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Droplets; G063 - Ericka Bradley start - TOPIC CLOSED
Topic Started: Aug 8 2010, 08:46 AM (3,460 Views)
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Putting this up to resolve continuity error. Now Alex has officially moved on. If a mod could please close the thread as the last participant has left. Sorry to anyone following the story who got confused. This was my fault entirely. Bad Shadow. =( (For reference, this is the sample post that got me the character. Yay.)

Things were going exactly as planned. Just a few more steps and he'd get the drop on her. His 'accomplice', if one could call her that, was fulfilling her task.

He'd have an actual weapon in a few more moments. Just a little while longer and—

What? No! Fuck

Everything fell apart faster than he had thought it up. He hadn't expected the gun girl to fire. He instinctively ran for cover, unsure where she was shooting at. He heard the sound of footsteps running away from the area. TWO people running away.


How could it all fall apart that quickly? Just one random action, and his brilliant planning was shot to pieces. Stupid, he'd been so stupid. He was so caught up in the need to get a weapon, to be the predator after his prey, that he failed to realize that gun girl could have done nearly anything with her weapon. And she did just that.

He yelled in frustration and rage. He'd been so close, yet he couldn't have been any farther from his goal. "Dammit!" He pulled out the caffeine pills in disgust. "How the hell am I supposed to use THIS?" He tossed it down in anger. So much for that plan. After taking a few minutes to calm down, figure out what went wrong and how it could have gone better, he picked the box up and went on his way.

Easy Alex, easy. You can get through this. You WILL make it through this. You are not the hunted. You are the hunter. Act like it!

((Alexander Seymour continued elsewhere.))
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