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Dude, how come I feel like i'm not in Kansas anymore?; B10 Start
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 12:57 PM (4,669 Views)
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((Albert Lions continued from Joystick Hero))

Looking around as Dougal fidgeted with the map, Al glanced around, distracted by the fauna in a nearby tree. Some cardinals had made a nest on an out-of-reach branch, while a squirrel scurried up and down the trunk, carrying nuts back and forth. "Hey Doogie," he inquired, not really paying attention to the fact that he'd been signaled to follow him out, "you think if we're stuck here long enough, we'll have to start a campfire and cook up squirrels or something?" He glanced around to the east. "Oh! Maybe one of those houses that way has some canned food or something! Wonder if they have cable there, too. What d'you think, Doogie?"

He looked back to Dougal. There was, however, no Dougal to be seen.

"Doogie? Aw, come on, man, wait up!"

((Albert Lions continued in Milk of Human Kindness. THREAD CONCLUDED))
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