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White Knight Nightmare; B004: Start
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 03:33 PM (5,477 Views)
Cannon Fodder
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(Alexander Campbell continues from "This one time, I had to use a lamp as a pillow.")

Alex walked through the overgrown grass towards the blinking dot on the reciever. Keeping low he tried to spot him, looking behind him to make sure Jonathan was still with him. He looked ahead to see Peter rising up from the grass, a sword strapped to the side of his daypack. "Fucking hell. That could do some damage." he murmured back at Jonathan.

He looked over the boy. "Peter something or other." he murmured to Jonathan. "Catholic kid. I used to take philosophy with him. We never spoke much, but he seemed smart enough." he said, looking forward again. Not the greatest sales pitch.

"Right. On three we stand up. If he tries to attack us..." he said "...try and aim for his knees or something..." he sighed. "Try and aim for the knees. Fuck man, i'm seventeen years old, why am I having this conversation." he said, shaking his head and sighing. "Right. 1... 2... 3." he said.

He stood up. "Hey!" he called out. "Danya's a cunt, and I'm not playing his game." he said. "I'm Alex, this is Jonathan." he said. "We want to talk." he said. He kept his own hands up, showing he was unarmed. Slowly he stepped forward.

"The way we figure it, you can play and almost definately die. Or you can try a third option." he said.

"We're going to try and find a way off this island." he said.
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"There are patrols in the water. There's probably air surveillance. And then there's these fucking collars. Tracking device, heartbeat monitor, microphone, and remote detonated explosives. This isn't just Danya you're trying to escape from. There's an entire organization behind it, with scientists, engineers, technicians, businessmen, and other experts. How do you plan on beating an organization with just a handful of kids?”

Alex had to frown. Peter had a point. “That's what they want you to think. They want you to think that you're powerless to change the situation. I disagree. I think, from what I've seen of this damn show, that every year something new happens that forces them to revise their design. They believe that we'll follow their parameters and directions. In essence, they underestimate us. They revise their design each time they do but regardless, they underestimate us.”

"Look, you already screwed your chances by talking about an escape plan. They're probably on to you now. Do you know what happened last time someone thought rebelling against Danya was a good idea? People died. Innocent people died. Neil Sinclair. You remember him right? He thought it would be a great idea to whack any camera he could see. Four girls, unrelated to him, died for that. Jazzalyn Creed, Wednesday Ryan, Trinity Sparks, and Melissa Diaz. People will die, but it shouldn't be like that."

“As opposed to what?” he said. “Yes, four innocent people lost their lives. But they were dead the moment Danya chose their bus. Just like us. Everyone on this island is dead bar one person, whoever happens to be lucky enough to win this fucked up game. We're all dead Peter. We're just waiting for it to catch up to us... unless we find a way out.”

He looked over as another joined their group, a girl. He didn't know her. She was one of the cadre of popular kids who didn't associate with his lot.

"Hey, guys. Pretty fucked up, huh?"

He smiled slightly and nodded. “Unbelievably so. I don't suppose you have a lighter on you?” he said.

“There's a way out. There has to be. Something they haven't noticed. Something they didn't think we would do. We just have to figure it out. But you're right. The way out isn't obvious. There's no means of escape.” he said.

“But I have one idea.” he said. He took off his daypack and crouched down, beneath the tall grass, and took a notebook out of his bag. He took out the pen they'd given him with the map and started to write.

“It doesn't matter that they know we're trying to escape. Because we're not. We're trying to get a message out. Take a disadvantage, make an advantage out of it. We're constantly under camera watch. Especially if we keep talking about escape. You think the microphone thing hasn't occurred to me? What do you think all the speechmakings about? If they think we're planning something dramatic, they'll keep watching us, keep broadcasting us. Rebels are good ratings draws, right? With all eyes on us, waiting for us to do something, we can communicate with the rest of the world. If we can figure out where we are, we can get the message out. With a little luck, we can get rescued.”

He tore the piece of paper off and held it out to Peter, keeping it under the grass. “Pass it around.” he said. “If you think it's a good idea, come with us. If you don't, good luck, we'll go our seperate ways. I'll trust you not to shoot me in the back, you can trust me to do the same.” he said to the small group.
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Cannon Fodder
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He watched Peter leave with a certain sadness in his eyes. He knew not everyone would agree with him but he had to try. What were the other options? Walk around the island and wait to die? Play?

Fuck that. This was the best plan he had right now. It probably wouldn't work. But he had to try.

