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Twists and turns; Boy 102 start, open
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 11:11 AM (5,832 Views)
The faceless fear
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((Sarah Tan arrives from Jack Sparrow Irony))

Sarah scarpered down the tiny trail that led from the lighthouse to the warehouses, a small cloud of dirt, dust and rocks spinning up from under her shoes. She took a moment to look around, assessing her location.

“Hm...” she thought as she consulted her map.

As far as she knew, so long as she kept hugging the shoreline to her left, she should be able to find her way to the infirmary. The sun was already midway through the sky by the time she arrived at the warehouses – she’d have to hurry if she were to make it back to the lighthouse at the time she promised.

She looked around, spotting Nick and Teo’s retreating backs as they entered the warehouses. The boys were too far away for her to recognise either of them, but she did see the glint of light bounce off Nick’s weapon as he disappeared through the warehouse door.

Seeing the boys made Sarah realise that she wasn't really all that alone on the island. She was starting to regret not bringing any further lower-body coverings, but she'd only brought skirts on the trip and they wouldn't have been any good if she were making a quick getaway. They'd snag on things at inopportune moments - she'd watched enough TV to know that much. Still, she was a little embarrassed.

Since she’d arrived at the warehouses, she must be pointed in the right direction. Sarah followed the shoreline and continued on her way.

((Sarah Tan continues on in Walkabout.))
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