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Butterflies and Hurricanes
Topic Started: Jul 12 2010, 10:45 PM (391 Views)
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((OOC: This is a semi-private thread between myself and BetaKnight. Please use your discretion if you are going to post here; and by discretion I mean, speak to one of us before posting.))

The 2007 Mustang GT California Special cruised along, the low rumble of the muffler providing some ambient noise in addition to the music in the background. The clock on the dashboard read 12:56am. The prom had wrapped itself up causing the mass exodus of students to either head home or to a party of some kind. The passengers of the Mustang were doing neither for the time being. The car had just pulled away from the Killop residence where Nik had stopped to change out of his suit, and allow Evelyn a chance to change into some extra clothes she had brought with her when Nik picked her up before prom.

"I can't wait to call home tomorrow. I have to tell my parents how much fun this was, and show them the pictures. I think they will be proud of me for taking such a beautiful girl too." Nik said with a smile as they stopped at a red light.

It was nothing but the truth coming from the younger of the Kronwall brothers. Evelyn had looked absolutely stunning for prom, and he wasn't the only one who noticed it. All night long Nik had caught the glances of some his friends, who gave him a big thumbs up when Evie wasn't looking. Even Staffan looked like he enjoyed himself despite his initial apprehension about attending the prom. Thought Nik did have to use his smile once or twice to get some girls to dance with his older brother.

The car made a right turn as the light turned green. Nik wasn't 100% sure where they were heading just yet. There had been about 5 party invites tossed his way, and another 5 tossed Evelyn's way.

As the song on the radio ended the voice of the DJ came through, "Annnnnd that was The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with, 'Your Guardian Angel', dedicated to the students of Bayview who just had their prom tonight. Congrats you crazy kids. Here's hoping you're all having a great time tonight. For those of you out partying, party safe and just try and make some memories. Here's another song for you kids, it's Green Day with 'Good Riddance: Time of Your Life'."

The opening chords of the song reminded Nik of playing his guitar in his room the day that he asked Evelyn to the prom. He stole a sidewards glance at her. She still had her makeup and hair done up, which was a strange contrast to the more casual clothes she had changed into. It still didn't take away from how great she looked. Nik smiled again as he re-focused on the road.

"So any ideas where we should head?" Nik asked calmly.
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Evelyn rested her head against the back of her seat and let out a contented sigh. Everything about prom had been perfect. The perfect date in the perfect suit with the perfect car at the perfect dance. There wasn’t anything else that could be said or done that would make tonight any better. Life was absolutely wonderful.

"I can't wait to call home tomorrow. I have to tell my parents how much fun this was, and show them the pictures. I think they will be proud of me for taking such a beautiful girl too."

Nik’s comment brought tears to her eyes and an involuntary squeak to her lips. Just when she thought that she couldn’t love Nik any more, he said something so completely and heart meltingly sweet like that. And he’s mine, all mine. He picked me.

Blinking rapidly to keep her mascara from running, Evelyn took advantage of the red light to lean over and press a quick kiss to Nik’s cheek. “You, Nik Kronwall, are the most amazing sweet guy on the planet. And every little thing you say makes me fall more in love with you.” She dropped her hand onto his thigh and gave a little squeeze.

As corny as it sounded, Evelyn hoped that tonight would never end. This was the type of night she had dreamed about. She was at the pinnacle of high school existence. She had spent the most magical evening in the arms of one of the most respected and popular boys at school. Invites to various after-parties had flown fast and furious as people tried to secure them for their get-togethers. While, on some level, she was absolutely thrilled at the quantity and quality of the invites, she wasn’t really sure that she wanted to end the night at a party, surrounded by people she barely knew.

"So any ideas where we should head?"

Evelyn watched Nik look at her out of the corner of his eye and she gave him a gentle smile. “I know that we got a ton of invites, but I don’t know that I want to share you with the rest of the world right now,” she admitted softly. “We could just cruise for a bit and figure out something as we go. What do you think?”
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