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Break Up And Break Down; Start of (the end of) G010
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 10:47 AM (9,866 Views)
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[[Hayley Kelly continued from White Knight Nightmare]]

Hayley Kelly was all sorts of exhausted. Physically, obviously, she was tired. She wasn't particularly strong, but she had volunteered to help Alex walk, since Charlene was injured and Maddy was...well, she would've felt guilty making her do it. They'd made it pretty far, and at this point she was getting pretty sweaty. Gross. Plus my makeup's all smudged, I've got blood on me...I need to fix myself ASAP. I mean, shit, Hayley, you're on camera, take care of your shit.

Mentally, though...

She shook her head, for reasons unobservable. Nineteen kids. Nine-fucking-teen. Jesus fucking Christ, I had fewer kids than that at my birthday party last year. That's like, all of my cousins three times over. That's...that's a lot of dead people. She couldn't make herself get emotional over it, though. One was a tragedy, nineteen was a statistic, especially because she wasn't close with any of the broadcasted corpses or their killers. Sure, she recognized names, but it wasn't anyone she felt the need to get upset over.

But still. There are people doing this. Killing. Maybe they were attacked first? Maybe it was all self-defense...that's understandable.

But that still means someone attacked first.

Hayley shook her head again. The last cigarette she had, back in the Greens, was long gone, and she desperately craved another one. Pace your fuckin' ass. You're down four, you've got 36 left to last you god knows how long, so chill, alright? You can do this?

No I can't.

Shut up, brain.

They were here. The 'Fun Fair'. Hayley couldn't help but let a strangled giggle escape her throat. Oh the bloody IRONY. Wonder if anyone else decided to wander over here? It seems like a weird place to go, but hey, it's kind of really really funny in a sick sort of way. Especially if someone dies here, that would be some sick shit. She watched disinterestedly as the sun began to rise, casting shadows everywhere and making it harder to see, if anything. She wrinkled the nose at the smoke in the distance, following Alex's gaze.

"Someone could be hurt over there."

"Yeah," Hayley said, raising an eyebrow, "or there could be a fight going on and you, mister I-got-shot-in-the-motherfucking-arm, need to not charge suicidally into things and in fact need to sit the fuck down and rest for a while, alright?" She punctuated that point by lowering herself, and thus Alex, helping him to the ground. "Lets stay here for now. It seems to be pretty empty, if there's anyone over there they won't see us here, and if anyone shows up I'll get rid of 'em. Easy peasy." She grinned. "We're good. Now, I'm super hungry, so-"


She knew that voice.

For a moment she couldn't move. She couldn't believe it. It was unbelievable, that was why she couldn't believe it.

And yet, so it was.


And then she was off running, the sword dropping from her hand, and she crashed into the figure that was already quite close by and very nearly knocked him over. She flung her arms around his neck, squeezing him tighter than she ever had. He's alive he's okay he's here Kylekylekyle oh god Kyle he's okay thank god holy shit-

For the moment everything else- that smoke off in the distance in particular- were complete irrelevant.

"Kyle...I-I was so...fucking...worried..."

Some side part of her brain reminded her that she was an extreme mess right now. Another part of her brain reminded her that this, all things considered, didn't matter much, and the rest of her brain completely ignored those parts.

Because Hayley, for a few moments at least, was happy.
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[[Yeah, for the purposes of getting this death done, some post order breakage is gonna happen here. It shouldn't take too long, so no worries!]]

Hayley didn't want to let go. Her arms had spent so much time today swinging uselessly at her sides, one hand clutching the grip of that stupid sword that had done exactly shit-all to protect Alex before. Now they'd found themselves a purpose, something to do that actually felt right, and it wasn't something she wanted to stop doing. After all, as long as she was holding Kyle, they'd both be safe, right? That was how this worked, wasn't it? Conflicts usually started not long after the lead couple broke from their embrace. Not that we're the main characters or anything. Wonder who is.

She ignored that thought. Kyle was letting go. Reluctantly, so reluctantly, she released her grip.

"Hayley.... Thank God you're alright...Y-you are alright, right?"

He sounded so worried. She couldn't help but smile in response to that. Just that, with all the bullshit going on on the island, with people fucking dying, he was worried about her and he's still talking to me even though I'm all bloody and gross...she took comfort in the feel of his hands in hers, and was almost disappointed when he let go, however tightly he'd been squeezing.

