thing to a swimming pool I have been to would be the Alaskan Sea, be it swimming near the docks or on my father's fishing vessel." Rekka explained, briefly breaking eye contact so he could readjust his fedora. "I'm really naiive when it comes to some modern day aspects of life. I guess you get that way when you're raised to live with the land and sea."

He laughed sheepishly. That's when his mind reminded him this wasn't the time or place to luxuriously cradle themselves with relief. Lily, rather out of character-like, pointed out the reality quite aptly. There were at least 200+ students in their grade alone that went on this trip. It was safe to say somebody was going to go stark-mad early on, so danger will always be imminent. Panicking about that wouldn't do them any good though.

Rekka spun both of his scissor halves into view and set aside the branch he found from the woods. Bringing himself to a squatting position, he quickly meddled around with the halves so that they would reconnect again temporarily. It was a small trick one of his classmates showed him back at Bayview and now being put to use for survival.

Luck be with him that he decided not to come on the trip...

"There's not much sense in letting fear sink its jaws into us Lily," Rekka spoke out kindly to his female companion. His voice held conviction and strength, fed by the desire to keeping them all alive. "It's exactly what our gracious host wants us to fall into, a driving sense of insanity that leads to the heart of this show I suppose."

He moved to extract his sports bag, grabbing a hold of the scrunched up edges that kept the string straps in place. With a blade in his free hand and a couple snipping moments later, Rekka was capable of extracting the prize he sought. In his hand was the rope straps that was looped into sports bag--something that would be a part of his project in the near future. For now, the slightly sliced bag and rope was all placed into the SOTF daypack.

The sounds of footsteps rapidly charging on the ground snapped Rekka's attention to the source. He mentally cursing himself for not noticing sooner! Jerking the unified scissors back into two, he kicked into a pivot on his left foot to quickly spin around and...

...got hailed upon by an endless kissing glomp storm from his girlfriend??

"Mmrnpgh!?!" That properly translated to 'Dawne?! I can't b-breathe...' to those who cannot speak the addling language of slobber-drip. The meaning of his message sunk home though, as Ms. Jiang got off not too long after and gave him a few moments to gasp for that breathe of life. He was happily reminded that Dawne's kissing frenzy effectswas not affected by being on a madman's bloodsport.

Rekka looked up to see that face he fell so deeply for and grinned. He reeled her back in for an embrace and placed a single, loving kiss right on her saturated lips. "Nice to see you too. You nearly got your first victim on the show Miss Jiang. How terrible, death by kisses. Sounds like something straight out of your romance manga!"

Using that physically fit body of his to hoist both of them into a standing position, Rekka took a moment to give the girl a strong embrace and take in every detail. Her slightly dirtied skin, petite-ly curved frame, certain unmentionables that made him frown for a brief moment, and most importantly--the structure of her face resting on top of his beating heart. He was sure Dawne would kick away before relinquishing his grip, but this tender moment was just what the doctor called for to deal with all that was going on. If she bothered to look up, he had the genuine smile of a man who just found his true happiness. Rekka forced his body to pull away from the feeling he could definitely stay with forever more, but daylight was burning and their classmates won't stop their schedule so that the two of them could have their 'tearful' reunion.

A quick look down at his girlfriend revealed a few things. One, she was a total mess. That part was to be expected, since he figured it was a symptom for being on this hell-bent show. Two, she looked absolutely fatigued. Dawne was never the one to over-achieve in physical education, so this was going to be a rough set of days for her. If his girlfriend's condition wasn't enough to slowly summon back his stress, then the realization that Lily AND Jamie were no longer with them definitely did the trick. Jamie he didn't know enough to make an accurate assessment, but that noodle didn't look any good at fending off crazied students. Lily was at a huge risk ever since the two of them left that boy's group.

What was his name? H-Hu...go? No, it started with an 'A.' Aaron I think? I've grown too accustomed referring him as 'Leader.'

Granted she had a gun, and a good one at that, but his conscious wouldn't forgive him for letting a lady go about in a dangerous place by herself. That only meant one thing, going after the two of them and making sure they're alright. First things first, he had to care for Dawne.

"You look like a sight for sore eyes my dear, pun intended. Told you should have come along those nature trips my folks offered!" Rekka teased, searching his bag for anything he could use to fix her up with and found the items in question.

He pulled out one of the two, lacquerware bento boxes from his bag; in addition to a bottle of water, a cloth from the med-kit and zip-locked aloe stalk. Knowing they were going into the outdoors for the class trip, Rekka made sure to pack an arm or two from the backyard. Apparently it wasn't a big enough threat for Danya's men to remove, so he was grateful on that part.

He sat them both down and brought Dawne's face closer so he could use the healing powers of the aloe branch. It would be cool, albeit a bit slimy, to her torched cheek and shorten its road to recovery. There was no need for words to come out, as Rekka let his trained hands run their course along Dawne's rounded cheek. After an even coating was applied, he lightly pressed the excess with the cloth at hand and then re-packaged everything. Before doing so, the used portion of the aloe was sliced off by one of the blades around his finger.

