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The Only Way Is Up; TOPIC CLOSED
Topic Started: Aug 21 2010, 11:56 AM (9,817 Views)
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God was telling you "not yet".
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((Leila Langford continued from Break Up And Break Down))

It had been hours since she'd left the fun fair behind; one look at her feet could tell anybody that. Without shoes of any sort, the girl had been forced to travel barefoot across the island, causing her more than a little distress as she had to keep stopping to pull various splinters and grit from out of her skin. She'd tried putting her stilettos back on to make the walk easier, but that made things even worse. The amounts of times she'd tripped on the root of a tree or a stray rock was countless, so she'd given up on the idea completely, abandoning her shoes somewhere far behind her. But navigation was not her forte, and soon she found herself stumbling around the base of the giant mountain in the center of the island without a clue to how she got there. It was fortunate really, seeing as it was the biggest landmark she could've possibly found, but with that fortune came some unseen consequences.

Essentially, absolutely anyone could come by and find her out here all on her own, and that was a major problem. She had no shoes, causing her to wince every time she took a single step, and she still couldn't bring herself to look inside her daypack, even though she knew that she'd have to eventually if she wanted to take a look at the map hiding within. Staring up at the rock face in front of her, she wondered how on earth she was ever going to get up there without a decent pair of climbing boots. Her eyes turned to the left, then to the right, scoping out the very size of the mountain itself before admitting defeat and pulling her bag off her shoulders.

Alright, fine, it's time I took a damn look.

Bangles clanging together as her hand trembled towards the bag, she began to breathe heavily, unwilling to open it too quickly in fear that her worst fear lay in wait. What would she do if she found a gun inside? Would she ever bring herself to use it, like Gracie? She liked to think that she wouldn't lower herself to that loser's level, but if the opportunity came to take someone hostage, to make sure she wasn't the one with a bullet in her chest... Closing her eyes, she felt her fingers wrap themselves around the zipper and her brain began to shout. What if it was a trap?! What if it exploded the minute she opened it?! What if this was how the game was meant to be played, by blowing up anyone stupid enough to believe that god-awful video?! What if-


The wind blew in harshly from the forest behind her, causing her hair to whip her face wildly as he ripped open the bag with a cry and then...

Nothing happened.

At all.

There was no bang or boom, no scream or shout, just an empty silence as the gale hushed itself around her.

Letting out a delirious laugh, she teared up at what she found inside. A rope. A fucking rope. That's what they'd given her, a rope - oh wait, not just a rope - a rope with weights on it. Well, wasn't that fucking brilliant. After all that anticipation, all that worry, all that stress, this is what she found. She almost felt like dying, her heart racing ahead of the rest of her body only to win a fucking rope.

Grabbing it with both hands, she ran the length of it between her palms before looking up at the mountain again. It didn't look like it was long enough to use as a climbing rope, and the weights were spherical, rendering them useless as grappling tools. Her brow furrowing at the thought of her weapon being more useless than she previously thought, she grunted in annoyance and shoved it back into her back. Oh! The map! Flinging the bolos back out again, she dove straight into the daypack; bread and bottles flying out into the dirt as the girl ravaged her equipment. A-ha! There it was! Shoved down to the bottom of the bag, she quickly tore it out and began unfolding it on the ground in front of her.

"Mountain... mountain... right, here we go." Muttering under breath, she scanned the map with fevered eyes. "If I go around... yeah... then east... huh."
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God was telling you "not yet".
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That was the first indication Leila got that she wasn't alone out here. The boy's shoes crunched on the dirt beneath his feet, but she'd been so preoccupied with the map her ears hadn't picked up the sounds, leaving her unprepared for whatever tricks he might have up his sleeve. Sharply spinning and standing on the spot, she looked over the intruder, cursing at the familiarity of his face.

"Jeremy fucking Franco. Of all the luck. I don't need any more of your "discount" moisturiser thanks, so buh-bye then."

Yeah, she wasn't a fan.

After speaking so flatly, she turned back to her - where'd the map go. No, really, where was it? She'd only looked away for a second, and suddenly it was gone. Frustration overwhelming her, she began to pace frantically around the trees, searching for any sign of where it could've gone, when finally she saw it. Floating away on the wind.


