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Feeling Kind of Anxious; Boy #159 gets underway
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 02:57 PM (4,247 Views)
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For the next three days, Trent wandered the island, but was unable to get a clear picture. He couldn't think up a plan. He couldn't even bring himself to approach other students, not after what he had seen. The corpse of Eric was the first body Trent encountered, but not the last. If people were so easily broken, so quick to mistrust even some of the more innocent members of their class, then what chance would someone with a reputation like his have?

The first time he managed to feel any hope was when the surprise announcement came on. So, someone had managed to fuck up the terrorists' day after all. There was something they hadn't anticipated, something that had put them into a panic. Something that had them actually resorting to threatening and cajoling. If something could be exploited once, surely it could happen again. Maybe this Polanski girl would be able to save others, would be able to get enough of them free to actually challenge Danya and company. Maybe she could somehow break all the cameras.

Trent started moving with a purpose again. He had a plan now. Just had to gather some trustworthy people together, people who would actually give him a chance. Then, they'd do their best to throw a wrench into the machine that was SOTF. They'd tear this program to pieces.

When another announcement came, Trent was at first thrilled. The girl was still out there, still making trouble. But it seemed Danya wasn't going to let her go so easily. He started blowing collars. Lucy something. Alex Rasputin, one of the killers.


By the time Trent's name was called, he was beyond the point of hearing.

B149: Trent Hunter ELIMINATED
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