"I'm fine. Honest. There was this guy with us a while ago, Jonathon...Charlene over there-" she motioned towards Charlene- "she said something about some girl he knew and he freaked out and shot at her. Alex did that whole heroic-maneuver thing, as he is wont to do, so now they're both hurt. Alex is worse, I was trying to, like, bandage his wounds and crap, that's why I'm all bloody. I'm totally fine, a little, hungry, but, you know. " She laughed lightly, scratching her head as a nervous reflex. Having let go of Kyle, her anxiety was returning. She looked back up at that smoke cloud Alex had first noticed.

Someone's gotta be over there. Or someone was over there. Or something. I don't know. Something...happened.

Suddenly Hayley wished she hadn't dropped her sword. She gave it a glance. It would be there if she needed it. When she needed it.

She shut her eyes for a moment to calm herself again, and opened them again not feeling at all reassured.

"Sorry.... I'm... I'm having a little trouble.... They took my medicine, and I threw up when I woke up, so... yeah. My OCD is acting up..."

Hayley blinked- for a moment she was too distracted, by that smoke, by her own nerves, to have a real answer- but after a momentary pause and another look back at her weapon, reminding herself it was still there, she turned back to Kyle. His smile made her more on edge, if anything, considering what he'd just said...

"That's...not good. Are you gonna be okay? You'd better be, I only just found you..." Her tone was teasing, but there was something sad in her eyes that suggested something more behind that statement.

I only just found you. Please, please, please, do anything but leave me now.

She looked back at the smoke cloud again. It seemed to be dissipating. She wondered what it had come from, since she didn't see any fire...was there some kind of explosion? Or maybe it was like a smoke bomb or something. Seems like the kind of weapon they'd give someone. She pondered it for a moment, until something other caught her eye.





Hayley stumbled backwards, eyes wide. She'd heard the announcements, of course. She knew what happened. She knew people were dead. She knew people were playing, killing, fighting for their lives, she knew that this was really happening and she knew that the streets would soon be paved with blood (had there been any streets on this godforsaken island).

This was not something she wished to actually see, however.

She shook her head, over and over, trying to rid her mind of the image, of the eviscerated body- Hayley prided herself on her inability to be shocked, on her ability to see all the horrors of the world and laugh, but seeing those things online and seeing them in person were universes apart. Is this...is this shit unavoidable? Are we all gonna end up with our...fucking...guts lying around on the floor? She knew she wasn't actually going to throw up, but she was going to come pretty close. Her thoughts turned towards her companions. Kyle. Alex. Maddy. She thought about their bodies at the bottom of the hill, blood spilt everywhere, she thought about seeing them so disturbingly red and-


This shit's getting a bit too real.

She shook her head. One more time. She closed her eyes.

Not gonna happen. I won't let it happen. Ever. I...refuse.

Fuck you, Danya. Fuck you. I'll play your stupid fucking game, but only to keep my friends alive.

That's the only reason.

I'm not a bad person. I'm not. I just-

Hayley became vaguely aware that she was shaking. Violently. She took a few more steps backward- never turning away from Kyle- and picked her sword up off the floor. She instantly felt...not safer, but certainly stronger.


She was speaking to Kyle. She was speaking to herself.

"I-I'm okay. I'm okay. I just. I can't. I-I can't-"

I can't let this happen to you. I can't let this happen to any of you. She couldn't spit the words out.

...What if whoever did this is still here?

Hayley froze. That was a new thought, and a terrifying one. Clearly whoever had done this had a powerful weapon, not to mention a willingness to use it. Whoever this was could probably kill her, and Alex, and Maddy, and Kyle- does he have a weapon? I should ask...make sure...- and-

No. Can't allow it. Won't allow it. Nonono-



She'd heard something. What it was, she was never to know- perhaps a broken tree branch, perhaps a footstep, it was irrelevant. Whatever the sound was, it caused her to sharply turn to her left.

She saw a shadow. It could have been anything. Anything at all. It was a person. Hayley was absolutely sure.

Any sane person would have questioned that, but some moments are more sane than others, and this ranked low on Hayley's list.

...What if whoever did this is still here?

Hayley walked towards the shadow. There was only one way to really solve this, after all.

"You!" she shouted. "I can see you! Get the fuck out of here if you don't want to have your fucking head cut off! I'm not in the mood to deal with this murderer bullshit! I've had a long FUCKING night and anyone who tries fucking with me or my friends right now is gonna regret it so fucking hard, so DON'T. FUCKING. TEST ME."

I need a cigarette. Or three.
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Hayley's mind froze.