Tell me how we can get our coordinates. As far as I know, that thing only shows where people are. And even if we find out where we are, how to we tell anyone who's watching?

Ouch. Kick two in as many minutes. Good questions both. He wished he had a better answer than the one he had to write down.

“I don't know yet.”

He rubbed his eyes with his hands. Did he smell smoke? Some lucky bastard must have got to keep their lighter. He checked the GPS unit as Jonathon and Charlene began to argue. Two people were coming towards their group. At this rate they'd find them at each others throats.


He stood up, standing between the two of them as Charlene drew her pistol. “Put your guns away.” he said, looking between the two of them. If looks could kill, both of them would turn into greasy stains. “You two are not going to kill each other. No one is killing anyone.” he said. “Look, here's how it is. You can either play, die or take a third option.” he said. “It's not the best plan in the world. It probably won't work. But it's all I've got for now. The more people we can pull together, the more likely it is to work.” he said. He was always careful with his words, cautious not to give those watching the camera a hint of his true intent. “My boat may be full of holes, but the martians are invading and it's the last one out of England.” he said.

He winced at his own tortured metaphor.

“Jon, we all have people we care about here.” he held up the GPS. “We'll find people with this, try and recruit them, rescue them when necessary. We've got no way of knowing till we find them. But we'll try. There are people that are dear to me as well on this island.” he said.

Jasper, Jay, Ethan, Hermione... Hayl--


He looked over. The two others had arrived and one of them was Hayley. He was smiling wider than he had since he'd gotten on the island.

"Hey, uh, I don't know who you are, but I'm not here to, like, kill you or anything. Just here to bother this asshole,"

He looked over at Jonathan and Charlene. “We're all cool, aren't we?” he said, looking between the two of them. He went over to Hayley and embraced her, hugging her close to him. He didn't say a word, couldn't say anything that wouldn't break his code of honor. So he couldn't tell her that the one person on the island he'd wanted to see more than anyone was her. But the hug was enough.

Then something clicked.

“Holy shit, you're smoking!” he said. “You have a lighter!”

Alex made grabby hands towards it. “Gimmie gimmie gimmie.” He snatched the lighter away and took a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it, taking a long draw. Slowly, with each draw, the effects of nicotine withdrawal began to slowly wear off.

He smiled widely before looking at the GPS screen. “Hayley, I think I have an idea for how to get off the island. I'll explain in a bit, but right now I'm starting to feel a little exposed here. You and your friend should come with us” he said. He didn't mention that he'd seen a couple more lights blinking out.
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Cannon Fodder
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"Someone has to be the leader" said Jonathan.

The sentence blindsided him and he hesitated for a second. He hadn't intentionally been trying to be a leader. He just had a plan and the desire to make it work.

Jonathan's sentence caused his ego to swell for a second, but also his self doubts. It was only when it was stated so plainly that he realised the responsibility he was taking on, the trust he was asking them to show him.

These doubts were not assauged by Hayley and her less than enthusiastic response to his plan.

He listened to her. Nothing about what she said was incorrect. It just wasn't right. When she had finished he was silent for a moment. In his head voices ricocheted around his skull, encouraging him but at the same time needling him.

"Someone has to be the leader"

Oh, Alex what the hell are you getting yourself into.

"Nothing is ever a foregone conclusion, no matter how bad things may look!"

But Hayley's right, it really is as bad as it looks.

"Hey, guys. Why don't we just try it? We don't exactly have anything better to go for."

We could play...

Suddenly he felt cold, despite the warm morning. The cold gripped him with an icy calm. A leader then. If you say so.

He looked back to Hayley. Gently he reached forward and took her wrist holding the sword. He guided her blade to his throat, letting it press against.

"A simple logic problem." he said.

"Can you do it?" he said. "Can you cut my throat? Watch me bleed to death and shit myself on the grass in front of you during my final moments?" he said. He hadn't even noticed he was doing it, but a gentle lilt of his accent was creeping in. Soft and subtle, only perceptible on a few select words.

"I'm staking my life on the hope that none of you can. Because this is a very simple maths problem." he said. He smiled at Hayley, even as he held her wrist in place, keeping that blade firm against his throat. "So simple that even I can figure it out." he said, joking with her.

"You don't play, you die. Within Danya's rules, those are your two options. But then, killing to save your own skin? I couldn't. I couldn't live with myself. It would be like dying." he said.

"Which makes this a zero sum game. No winning solution." he said.

"Think hard. All of you. Can you kill 274 people? Can you live with yourselves afterwards?" he said.

