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B025 - Brooks, Liam "Brook"[/DECEASED]; MK Kilmarnock's character
Topic Started: Mar 16 2010, 07:07 PM (2,058 Views)
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Name: Liam "Brook" Brooks
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Grade: Senior (12)
School: Bayview Secondary School
Hobbies and Interests: Gardening, Botany, Cross-Country, Irrigation Design

Appearance: Standing 6'3.5" and weighing 188 pounds, Brook's overall figure resembles that of a high school basketballer or wide receiver in the off-season. Generally thin, his muscles can be best described as 'lightly set'. He is not 'ripped' in any fashion; as such, his biceps and abs are only shapely if flexed. As a slight contrast, the muscles across his back are more prominent and easily show if bare-chested or his shirt sticks to him, as it often does during hot summer days. Brook possesses blue-green eyes from his father's side of the family and rather dark brown hair from his mother's side. Brook likes to grow his hair out despite constant insistence from his parents to cut it, and generally manages to have the back grow to just an inch above his shoulders while the front is trimmed, the sides partially-so. When working or doing other physical activities, the long part of his hair in the back is held with an elastic. Brook wears a size 12 shoe, somewhat small given his height. His average manner of dress consists of slightly muddy work boots (he has an old pair of dress shoes from his father that he wears when forced, but he wears the boots to school), jeans, and a long-sleeved T-shirt which could have one of many designs, Brook owns about 40 of these shirts with no repeats.

Biography: Liam was born to Lawrence and Gwendylyn Brooks, a middle-class couple. Liam was the couple's first and only child. As an infant and young child, Liam was absolutely unremarkable... at least as far as children go. Only when Liam began to attend Bayview Elementary did his peculiar set of characteristics develop.

The first such characteristic was Liam's nickname, an obvious derivative of his last name. 'Liam' isn't exactly one of the most common names in the world, and plenty of first-graders have issues saying it. His friends began to call him by his last name instead, first "Brooks" and then finally just "Brook". The name stuck, even as he grew older.

The second characteristic, and one of the most prevalent is Brook's love of plants. Back in first grade, the old activity of incubating chicken eggs that was practiced by schools for years was swapped out for one where children grew their own lima bean plants from the beans themselves. Brook's particular success made him try to recreate the experiment in the backyard, where... he failed miserably. To try and figure out why, he had his mother drive him to the library to grab as many books of gardening as he could find, even ones that he couldn't quite fully understand at the time. His father dug an old unused pair of gardening tools, a rake and a hoe, for Brook to make a small plot in the backyard. The work was intense (especially for a little kid), but preserverence smiled upon the finished rectangle of tilled soil.

From there, Brook balanced schoolwork with gardening, finding a job at a local plant nursery at the age of 15. He often ended up running between the nursery's greenhouses and a farm on the outskirts of town to load and desposit manure, which helped to build up his upper body strength. He used a truck for running the loads of manure, but smaller trips (such as delivering plants) were done on foot. Because of this, Brook gained a slight affinity towards cross-country running as well; it was enough to inspire him to try out for and participate on the Cross-Country team at Bayview Secondary.

Even with his hobbies playing such a prevalent role in his life, Brook never let school fall under the radar. There was no subject that he could love at any level even approaching that of his love for plants, but he did take a shine to literature classes (art and history could pretty much go to hell, though). Somehow, Brook kept nearly all of his grades at or above B level (ignoring the occasional C on his report card) while also maintaining a social life. Finding friends that shared his general interests such as the outdoors and running, he led what many would describe as the average, comfortable life at school.

While senior year approached, Brook looked for a solution to the strife that rural areas encountered with agriculture; specifically, droughts. His latest project that he was working on at the time prior to his 'invitation' was an irrigation system improvement that, he hoped, would get him into college and even be used out in the midwest to bring water to ranches.

Advantages: Brook has a natural liking for the outdoors, and can identify an absurd amount of plants, even tropical ones due to all the reading he's done on botany. His easy-going, non-conflictual personality aids him in attempts to join groups while, if need be, he can keep himself company just fine. Combat-wise, his only possible advantage is that his 'tools of the trade', hoes, rakes, pitchforks, etc. all feel completely natural to him, and he can use such impliments more naturally than most others.
Disadvantages: Brook may have good physical strength, but he's also notoriously clumsy and can't sneak around even if he wanted to. His stamina-running also doesn't accomodate very high speeds, effectively removing the option to flee away by sprinting. Brook is hemophobic, growing faint at the sight of any of his own blood, or significant quantities of other people's blood. Finally, as a minor setback in comparison, Brook burns easily in the sun if he isn't careful about covering up (this is why he often wears long-sleeved shirts).

Designated Number: Male student no. 25


Designated Weapon: FP-45 Liberator (.45) [x10 rounds]
Conclusion: Fainting at the sight of blood? Is this kid for real? What a delicate flower! Too bad there's going to be plenty of people out there willing to give him a brutal pruning...

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