As positive as she had been that the shadow she'd seen was a person, she was utterly shocked to see that it was, in fact, a person. As though that made any sense at all.

The scene seemed to break down around her. At that moment she could, inexplicably, pick out every prize from every damn fairground game around her. The Ferris wheel was impossibly detailed. Later she'd look back on this scene and assume her mind had made those details up, filled in the blank spots of her surroundings to an impossible extent, whereas her real attention was focused on the boy who'd appeared before her.

He was tall. Strong-looking. He looked like a metalhead to her, though his name was slipping her mind. Not that that mattered. Who he was- the less she knew about him, the better.

The easier this would be.

He killed that kid. That corpse. He must have. There's no one else here...he must have...

Time was no longer running properly. The boy was moving one hand in impossibly slow motion. She had time to think. She had an eternity to think. She was quite sure she'd have time to light up a cigarette in the time it took for the boy to move his hand, but she decided it was unwise to test that theory.

He killed that kid. It had to be him.

But he's not holding a weapon. No matter how strong he was, he couldn't have ripped that kid apart with his bare hands, right?

Maybe that's what he's doing with his hand. Pulling out a weapon. Something really...small.

Whatever killed that kid's not small. It was like...a fucking axe or something. A huge-ass broadsword. A chainsaw. Some shit. You're being irrational.

Of course Hayley was being irrational. One of her best friends was hurt, the world seemed to have gone into fucking Bullet Time and her inner voice was irritating the utter shit out of her. Nothing was making all that much sense.

She felt the weight of the sword in her hand and gripped it tighter. It felt...good, in her hand. Heavy. Strong.

Are you going to kill him?

Hayley blinked. That was the question of the day, wasn't it?

I could do it. I could. He doesn't have a weapon. I do. He killed that kid. He could kill them. Alex. He could kill Alex.

No, he didn't. He didn't kill that kid. You know that.

No. He must have.

Had to have.

Otherwise...what am I doing?

Time seemed to be speeding up again, moving back into its normal flow. The boy's hand was moving. Up, in the universal signal for "please don't run over here and kill me". Or rather, "stop". Hayley's eyes hardly saw it. She wasn't seeing anything.

What am I doing? Why am I doing this? Because he killed him.

He must have.

No one here.

He killed him.

No, he didn't.

Then why...?

You want to.

You're playing.

Admit it, Hayley. All this 'protecting your friends' bullshit is just that. Bullshit. You want to win. At least badly enough that you're willing to kill some kid who's just as innocent as you...more so, since he's not trying to kill you.


Hayley shook her head in one quick, sharp movement that was probably imperceptible from a distance.

No. He did it. That's why. I'm going to kill him. I am.

If you kill him, you're a murderer.

Self defense isn't murder.

It's not self defense if he's not trying to hurt you.

But what if he does? He could. He could hurt me. He could hurt them. He could!

Whatever makes you happy, girly. You want to be a killer, go to it. You're running out of time.

The inside of her mind was far too loud. She shook her head again. The weight in her hand. Comforting. She heard a voice. It was his, she assumed. His mouth did seem to be open. She barely heard words.

"It's cool..."

He's a killer. Gotta be a killer. Right? You can do this. Self-defense. Right?

"...don't go axe-crazy..."

Right. You have to. No choice. No choice in this game. No choices. Gotta fight. Fight or run and Alex can't run. Fight.

"...I'm not gonna attack you."

He's lying. I've got to-

No, he's not. But whatever clears your conscience, honey.

Her feet left the ground.


Memories poured back.

When was the last time she held a weapon? Fencing class. Had to be then.

Fencing class wasn't what you'd call a success. She'd joined basically because swords are fucking awesome, but she'd failed to consider exactly how difficult this was going to be. She came home from class- once a week, after school- drenched in sweat and in immense pain. She kept it up for a while, but during the second month she started calling in sick, and when she pulled her groin during a practice bout towards the end of the third, she gave it up entirely. Practically all of her knowledge went out the window the moment she quit. It was just too fucking hard.

She still remembered, though. It wasn't the fencing that was exhausting, it was the warmups, the practice, the stance she'd have to stand in for ten minutes at a time. On the occasion that she actually got to suit up and fight, however...

"You're very aggressive," her teacher had said. "That can be a good thing- takes your opponent by surprise. It can be a bad thing too, though. There's such a thing as being too aggressive. You have to think, too. You can't just rush at your opponent all the time."

Hayley liked that word. "Aggressive". She was aggressive.