"Because if you can't, you're all dead. It hasn't caught up to your body yet, but your dead." he said.

"That's what I figured out in the hall when we watched the video. This morning I figured out something else. See, I'm dead. I know it. The odds are so against me, I know there's no way I'm getting off this island alive." he said. "What's more, I know that everyone I care about is dead as well. This is true for all of us. All of us! Everyone here is dead."

He stepped away from Hayley's blade and grinned softly, turning between them, addressing them all. "Do you know what that makes us?" he said. "It makes us powerful. Because we're dead and our friends are dead and our teachers are dead and we have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE!" he said, getting more and more worked up now. "He has nothing.. NOTHING to threaten us with."

He turned back to Hayley and pulled the GPS from his pocket. "SO, here's the deal." he said. "We're going to use this thing to find everyone we can. We're going to recruit who we can, protect who we can't and if we find players we'll deal with them." he said.

"And before anyone interrupts me with questions about how we do that without killing folk? To paraphrase a certain preacher: I'm quite vague on the issue of kneecaps."

"And along the way, we're going to be figuring out how to do the plan i've got in mind. I'll write it down for you once we get somewhere a bit safer, these collars have ears don't you know. Because if i'm a dead man, then i'm not missing a chance to fuck with the man who killed me."

He stood in the center of a circle between all of them. The speech had taken a lot out of him. He took a long draw on his cigarette, then threw it to the floor, stubbing it out with his heel before he looked up at them.

"Any questions?"

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Cannon Fodder
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One by one, the group gave their hesitating agreement. Hesitating was good. It meant they still had their wits about them. Their plan was almost certainly doomed to failure, even now in it's embryonic stage Alex could see holes wide enough to drive a truck through.

His group wasn't the greatest example of cohesion either. Hayley's agreement, to his frustration, was the most hesitant of all. Idealism. Alex smiled at that. He could stand to be called cute a few more times as well, he had to admit to himself.

Jonathan seemed to have his back, at least for now. The girl was important to him. Alex could tell how he felt. His eyes widened slightly at the girlfriend comment.

"Oh, we're not-"

Hayley cut him off, firing off a shot about cigarette rations. He had to smile, as he took his own packet from his pocket. He threw a cigarette to Jonathan.

"Maybe we should take this as a sign." he smiled wryly at Hayley.

"I hear these things can kill you."

Charlene spoke up about Jonathan's friend. Not the most helpful thing to say but she seemed to figure that out by herself.

"Look, all of this is moot." Alex spoke up. "Jon, this thing has no names on it. The only way I know of finding your girl is to go with the plan and hope that we find her before anything happens to her. We all have people we want to go find. We all want to panic and go off half cocked and be at each others throats." he said. He looked at all of them. "That's what Danya wants. Have no illusions." he said.

He smiled at the suggested names.

"The scotsmans brogue?"

He chuckled.

"Lets see what other suggestions come up?" he smiled warmly to Madelyn. He liked her. It was nice to have at least one person trying to be optimistic.

"The Smoking Wierdo's?"

He looked over at Charlene. "Mm, close, but not quite it." he said. He began to move north, walking slowly and casually, not outright asking them to follow him, just beginning a casual walk. He reached into his bag to take out the map. He let them talk about the name for a little while.

Just like being in a band. The name's the first thing to sort out.

Finally he interrupted the discussion. "Alright, so. North of here we've got a wee town. Now a place like that isn't going to be safe long, but if we can get there quickly enough, we can find somewhere to hold up for a bit. It's a bit of a trek and i'm willing to bet there'll probably be people there."

He frowned thoughtfully.

"We don't know whether they'll be playing or not." he said. "So our tactic should always be this. Assume they are not. But try and arrange things for if they are. For example, stick together." he said.

"Keep looking around you. We're a big group. Noticable. Armed; that's a good thing, and many; that's a better thing."

"But being armed and being together means that we're broadcasting that we're not playing." he said.

"I know you guys don't all necessarily trust each other. But you've all seen fit to trust me, at least for now. Most of us haven't met before today. Charlene's right, aside from maybe me and Hayley, I doubt any of us would have expected to be together in something like this. That doesn't matter. We are. Trust is something we have to earn from each other. We don't get the benefit of being good guys unless we act like them. Watch each others backs. I don't care if you like each other. Frankly, I don't care if you like me. But watch my back and i'll watch yours."
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[GMing and post order interruption with permission]

Alex looked over at Jon and Charlene, frowning softly as Charlene spoke about Jon's friend in an unnecessarily callous way. He was about to speak when-

"Shut up!"