Her eyes darted back to the rat-faced boy. "You!" She shrieked, stomping right towards him. "You fucking IDIOT. You lost my map, you little shit! UGH! I can't believe this!" A little too theatrical, maybe, but her performance was understandable, given the circumstances. Dirty, stinging soles lined the bottoms of her feet, her clothes were all the wrong sizes and materials for this kind of weather, she had a rope for a weapon, and now she'd lost her map. Well, if that wasn't the cherry on top of her shitty cake of a day.

Half of her wanted to rip the boy in half, while the other wanted to-

Strangle him.

The daypack sat innocently behind her; the bolos lying tangled a tiny distance away. They were all given the same equipment, right? That's what the guy on the video has said. Which meant lying snugly inside Jeremy's bag would be his own map, identical to the one she'd just lost. Her tongue whipped away the dryness on her lips while her fingers twitched down by her sides. She was bigger than him, she could take him easily. He was just a skinny little rat-boy, after all. But then her mind cast back to the video once again, and she reminded herself that he too could have a weapon; a much better one than hers.

Before she made her decision, another boy entered the clearing, holding - what luck! - another map. Apparently he couldn't read it either, but that was fine. As long as he needed someone else to carry it for him, she'd be more than happy to oblige. As for rat-boy though - she kept a lock on him from out of the corner of her eye - he'd have to go. She couldn't have him sniffing around for spare cheese while she kept tabs on this guy's stuff. If only there was some way of getting rid of him... and maybe stealing his shoes at the same time.
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God was telling you "not yet".
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"Look, hey, hey, I'm sorry! Okay? That was my bad, look, lemme make it up to you. Alright? Look, here, how's this, you're a loyal customer of J. Franco and Associates, so how about- check this out- I hook you up with a map. I got one too, so don't sweat it, you're good."

What the fuck was he talking about? He could "hook her up"? What was he, a map dealer? She wouldn't put it past him, to be honest. Flicking her hair back with her hands, she held up her index finger at Cody (one sec) as she turned to face the mafia wannabe with an astonished look. Was he serious? Of all the places to try and do business, he was choosing this one? An island in the middle of nowhere inhabited only by her former classmates who now had all kinds of guns and drugs and knives in their possession? Yeah, great job Jeremy, you really know when to pick your moments, don't you? Near shouting again, she was stopped by another torrent of babble relentlessly gushing from the salesman's creepy mouth.

That was a good word for him: creepy.

"Plus, I'll throw in an offer of protection, yeah? We go around together, kicking ass, following my map, I make sure all the pervs stay away from you? Sound good? Yeah?"

A smirk.

"Okay, and what happens when there's no pervs left? I suppose that's when King Perv himself will want something in return for all that "protection" he's gonna give me, right? I'm guessing he'll want to see a slip of pink rather than green though, right? I mean, you'd know, being his right-hand man and all - RIGHT?." Not holding back on the sarcastic air quotes, she rolled her eyes at the boy's proposition before returning to her bag and quickly began to stuff everything back into it. She needed to get out of here before Jeremy got any more ideas about the two of them partnering up, that was for sure. Hell if people got the wrong idea and thought they'd started dating or something. Ugh, the thought alone made Leila's skin crawl.

Screw the map for now, it can wait. I am not sticking around to get slobbered on by Jeremy fucking Franco.

"So, I don't wanna, like, ruin the moment or anything, actually I think you guys might have already ruined any sort of 'moment' that was going on, but really, do you at least know where we are? 'Cause I figure we're in the mountains, only that doesn't help because they're kind of big. Big as mountains, I'd say, actually."

"What?" What was he talking about? Big as - ugh, this was getting ridiculous. Apparently, all the guys on the island were woman-beaters, rats or retards. Wow, she could see the adverts now: "Old? Single? Looking for love with a greasy 18 year-old boy from Minnesota? Then why not visit www.creepyteensresort.com now to find the worm of your dreams today! (And yes, that IS a euphemism)." Okay, seriously, what was in that sleeping gas? Shaking her head, she mumbled quiet curses as she closed up the daypack and flung it over her shoulders. Oh, God, that was heavy. Taking a long look at the two boys, she briefly considered asking Cody - the lesser of two evils - to come with her, if only to carry her things.

