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Madelyn would like to play video games with you! (and be your friend)
Topic Started: Jul 30 2010, 03:09 PM (2,516 Views)
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I would put Chase in a memory thread, since she's currently in a thread at the Cinema (Love Means What It Means), and I already have something planned with her once she gets out of that thread somehow in main pre-game. She's free for flashbacks, however! After all, she is currently not in any memory threads.

Carol is currently in The Throwdown in main pre-game and The One With The New Kid in memories. The Throwdown has long since died (seriously, it's like retro-Carol in there), so I plan on taking her out soon. And The One With The New Kid is private, unfortunately. But, as I said, expect me to take her out of the first one soon.

Overall, I like the idea of a slumber party or something. I hope we can pull it off before v4 starts. Based on the things noted above, if memory I'd put Chase in, and main pre-game I'd put Carol in. Either way works for me, overall. XD

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Hmm... I like the group memory thread idea, but Madelyn is currently in a great memory thread already (Activists) :V I REALLY do like the idea though, so I might just sneak Madelyn out if more people want to do a thread in the past.

Mr. Administration: Awesome! I was hoping that Madelyn and Lily could be friends from your friend thread.

banthesun: NO WORRIES OUR -LYNS CAN BE FRIENDS TOO ^_^ They are very, VERY similar after all, and like Chib says, gamer girls gotta stick together!

MK: I believe that your math is correct! I could see these two girls getting along quite well, especially since they share many similarities. Madelyn would totally like Felicia's rule-bendingness and would have been interested in Felicia's roleplaying as well, plus their interests in video games and both sexes would give them plenty to chat about. Unfortunately, it does look like we won't get to actually be able to RP them together until the island, but would it be safe to assume that these two are pretty good friends by then?

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That it would.
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