Jon's gun was coming up, almost faster than Alex could think. For a second he was in shock.

"Jon! Fuck NO!" he cried out with his concious mind.

His legs were moving beneath him, without his behest, towards Charlene. Alex couldn't see it. He didn't know that Jon firing was an accident. Only that there was a second's hesitation between the gun being raised, and bullets rattling free.

He was jumping towards Charlene. He didn't recall the decision being made. One second he was seeing Jon raise the gun, the next he was flying headlong through the air toward Charlene.

The gun rattled, astonishingly loud.


More than he'd ever felt.

Every nerve ending on his body screaming at once.


Then, his body hitting Charlene's, her side impacting his right shoulder.

The pain flared again into a white hot ball of agony.

They fell to the ground, he landed on top of her. He rolled off and clutched at his right arm. It was wet.


He held his hand up in front of him. It was red with blood. There was a hole in him. The thought went through him and the bottom of his stomach fell out.

He seen Madelyn coming over to them. He looked over to Charlene, panting and wincing in pain. She was bleeding too, but still alive. "Are... you al... right?" he said, the words an effort for him.
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He watched despairingly as Charlene rose to her feet, drawing her gun.

"No.. Stop.."

Her gun clicked down on the safety and Alex shut his eyes, breathing a sigh of relief. Jesus, this hurt. He ran his bloody hand through his hair as Hayley arrived. He looked up at her and smiled dreamily. The world was starting to feel a little hazy. He could hear Hayley and Madelyn's voices, but they sounded far away.

"Alex...Alex, baby, are you okay? No passing out on me, okay?"

"But... passing out... is my favorite... hobby" he said, smiling up at her. He leaned up, trying to slide his arm out of his jacket before letting out a cry of pain. "AHHhh-- Fuck" he said. Slowly he slid his arms free of the jacket and looked down at the wounded arm.

About halfway above his elbow a bullet had torn a path through his flesh. He looked up at Hayley. This was bad and he knew it. He could barely move the arm without wanting to double over with pain. If he had to do something with this arm, he was going to be in trouble.

He sighed, letting his head rest back against the warm ground. "Is Charlene OK?" he said, sighing gently.

He still couldn't believe that it had fallen apart so quickly. Jon had been fine. Then, like a switch being flipped, his anger had taken over. Charlene had been fine. Now she was trying to shoot at him.

"This is how they get us." he said, despairingly.
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Cannon Fodder
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Alex winced painfully as the alcohol was applied to his wound and it was bandaged. His arm felt weak, useless.

"Pretty much. Puts a damper in your whole idealism thing, doesn't it. Heh..."

Alex looked up, his eyes suddenly hard and fierce, focusing through the pain. He looked up at Hayley, seeing the rage and tears in her eyes.

"Fuck you Danya." he thought to himself.

He moved his arm, winced and decided to use the other. He raised his hand to Hayleys cheek, and gently used his thumb to clean off the smudged eyeliner.

"Don't you believe it." he said.

He was near delirious with the pain, but it didn't matter. Hayley was a ball of rage, ready to go off at any minute.

Charlene wasn't much better.

Madelyn was just scared.

He tried to get up, it took him a few attempts, which was scary in and of itself, but he finally stood. His legs felt like jelly, he swayed from side to side with the pain.

"Jonathan is dead." he said. "What did I say? Playing is a zero sum game. Even if you win, you still lose everything." he said.

"You're angry, you're scared, you want to find the biggest stick and put a bigger hurting on the guy who put one on you." he said.

"Forget it. Cause then, you're dead too. Just like Jonathan." he said.

He pressed his hand to his forehead, feeling slightly dizzy. He paused, getting his breath back.

"If we want any chance of succeeding here, we don't just have to be ourselves. We're not good enough. We're stupid and angry and scared and that's exactly what they want us to be." he said.

"We have to be better. We have to be brilliant." he said.

"Anyone who wants to go after Jonathan, go after him. But you're a player if you do and you're no friend of mine if you play." he said.

"As for me, I'm going to the fairground. I'm going to find a way of this island. Damn it, I plan on living. There's to much of life I've not seen yet." he said.

He began to walk away, towards the fairground. He didn't get more than ten steps before another dizzy spell of pain overtook him. He fell forward, screaming out in pain as he landed on his wounded arm.

"Get up you fucking weak fucking asshole" he muttered to himself, his arm throbbing in agony, his voice thick with emotion.
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