"You're absolutely right, Cody, this is the mountains, well done. Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna leave now because you two are a pair of fucking morons." Smiling as sweetly as she could just to piss them off, she started down the slope again before yet another boy entered the scene and blocked her path.

"Hey! 'Sup!"

...Well, shit.

"It's Jimmy Brennan!"

Leila groaned obnoxiously at the sight of him sweating his way up the hill. Really? He wanted to hang out with them? She just couldn't believe it. It was the fun fair all over again, except this time she unintentionally made herself the main attraction. It wasn't her fault she looked so damn good covered in dirt and scratches, so why was she being punished for it? With a great sigh, she wandered back into the clearing, dropping her stuff right down where she'd picked it up from just a few seconds ago.

"Rats and retards, Leila... rats and retards." She muttered under her breath as she slumped down onto the uncomfortable bag.
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God was telling you "not yet".
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Seriously? What the fuck was this guy on?

Raging, she leapt to her feet.

"Fuck off Jeremy! I don't want your help and I certainly don't wanna eat any of your shitty-assed bread! You're a fucking loser, Jeremy Franco - a fucking creepy rat-boy LOSER!"

Much better. That ought to keep him the hell away from her for a while, and hell, she felt pretty good after that. It was definitely one of things she loved about being her fine self; she could do and say whatever the fuck she pleased. Now she could - oh for fuck's sake what's happening now why is Jimmy Brennan talking such shit oh my fucking God.

"Oh shit!"

Leila was the first to look. Up until then she'd been ignoring Jimmy's bullshit rant about how he was the fucking best at this game, but when he started pointing up at the mountain, almost pissing himself, she knew something was wrong.

And she was right.

"GUN! Gun! Shit, shit, Jason got a gun!"

There he was, Jason Harris, standing right above them, with a fucking gun in his hands.

By the look on his face, it seemed he was just as surprised at the unfolding events as everyone else, almost as though he'd been caught red-handed trying to get a good aim on the group.

Oh God, he's going to kill me, the fuck do I do?!

Well, there was one thing she could do. After all, she was the only girl here, wasn't she? Surely that would make her the odd one out if the guy got trigger happy... right?

She eyed her bag as it sat by her feet, wondering if there was anything in there she could use if a fight broke out. Rope, water, bread... fucking bread. Why wasn't Jeremy doing anything? She couldn't have said anything to him that no other girl wouldn't have said before, so he should stop crying about it and get his ratty ass in gear. He couldn't just let Leila die - she was too good to die, way better-looking than all the sluts in their year. Especially that skank Rosa, at any rate. Leila would never drop her panties for a guy, no matter how much he bought for her, no matter how big his dick happened to be. Like Jeremy said, she was a classy chick. No man had ever taken her down before, so what made Harris think he'd have better luck just because he had a gun?

Looking round frantically at the people surrounding her, she began to shout.

"Come on you dickless bastards, do something!"
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God was telling you "not yet".
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Leila choked.

Too much was going on too fast and there were way too many people to keep up with. Were they all building a little mountain village or what? Fucking ridiculous. Oh, and now Jeremy and Jimmy were trying to play the heroes. Well done guys, you're doing a stellar job, really. When a girl needs protecting from gun-wielding cave-dwellers in the future, she'll know exactly who to call.

Hearing Jimmy ask for a weapon sent a bolt through her stomach, glaring as she watched him desperately attempt and fail at getting them to hand over one of their precious weapons.

"Hold on, why do you get a weapon and I don't? What makes you think I don't need protection? I mean, look at this. I'm the only one with a snatch around here and all I got was this fucking thing."

Kneeling down to the floor, she ravaged her daypack as she pulled the entangled bolos away from the rest of her things.

"There. See what I mean?"

She held it up high for everyone to see.

"If someone attacks me, I'm fucked. And not in a good way. A fucking bad way."