She always would be.


Hayley was dashing. Again time seemed to slow. Bullet time, she thought, with something like a smile.


Too aggressive, maybe.

Little late for second thoughts now. Congratulations. You're one step closed to home.

She cleared the distance, and swung the sword at his neck.
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[[Skipping because there wouldn't be time for the others react in between the last post and this one. NORMAL POST ORDER RESUMES AFTER THIS. I PROMISE.]]

Time had sped up. Hayley's movement had ended before she had time to register its beginnings. She felt the resistance as the sword struck the boy, but the maniacal strength she'd put behind the swing was enough to remove the resistance and that which had caused it. One second she was running towards the boy and the next she was standing there like nothing had happened.

Except for the blood splatter that hit her, the blood that coated the sword-

The head. On the floor.

There was a fucking head on the floor.

Your fault. Good job, girly.

She blinked at the reemergence of the evil voice in her head, the one she'd managed to shut up for a few seconds. She ignored it as she looked down at the severed head. She pictured the eyes opening, the face giving her a reproachful look, maybe that voice she'd heard speak a single sentence give her a lecture about how cutting people's heads off was generally frowned upon in civilized societies.

Weird stuff, severed heads. Not that I've seen tons of them. Wonder how it happened. ...Oh. Right.

Me. I did that, just now. Remember that? Barely.

One down. A shit ton to go.

I did it. Me. Me me me I killed him I...

Self-defense. Right? Self-defense. Not my fault.


You're a murderer. Be proud.

At that moment several things caught up with Hayley. The adrenaline rush she'd felt when she was on the attack...the wooziness she'd felt seeing the other boy's body...the new wooziness she felt viewing this new body...her hunger and thirst that were gnawing at her stomach and throat. And-

She felt it. The head rush that proceeded what she knew was coming. The smart thing for her to do was to sit down, but her body was paralyzed. She opened her mouth. She wanted to say something meaningful, something fitting the moment, but all she could focus on was what she wanted most of all.

"I really need a fucking cigarette," Hayley mumbled.

The sky was suddenly ahead of her.

She blacked out before she hit the ground.
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What happened...what's happening now? What's going on? Where...

You're unconscious.
What am I doing...?
Something happens. I did something. Hurt someone.
Killed someone.
Why did I...
No. Yes. I killed someone.

Self-defense. It was self-defense.
He didn't do anything.
But he could've.
No, I...did the right thing...
Better be a murderer than dead?
Don't say it like that. Please don't say it like that...
Being emotional will get you nowhere in this game, girly.
I didn't do anything wrong. Okay?

I'm just...
Just what? Playing?
No! Not...I can't play, Alex said-
That doesn't matter. You have to live. You've got things to do. You've got to see Johnny. Remember?

I...I can do this. Right? Put my emotions away? Yeah, fuck 'em. Johnny always said feelings are for losers.

Johnny, I...can see him again.

You've proved that you can do this. You've already started. You don't even know that boy's name.

Yeah. Yeah, I don't. He's not...he doesn't matter. Not like I do.
Or Alex or Kyle or...
Wake up, honeybee. You can do this.

Or die trying.

Do you have another choice...?


Hayley's eyelids fluttered open. The first thing she saw was the sky.

For a long moment she did not move, her eyelids closing halfway back over her eyes to protect them from the glare of the sunlight. What time is it...gotta be like noon by now, with the sun this high...ugh, why does my stomach hurt so bad...? Her eyes closed again.



Gotta get up. ...Why am I all wet?

She blinked and, slowly, creakily, sat up, taking a good look at the substance that covered her favorite purple dress.

Oh. Right. Blood.

Her internal monologue- dialogue? -had not properly prepared her for the actual sight of what she had done. Blood was absolutely everywhere, soaking her clothes, her bag, and of course the now headless body of the boy whose life she'd taken. Blood didn't faze her- she was the kind of girl who got her blood drawn on the regular just so she could watch it travel through a little clear tube- but the sight of muscle and bone where the boy's neck started and abruptly ended, the natural continuation of that neck lying a yard or two away-

Hayley felt herself gag, bile rising in her throat- there was absolutely nothing in her stomach to remove, as she hadn't eaten in several days now- but she held it down. No emotion. At least, none for this. Don't give anything away. No weakness now, girly. Be good. be strong. Try, at least. Fuckin' try.

You watching, Johnny? Give me strength, babe.

