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B027 - Royal, Dustin[/DECEASED]; Pigeon Army's character
Topic Started: May 3 2010, 01:37 PM (760 Views)
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Name: Dustin Royal
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12th
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: School hockey team, Spanish guitar, women

Appearance: Dustin’s not unattractive; his roguishly handsome face – mischievous blue eyes, thin yet oddly expressive eyebrows, finely-combed blonde hair, slightly angular chin, straight nose, normal-sized lips – and tanned, thin (but not sticklike) body make him any respectable pick-up for any girl with a few Bacardis down her and a lack of knowledge of his personality. His relatively stylish dress sense, always casual but never lazy, helps matters – good-looking jackets, shirts, jeans and designer sneakers are usually the order of the day, but if it’s a special occasion, Dustin has been known to bust out some very impeccable suits. He stands at 6 foot and weighs in at a respectable 159 pounds, and while he doesn’t cut an imposing figure, he certainly exudes importance in the way he dresses and the way he holds himself.

Biography: Dustin Royal, age 18, 12th Grade at Bayview Secondary School, is what some might call entitled. Born into a well-off family – his father is a partner at Harris, Segel and Radnor, a well-respected commercial law firm in the middle of town, and his mother is the head of the GCS (Food Service Equipment Parts & Service) Division at Ecolab – Dustin always had whatever he required and desired available to him. His parents dote on him, but not without good reason – Dustin is an intelligent and successful boy, a high achiever in sports and academia, particularly in hockey and in English and Social Sciences. However, this has had a few side effects when it comes to Dustin’s personality.

Dustin fancies himself an intelligent, attractive, talented, fit man, irresistible to most all women. It's no surprise, then, that he has a reputation as an arrogant, patronising, sneering lech. Dustin knows he’s better than other people, and while he doesn’t necessarily flaunt that knowledge, the dismissive way he addresses people he doesn’t want to sleep with and the general way he holds himself gets across the unsavoury nature of his personality well. This is particularly evident in Dustin’s approach to academia and to sports – he is well-known to be fiercely competitive in the subjects he excels in, and it is often rumoured that he selects subjects specifically based on how many people he can beat; and he started playing hockey when he was fifteen after scoring four goals in a friendly game against another school and realising just how much of a rush it gave him to beat other people so thoroughly on the sports field.

However, if there’s group of people that Dustin turns on the charm for, it’s the group of people he would like to have sex with. Dustin is a womaniser through and through, and sex is as important for him as breathing. He’s rarely ever had a relationship with a girl that extended past two nights, and his reputation is well-known around Bayview Secondary School, but surprisingly not that well-known outside of Bayview Secondary, meaning there is still a lot of tail for Dustin to chase outside of school hours. Dustin’s recently made moves to augment his chances with the ladies by taking up the Spanish guitar, and his aptitude with the instrument isn’t necessarily due to a genuine commitment to the instrument developing out of his superficial desires.

To Dustin Royal, life is just a string of girls and cool toys, and anyone who doesn’t appreciate his ethos is below him – and even those who do appreciate the ethos are below him. Dustin doesn’t hate people – he just looks down on them.

Advantages: He’s fit and intelligent, obvious advantages in SotF. He also has a mean swinging arm with melee instruments due to his hockey game.
Disadvantages: He’s a prick, pure and simple. He thinks everyone looks up to him while he looks down on everyone else. He’s also left a good number of Bayview girls alone in their beds after a night with him. If there aren’t people actively gunning for him in the game, then they certainly won’t be happy to see him around.

Designated Number: Male student no. 027


Designated Weapon: Yatagan
Conclusion: Mr. Royal should provide some fine viewing. With his melee potential and the long list of girls out for his blood, I can't imagine how he could possibly avoid being drawn into conflict. Let's see some heads roll, Mr. Royal. You know you want to use that sword.

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