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Wants and Needs
Topic Started: Aug 16 2010, 08:59 AM (4,540 Views)
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In any other circumstance, Maddy would have shied away when someone tried to put their arm around her. She would probably have stood up and run away, terrified of anyone attempting to get that close to her. But under the circumstances, she didn't really feel like it. In fact, for the brief moment where Vivien had done so, she had felt somewhat more at ease. Vivien was right, after all. She couldn't spend all of her time sitting against this truck and crying her eyes out. She had to keep moving on, not just for her own sake, but for Violet and her family at home. And, Maddy reminded herself, this Anna Chase person as well, whoever she was. The man she killed had told her to find her, and she aimed to fulfill that promise as well.

"Y-yeah," she said to Vivien in a choked voice, trying to slow down her breathing a little bit. "You-you're right. I'll keep going...but I might need to keep this gun."

As she slowly rose to her feet, making sure to keep Jonathan's body at her back, she noticed that Mike and Edward had also run off somewhere, leaving her alone with Vivien. Not the most comfortable of circumstances, but he seemed to at least be acting in her interests. 'Seemed' being the important word. Madeleine may not have had a lot of experience with talking to her fellow human beings, but she still saw something in Vivien that disturbed her slightly. She didn't know what, but there was something about him that didn't seem right, and she wasn't going to be comfortable being alone with him for a long time.

"Listen," she told him in a much calmer voice, though her voice still trembled a little, "I have t-to go and find somebody, and I don't..." She sighed. "...I can't protect you." She turned from him and hoisted her bags onto her shoulders. As she began to walk down the road, she shouted back to Vivien, "That guy's gun and his bag are yours. Take good care of them. And...thank you for what you said. I'll remember it!"

Walking down the road, Madeleine afforded herself a smile, even given what was to come. Sure, she was going to become a murderer in everyone's eyes once the announcements started up again, and she was, in a way. But she had a mission, a purpose to fulfill in her life, and no matter what happened to her personally, she would make sure that Jonathan's request was granted. Vivien's words of encouragement had given her the drive to move on, and if he found a reload for Jonathan's gun, he would have his reward for helping her out.

(Madeleine Smith continued elsewhere)
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Easy. This game was so easy!

Everyone was now out of Vivien's sight, meaning Jarocki's corpse was ripe for looting. He started by expanding his rations, then picked up the gun and leftover ammo. Two clips. Not bad, not bad at all.

"Well, I suppose I ought to get out of here. Nice seeing you Jon. Hope you like hell."

And with that, he set off, away from wherever anyone else was going. Armed, dangerous and fabulous.

((Vivien Morin continued elsewhere))
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