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Pins and spares; Open
Topic Started: Jun 20 2010, 02:17 PM (726 Views)
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((The debut of Brian Daniels))

Excitement. The feeling Brian Daniels craves for the most. The feeling that Brian Daniels felt when he stepped inside All-Star Bowling, standing at the door as he took a good look at the bowling alley, absorbing a view he hadn't seen for a long time. Most people wouldn't think much about a game of bowling, but Brian rarely did anything without savoring every moment. Brian had invited people from his school for a game of bowling, a sport Brian hadn't played in a long time.

Looking around the alley, Brian saw that he was the first to arrive. This was quite common for Brian, however, so he didn't think anything of it. Brian was no stranger for making big plans to meet up, and he was usually among the first to arrive. That didn't mean that others would be coming, however. It wouldn't be the first time Brian has invited people to an event only for no one to show up. Sometimes this was because Brian was the only one interested in whatever crazy thing he had planned, but other times it seemed that people didn't show up simply because they didn't like him. Brian had often wondered why he tended to rub people the wrong way. Most claimed that Brian was too self-centered and egotistical, but Brian was sure that people were just jealous of his wealth and good looks. Nevertheless, Brian had few close friends, a fact that he compensated for by having a large social circle. After all, if he knew a lot of people, there would always be a few he could hang out with.

Brian decided that it would be best to wait close to the door to make sure anyone coming would immediately notice him. While waiting, he started running over the rules of bowling in his head. "Knocking over all pins with one ball is a strike and with two balls a spare. Eh, that's all I need to know", Brian thought, keeping his eye on the door. "Someone better be here soon, I can't stand waiting."
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