She looked around at the others. Kyle seemed calm, which was a definite relief. Maddy was freaking out. Charlene had her hand on her gun, but Hayley knew full well that she didn't have the strength to run if Charlene attacked her right now, so Hayley left it alone. Alex just seemed...sad.

Is he...will he hate me for this? Will he? I don't...know if I can handle that.

Nothing you can do about that, is there?

Yeah. Just gotta...hope.

The gnawing feeling in Hayley's stomach was still bothering her. Her throat was like sandpaper. I need some fucking...water. Food. Probably important. She pulled her daypack off of her back, ignoring the blood that soaked the cheap fabric. Inside she grabbed a water bottle and a package of crackers, taking a long gulp of the water before starting on a cracker. She ate slowly, suppressing her nausea. Looking over at the others, it occurred to her that the others were all staring at her. She managed a weak grin, a weaker giggle.

"H-hey, guys...I miss anything important? Heh..."
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That was a good question. A great question. In fact it was possibly the best question Hayley had ever heard.

That didn't mean that she had an answer.

Hayley's composure- such as it was- faltered for a minute, and she took another long drink from her water bottle to give herself time to recover. She noticed for the first time since awakening that even as she'd retrieved her water and food, her right hand hadn't moved. It was still pressed to the ground, fingers clenched around the hilt of her blood-soaked sword. Those fingers wouldn't budge- it was as though the sword had fused with her arm. Its blade was dyed a rusty red as the blood began to dry in the sun.

Ignore it. Ignore. Drink water. Say words. Make your damn mouth move again, Hayley!

Her mouth opened a millimeter. Closed again. What the hell was she supposed to say?

"Why?" Like I haven't been asking myself that for the last...however many minutes it's been.

True, but you've only been asking me.

Oh, right. I forgot. I'm having conversations with myself. Jesus fucking Christ I'm a headcase. I need sleep.

You need to allay their suspicions. They think you've snapped. That you're a threat to them.

I'm pretty sure the fact that this conversation is happening is proof that I have snapped, honeybee.

Hayley had no snappy mental retort to that. She had to think about it.

Have I really snapped? Am I crazy? I ran at that kid, just like that...just like that. Like, for no reason. He didn't even have a weapon. But I'd just seen that body...I thought that the kid had killed him. And I thought...I thought he was gonna hurt them. That's why I did it. I wanted to defend them. Right? That makes sense. I said from the very beginning, with Maddy, that I was gonna protect her. And I did. So, so maybe I was wrong, and maybe he wasn't really a threat, but my instincts were good, right? If he really was a killer I so would've got him before he popped any of us off! So I didn't really do anything wrong, right?

That seemed reasonable enough to her. At the same time...

I'm thinking in the game. That's the only time fucking BEHEADING some random metalhead kid with a fucking sword in a fucking fairground can ever be FUCKING justified by saying I DIDN'T REALLY DO ANY-FUCKING-THING WRONG. I'm playing, aren't I? I said I was playing. I told myself, now I'm playing. Am I really playing? Maddy and Alex might forgive me for trying to make sure they were safe, but playing is unforgivable.

So what do I do?

You play.

How? I don't play, I die. I do play, my best friends abandon me. I've got shit here. I can't deal with this either way. Maybe I'm better off just cracking up now, save myself the trouble of doing it later.

Hayley shook her head slightly. Time for reflection was now over. She owed her friends an explanation, even if she herself wasn't entirely convinced that it was true.


Her first instinct, even after all her thinking, was to say "I don't know". She paused before continuing.

"...I panicked. I saw...I saw the body, and I heard someone coming, and...I assumed it was gonna be whoever killed that kid, you know? I was just...scared. Scared someone was gonna come up here and try to do that to one of you. And I was never, ever gonna let that happen."

Her voice got stronger. That much was true. That much was a fucking promise.

"So I attacked. Had to make sure whoever it was was gone before they could hurt you. Or me," she added as an afterthought. "So, um...I dunno if it was the best move, all things considered, but, heh, I'm not exactly the king of good fucking decisions, here."

Something like a giggle escaped her throat.

"Um...Kyle?" He was closest. He was safest. If anyone was going to defend Hayley in this situation, it was him, and so it was him she automatically reached out to, like a small child asking a parent to pick her up. She quickly took back the gesture- realizing that she couldn't deal with being denied right now.

"I'm okay. Physically. Kind of gross. Sticky, like." She laughed again, this laugh a little less nervous and a little more real- though whether laughing at all in this situation was a particularly sane move was still up for debate.