"Try not to remove that cloth for a while. It'll help heal you faster." he spoke calmly, pointing towards the non-bandaged patch on her cheek.

Rekka offered the food and drink to her first, then proceeded to ask as he cleaned off blade, "Let's rest here a while before we get going again Dawne. No sense moving about on an empty stomach!"

The bento (boxed lunch) was simple enough. Rice was neatly packed into the corner and was the second largest portion present. Its solo accomplice was a cute, octopus cut hot dog floating right on top of the white grain sea. To the right of the rice area was three pieces of golden brown, mochiko battered chicken still glistened in a moist sheen; all in slightly hardy servings. The last two sections were dedicated to a slightly jarred salad, complete with the packet of dressing on the side. The meal was elegantly prepared and definitely had the touches the Saionji family was known for.

Rekka would be saving the other one for later, making a note to watch how much food he still had left and how long it would be there. Out of all the classmates, he probably had the most 'sustaining' food on him...but it wouldn't last long. Bentos like these had to be eaten fairly soon or else they'd rot and be useless altogether. Outside of the ration provided by Danya, there was only a 6 piece set of pastries his mother packed as a snack for later. It may help as a starch and sugar boost, but no where close to a military-esque ration. Food was going to be burned very quickly, and Rekka needed to start hunting.

His attention now shifted more towards the branch from the forest and the rope. It wasn't the best of materials, but he would attempt to create a bow with it. Taking out the scissor blade and preparing for the ordeal, his hand began cutting grooves into both the south and north ends. He knew the lack of undivided attention may irk Dawne somewhat, so he snickered and casually tossed out,

"I missed you~"

Slap imminent? Yup. His cat-like smirk continued to be happily placed on as he dug through the slightly torn backpack for Dawne's extra clothing. Now that she found him, there really wasn't much of a need to keep holding onto such items. Besides, he didn't feel like taking up cross-dressing just for SOTF. Not like Danya and the viewers would care to see him get into women's clothing that's half his size. The thought was amusing he had to admit!

Fixing another layer of pressure to the bound stick between his legs, Rekka took a moment to 'gently' lay the clothes near his beloved. His anticipation for her reaction was almost ravenous; ever matching the growling of his own stomach. Aside from the protection within the wrapped articles, there was a small present he was hoping wouldn't be brushed aside because of their circumstances.
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((Permission to GM Dawne by Rocky.))

Happiness washed over as he saw the joy come across Dawne's face, but the troubled look didn't go unnoticed to his eyes. Dawne held her gaze down just like when they first started dating--heavy with inner guilt and so very distant. The split in her reply was all the proof he needed to confirm his suspicions. Unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot he could say or do to give the comfort she wanted, so Rekka respected the aura of solitude Dawne emitted and continued to curve the wooden pole until his eyelids could take no more. Sleep finally graced him with its presence and off he drifted back to his troubled dreams.


Sleeping on the artificial stiffness was not an experience he was willing to do again, as Rekka awoke to the rising sun. Doing a very quick prayer from his mother's clan, he was extremely happy they survived the first day. The suspense of not knowing the death count was suffocating as it is.

He shouldn't have thought about that. It was then their host decided to send a complimentary wake-up call to all of his guests, complete with a death count. Not only did he list who died and who did the deed, but openly pranced upon the details like a children's tale! Jamie and Lily's names weren't called, so a small sense of relief was there. He knew it wouldn't last. Danya wanted to make sure they ALL know who's playing the game--no exceptions.

"Omar Burton, Alex Rasputin, Kris Hartmann, Clio Gabriella, Reiko Ishida, Nick Reid, Janet Binachi..." Rekka continued to lock those names into his memory. They killed, some more than others, and he had to assume they would be ready to do the same if placed into similar situations.

Danya's 'Good Morning SOTF' didn't end there. The beeping on his collar brought creeping dread he didn't think needed to be dealt with so early in the game. Dawne and himself were in the danger zone and if they didn't evac to the woods immediately, they'd join the ranks of the deceased with a few missing limbs.

He wouldn't need to awaken the sleeping girl though, as the surprises kept on coming. Rekka's slender eyes widened as the one person he didn't think would, was now facing him with the very same gun. Hands trembling too hard to keep a grip on his bow, it fell to the ground. All thought trains came to a halt at the sight of Dawne talking about some sort of repenting.

"W-What are you.."


Rekka raised his hand to feel a bit of liquid drip down his cheek and looked at it. There, coating the tips of his fingers, was blood. HIS BLOOD! It was all just registering now--Dawne had fired at him. She meant what she said and probably fluked the hit. The look that stood in those eyes literally screamed, "Don't make me do it again..."

He didn't need to think now. He couldn't think now. All he could do was grab all his belongings and run away. He hated it. The feeling of letting his girlfriend meet her demise. The feeling of letting fear get the better of him. Tears finally fell as he smashed through the gates and disappeared into the forest. Running away towards nowhere.

Anywhere but here.

((Rekka Saionji continued in Just Close Your Eyes))
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