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Shelter From the Storm; NOW CLOSED
Topic Started: Aug 13 2010, 10:37 AM (2,881 Views)
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''What the-?'

Allen was shocked, to say the very least, when Carla suddenly made a beeline for the door leading out to the rear area of the pub, and then disappeared through it without saying a single word, not even a goodbye or an explanation for her actions. Allen's eyes remained fixed on the doorway as he heard the girl running down the corridor and then the sound of another door opening and slamming shut. And then it was Jennifer's turn to leave the premises, at least giving a reason by citing that she was going after Carla in order to try and protect her, or something along those lines.

After the door out the back closed, Allen looked around the place in bewilderment. The four students in the room had, in a matter of less than a minute, been whittled down to two, now leaving only him and Mike standing there in the main bar area. Not to mention that there was still that guy hanging around outside (or so he thought), who was still apparently armed and possibly dangerous.

'So much for us being armed ourselves now,' Allen disappointedly thought. With their weapons, he'd seen both Carla and Jennifer capable of helping him protect the small group within the pub from anybody who dared threaten them. And what did they do at the first sign of trouble? They ditched him and Mike, and whoever else was crying nearby. 'Wait... crap.'

He could hear sobbing now, quite loud in fact, and it seemed to be coming from somewhere inside the building. The fact that he could hear it but not tell what direction the sounds were coming from unnerved him, and he looked round frantically in all directions, trying to identify the source. 'Where's it coming from? Crapcrapcrap, you sure do know how to pick death traps, don't you, Allen?'

It was the last straw. First the new guy popping up outside, then the two girls abandoning the pub, and now the new girl hidden somewhere in the place. In his heightened panic, his brain could only come up with one conclusion; 'If I stay in here, I'm going to die.'

"I don't know about you, but I am getting the hell out of here," Allen announced to Mike, quickly grabbing his bags. He slung them over both his shoulders, pulled open the door beside the bar and then ran down the corridor until he reached the other door that led out to the back of the building. He fumbled with the handle at first, but he eventually managed to get the door open and step outside into the warm May sun. He couldn't see any trace of Carla or Jennifer, but that wasn't so important. What was important was that he was out of the building, safe and sound, and ready to try and find a new hiding place. One that was hopefully going to be a lot more peaceful than the last.

((Allen Birkman continued in Can't Fall Down))
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Bill kicked back and relaxed for a bit, trying to sort things out while lounging on a couch at first. It took him a while, lounging around and trying to sort things out, but he managed. Somehow, he managed.

The first hint was when he looked in his bag.

What? What's this doing in here?

Then there was the booklet. You know, the survival manual that Danya includes mentioning what's going on and all? That nearly caused his bowels to loosen.

Shit. Oh, shit.

Taking a deep breath, David pulled out his lighter and one of the packs of cigarettes...and in spite of the fact that they weren't his, that they were his father's and his father would probably kill him if (alright, not if, when...this is on TV, after all) he found out.

The nicotine gave him a slight rush and helped him to calm down even if it gave him a coughing fit. Then, as he calmed down and sorted out his thoughts, David carefully loaded up the gun and headed out to try and find a group or a hiding place or something for now. He didn't really have a plan, but he guessed he wasn't alone in this. He decided he'd figure something out as he did, and began moving.

((B110 continued elsewhere))
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Janet knew that she would never be able to work out where she was in the dark. She fumbled around and grabbing what looked like a pale green bag and started working her way around the room for some way to get out. She pushed against something wooden and as she did, it collapsed on the floor. It was the door aright, but it wasn't much use to anyone any more.

Janet found herself in an empty, decaying room with an open door leading outside. She threw the bag she found over her back and walked towards the door. The sunlight hurt her eyes as she exited. She found herself in a strange looking town, except it was almost completely deserted. At least it looked relatively safe, No forests or rivers to deal with, so already this mystery location was ten times better then the camping trip she thought she was on. Then she spotted a slightly battered camera staring at her and she remembered where she was. She had been kidnapped and placed on a remote island somewhere; meaning that she was probably surrounded by forests, jungles, rivers and who knows what else. And the worst thing of all was that in a matter of days she may literally be murdered, probably by one of her classmates.

She didn't like the idea of venturing far into the island, but she'd have to find someone or somewhere to get her bearings. She put her hands in her pockets and began to explore the expiring town.

((Janet Victoriee-Ser continued in It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Short))
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((Actually, GM and Slam are still here. I'm deleting the conversation posts.))
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(Lucy Ashmore adopted and under new management~)

Female Student #4, Lucy Ashmore was only on the trip for one stupid reason. To socialize. She had hoped to meet some new people, but did she? Of course not. To her horror, and her mothers, she ended up in the midst of the Survival of the Fittest game. Socially interacting was now going to be the death of her! Thankfully, she didn’t bump in to anybody and that was probably the only reason why she was still alive.

She knew herself, her own capabilities… The self-doubt that she had was there for a reason. She wasn’t strong enough to get through this, to survive. It may have been a very pessimistic approach at life, but all she wanted to do was hide. Being shy and introverted, Lucy didn’t really get to know anybody. She had wanted to, but she just had no hope.