It's weird. The fact I actually killed someone...isn't really bothering me, so much as their reaction is. What does that say about me?

Nothing you didn't already know.

"I...Can we go somewhere? Else? I'm kinda...sick of this place. Literally and figuratively."

She looked around to the others. This was something else she'd been internally debating for a little while, but it seemed like the right thing to do. Right now, things were guaranteed to be horribly uncomfortable. The least she could do was give them some time to recover.

"Is it okay with everyone if I go off on my own for a bit? I sort of need to...recover, I guess is the right word. We could figure out somewhere for us to meet up in the morning." The sun was already beginning to dip- nightfall would not be far off.

Hayley looked at the others. Particularly at Alex and Maddy. Seeing the pain on their faces...hurt.

"That is, if you want me back."
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Hayley really didn't like this feeling called guilt.

"OK," Maddy said, even though it clearly wasn't, and Hayley instantly felt like a complete and total bitch.

I mean, I DID promise to protect her. And everyone. God, I am a dick. A dick and a half. Fuck...do I really need to do this? Like, is going away really gonna help? She wasn't really sure, but it was what her best instincts were telling her to do. Not that my best instincts are worth a damn. I am like instinctually retarded. Instinctually isn't even a word. GOD I AM SO TIRED.

She watched in silence as Maddy turned around. Walked away. I suck as a person. But she could not think of anything to say, and turned her attention to Alex.

She didn't feel better. If anything, she felt worse. Way worse. Maddy was hurt, but Alex just seemed...hurt wasn't the word. He's just...sad. Like he's disappointed in me, like my goddamn parents when I get home at three in the morning except way different because I actually give a shit.

"Fine. The groundskeepers hut should be clear again tomorrow. We can meet up there at noon. If it's still a dangerzone tomorrow, we'll make it the mansion instead."

Hayley almost smiled. The groundskeeper's hut fit perfectly in her plans- it was close to where she'd planned on headed and, as an added bonus, all her clothes were there. She almost smiled, and she almost said something about how he'd read her mind, but then she saw the look on his face, and she didn't feel like smiling anymore.

"Yeah. Sure. Take your time," Charlene said, in a tone of voice that said yeah, please go away forever, that would be awesome, thanks. Hayley decided, not for the first time, that she didn't like Charlene.

"Alright. We'll meet at the Groundkeeper's Hut tomorrow, or the mansion. We are all in agreement for that?" It was Kyle who spoke last. Kyle who made her hate herself a tiny bit less. At least he doesn't think I'm scumtastic. Oh, scumtastic is definitely not a word. I need a cigarette. Her mouth twitched upwards into a half-smile as Kyle reached out to her.

"We should go somewhere to get you cleaned up."

That took her by surprise.

Wait. We? Meaning, like, me AND him? Both of us? Like, together? She blinked dumbly for a second, her mouth opening slightly as though she had something to say. Yeah, duh, Hayley, that makes sense, right, he's your boyfriend, after all. He probably wants to make sure you don't...you know, die. She couldn't complain at that. She hadn't wanted anyone to come along, really- she'd thought she needed this time to be totally alone- but...but I don't need to be away from Kyle. Kyle doesn't hate me. Kyle's not gonna...

Why had she wanted to leave in the first place? She'd tried to convince herself that it was for their own good. Bullshit. This is damn well all for me. I just need to be away from all the guilt-tripping they're pulling on me right now.

Yeah, I REALLY suck as a person.

Hayley looked at Kyle and only gave a small nod as she used his support to stand, her other hand still tight around her sword's hilt. She dug through her backpack for the items she needed at the moment- her map and her compass- and quickly oriented herself in the direction she would be headed. East.

She looked over at the others. Whatever to Charlene, but Maddy and Alex had already occupied themselves. Her heart sank. What can I do? I'm supposed to be protecting them and now I'm off being a selfish bitch. Who's gonna protect them? Charlene? Ugh. ...I guess she probably can. I mean, it's just me she doesn't like. They...they'll be fine for one night. They will be. Right? Yeah. Yeah...

She shook her head and spoke, quietly, too quietly.

"Yeah, I'll...see you in the morning. Be safe."

And she began to walk, away from the setting sun, hearing Kyle's footsteps beside hers but not daring to look anywhere but ahead.

The moment she'd walked far enough to be considered out of sight, she lit up a cigarette.

Hayley Kelly, you have a LOT to answer for.

[[Hayley Kelly & Kyle Portman continued in Sorry, Mom. Sorry, God.]]
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