Lowering it by her side, it dangled about her legs as she spoke.

"Come on now, surely you guys don't want to see this pretty little thing in pieces, right?"

Pulling the headband out of her hair, she granted the wind full access and closed her eyes as the gusts battered and blew the strands out of her face and off, streaming, to the side. Once her hair began to flutter around, she slowly, carefully, purposefully opened her eyes halfway, letting them gloss over with glistening teardrops as she turned up to look at the boys on the ridge.

"I mean, I'm the only girl here. You could all take advantage of me right now, and I'd be defenceless. Could you imagine that? Guys lining up to take a crack at me while I'm stuck, helpless and dirty getting pummelled and pummelled by dick after dick. It'd be sick, right? Humiliating. So come on, what do you say? You gonna give me a helping hand, or are you gonna be cold and leave me here to die?"
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God was telling you "not yet".
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Oh dear God.

Jimmy fucking Brennan had a jolly fucking boner.

Leila laughed, pointing up at one of the nearby cameras. "Don't cum yet Jimmy, you've got an audience now. They expect a real show~!" Who knew she could get a guy stiff without even touching them? Well, everyone did now. It actually made her feel pretty good about herself. Who else in their year could say that they had such a talent? Fuck, she hadn't even had sex before and she was making guys shoot just by talking. Brilliant. Best of all, she felt a lot better about her current situation. These guys - no, boys - were practically about to jump her; she was in total control. It didn't matter if she was on TV; it didn't matter that a large chunk of them had guns; the fact was, Leila Langford was a hot bitch. And this bitch had her classmates eating out of her fucking hand.

Then Nathan piped up. He wanted- oh God, yes! - he wanted them to follow him! Ahahaha, this was perfect! Fuck surviving; by the end of the game she'd have her own fucking kingdom. Yeah, that was it. That's what she'd do. At first this had seemed like an ordeal, but if she had her own personal bodyguards at her beck and call these next few days would be a total piece of cake. Maybe she could find them a couple of tuxes to set the proper mood. After all, she couldn't have them running off and being their own people when she had needs that went unfulfilled. Like shoes. She really needed some fucking shoes right now.

Watching the boy run off into the wild, she stepped back to get her things together. She couldn't very well run after him without her rations and shit, now could she? Grabbing her daypack by the straps, she was about to fling it over her shoulders before Jeremy ran over looking all excited like a creepy rat-puppy. He was babbling on about something retarded, but then he really got her attention when he started waving a piece of paper right in her face.

"Hey Leila, sorry I was being weird and all, just take this and I'm outta your hair and we're good."

"The fuck, Jeremy?"

Snatching it out of his hand, she looked it over with a confused face.

"And what the hell am I supposed to do with-"

Apparently he didn't feel like joining their little troupe; such a shame. Huffing, she crumpled up the card and shoved it into her bag. At least now she'd have a souvenir of the fun time she'd spent at Costa de Shit. Pulling on the daypack with a few grunts (the straps kept digging into her skin), she eventually got it on and prepared herself for her next adventure. She took a few seconds to wipe the mud and dirt from the bottoms of her feet, then geared herself up to leave.

"Alright guys, let's see if you can keep up with li'l old me."

Oh, one more thing.

Turning back to Jimmy, she took a quick look back up at the camera. She wanted to make sure everyone at home got a good look at this too. Slipping off one of her metal bangles and placing it into his hand, she leaned into the boy's ear and whispered something that the other guys wouldn't be able to hear from way up on the ridge.

"I want you to think of me the next time you stroke your dagger."

Her make-up had tracked down her face, her feet were filthy and sore, and she really needed to get some new clothes, but she knew that she was still the hottest shit this island had to offer. This made little Jimmy the luckiest fucker in the world. Smiling with a satisfied look, she stooped down a touch and kissed him softly on the cheek.

"Good luck out there,"

She looked down at his bag-covered crotch.


Lips curved victoriously, she gave a wink to the gang on the mountain and proceeded to prance off after Nathan with the slightest skip in her step.

This was gonna be a fun ride for the new queen of SOTF.

((Leila Langford continued in Carpe Noctum))
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