Everybody mocked her, doubted her. Envied her. She was one of the smartest- always getting top grades. She never asked to be harassed, to be abused, to be bullied. They just did it anyway.

The daily torment she lived through had died down a year or so after she joined Bayview, but the damage was still there. The times she was hurled abuse at quickly managed to cause her to become exceptionally socially awkward. She was shy before, now she was just terrible at interacting.

It was this that made her doubt herself. If she did bump in to anybody, it meant she was going to be killed. She knew the rules of the game, she’d even heard about it on the news. Trusting somebody was the worst and last thing to do, and being petite and timid were just more reasons to hide out and try her hardest to not bump in to anybody.

The room she was in wasn’t the best for hiding, but she could hide behind the bar, at least partly. There were loads of stuff on the floor and the last thing she wanted to do was make a lot of noise. That was practically suicide in such a bitter situation. She didn’t even have a proper thing to arm herself with. She’d seen her weapon on TV before, it was a bear trap.

It had a shutter and a few spikes, but was bloody heavy. She had placed it by the entrance of the door in to the room she was so if any intruders tried to get her, they would be trapped and she could attack them or steal their weapons, or in the worst case scenario, let them bleed to death.

It was kill or be killed, and when you are as introverted and shy as Lucy, with no friends, you had to kill. It was inhumane, the whole thing. She was just a 17 year old, but she didn’t want to die. Not yet. She had to take care of things, she still had to become a proper musician, in a big fancy orchestra. Or go to university and study something to do with music or botany… She still had a life ahead of her, and she knew that she’d have to try.

She realised her plan from the start. Camp out in the room, let the bear trap do it’s thing if anybody tried to find her… to attack her… to kill her! Maybe she could do it. As long as the residential area didn’t become a danger zone for a while, she could easily stay there for ages- perhaps even the whole game. Anything to stop her from having to go outside, in to the unknown. Wait for numbers to dwindle. She had it all planned.

However, if it did become a danger zone… Well that was a different story. She was weak, she was a nobody. She’d probably get gunned down by the hundreds of senior students in the same situation as her. Except, they weren’t fully in the same situation. They had friends. They had somebody to find, somebody to protect, somebody to look out for them. She had nobody- no one at all. She felt alone, and the feeling of loneliness was never a nice thing to suffer from. It made her feel inadequate, useless and deserted and she couldn’t help but let out a few tears- trying not to sob loudly.

She had spent most of the day crying off and on. Crying here and there, a small rest- mostly accidental. She was exhausted, and sitting in a dark room for hours on end with nothing to do but hide in a comfortable position made it very hard to stay awake. Regardless, she failed in staying awake and drifted off on multiple occasions, for periods stretching between only 10 minutes and up to an hour.

Either way, she was wide awake for the first announcement, something she was definitely not looking forward to. Maybe some of the less intelligent people out of them would assume it was all going to be about unicorns and rainbows and smiles, with no deaths. She however knew differently. The gunshots, the screams- everything totalled up to one thing. Death.

She had been woken up many times over the course of the day to the blood curdling screams that echoed across the island, but it wasn’t until one came from nearby that it took over. Lucy staggered across the room to the far corner, hugging her chest with her violently shaking arms. With every second that passed, Lucy let out another gasp. She was having a panic attack.

There was only one chance after the sound that had come from probably only a kilometre or two away, get the hell out of there. She knew she couldn’t stay anymore, contrary to her want to stay there all day and night. To seek refuge in a small and dusty shack that nobody would ever want to go to. It was all futile, she knew there was somebody with a gun nearby and she had no other chances but to get away before they marched in to the building and shot her dead.

Gathering her things, Lucy lifted her bag over her back as she swiftly ran out of the building. In no way was she a fast runner, but it was enough to dart quickly from building to building. From shadow to shadow. Out of the area completely, she refused to look back. Just in case her worst nightmares came true and she had been followed.

She didn’t want to die…

(Lucy Ashmore continued in Darkness Within)
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((Mike Jefferies adopted from GameMaker))

Mike had a few seconds of shock from a sudden realisation: Carla defiantly had something that was like a gun. Like a deer in the lights of an incoming car, he stopped cold, his mind suddenly pausing. She had her finger on the trigger… before dropping it in laughter. He gave a grin. Yeah, so it was kinda lame. But hey, if it got people not shooting at him, he was all fine with that.

Then Allen piped up. “Well. That’s a mood killer.” The pun was unintentional. Grabbing himself a lousy rotten chair, he sat, listening to Allen-whats-his-face talk. The names sounded familiar to him. Maybe he met them at school or at a party. Oh wait. He did get to know Clio… slightly more intimately. She was actually quite nice, with her striped hair and hard-to-understand personality. And now she was killing everyone. Well, that went to prove that he had crap taste in girls.

Then he turned around. Oooh, another playmate to join the circle of gossip. Then a noise upstairs? Another? And then something to the left. And then people scrambling to run out.

“Oh, come on, stop being babies. Well… there is a baby around here…”

And then another blink.


He was alone?

“Goddamnit! WAIT UP! Shit!”

((Mike Jeffries continued elsewhere))
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