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There is a Light; G096 Start - THREAD CLOSED
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 08:46 PM (3,196 Views)
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(Handler takeover of Aston Bennett. Apologies for the shortness and lateness, but I'm currently writing this from an iPhone.)

It was very much a wonder of the natural world that Marion kept talking for as long as she did, and it was equally miraculous that Aston was able to tune her out. Eventually, though, it got to the point that it seemed a little too quiet.

Whipping her head around, she found herself alone in the tunnels. The annoying girl must have taken a wrong turn while Aston lead the way. It wasn't too bad, by the by. It was simply one less person to bear as she figured out how she was going to win SOTF.

Cause that was how it was going to be.

Whether or not people got in her way was entirely up to them. That was the reality of it.

Eventually, light reached Aston's eyes. The tunnel was nearing it's end.

((Aston Bennett continues in Life's a Beach...))
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