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Dénouement; V3 Endgame
Topic Started: Jan 30 2010, 06:59 PM (5,825 Views)
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(John Rizzolo continued from: Episode 1087: Murder on the Midnight Wire)

His feet were sore. His head was sore. His arms were sore. John Rizzolo’s body was in pain but he knew he had to be getting close. He had heard from Danya’s latest announcement that he had made it to the final four students remaining but it felt like he was taking weeks, no months to get to the airfield. Despite the pain shooting through his system John knew he would have to be on top of his game. John quietly checked to be sure that he had reloaded each of his guns. Six shots left in the Type 67. Three clips for the MP7. Plenty of ammunition to get through 3 other people.

Just three people...three people and I go home.

John analyzed his remaining opponents in his head.

Steve Digaetano and Alexis Machina are dead, they were huge threats to me. Lenny has killed a good number of people too, I’ll have to take a shot at him if I get it. From what Danya said, Trish has herself an AK-47. I’ll just pray she’s gone through the ammo on that thing because I’m fucked if she takes a spray and pray approach. Lulu...Lulu doesn’t stand a chance. She’s always been soft. She was always the one who would try and help people with their problems. Hell Johnny boy, remember her trying to help you? That was funny. Mr. Spera’s class when you got reamed about your project she sat there trying to be your ‘friend’. I’ll bet she was secretly loving the fact that you were getting a lower mark than her.

The memory of his former class was causing John’s face to flush red with anger.

Problem here John is that from what it sounds like, Lenny and Lulu probably fucked earlier on and are now going Bonnie and Clyde on everyone that walks into the airfield. You need a better strategy.

The smell of burnt wood filled JR’s nostrils as he neared the Airfield, a smell which brought back all to recent memories of killing Laeil and Emma. A small smirk formed on Riz’s face at the thought.

Ratings machine right here...

The foliage surrounding him was growing less and less dense until John could finally make out the faint outline of the control tower. As he crept through the brush John noticed two figures approaching the Airfield from the far side.

“Shit.” John muttered under his breath.

It turned out that Lenny and Lulu were together. John had to find a way to get them separated, but how. A million different ideas were running through John’s head, each one seemed as improbable as the last. He needed a distraction and a good one. He knew that he could take out one easily, but the second of the two would easily mow him down. John dropped to his stomach causing his body to once again protest the strain. Crawling slowly forward, John’s eyes scanned the area for something, anything that he could use to gain the upper hand. He still found nothing. It looked like his best bet was to hide out and pray that Trish showed up before Lenny and Lulu started scanning the surrounding area.
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John remained hidden in the bush watching, waiting, and praying that an opening would present itself. It was agonizing to know that he couldn’t defeat these two together. They were both weaker than him, physically and mentally, but it was the fact that John could clearly see they were armed that was stopping him. The damn bullets. Bullets had been something John was lucky enough to have avoided his entire stay on the island and he intended on keeping it this way.

“Dammit. One of you fucking do something.” Riz whispered under his breath.

Almost as if he had God listening in on his requests the action began. Lenny and Lulu approached the control tower. The very same control tower that John had began his chase with Velvet earlier in the week. As the two survivors approached the tower John spotted the head of someone in the window lobbing something down upon Lenny and Lulu.

“Well this certainly makes things interesting.” Riz said with a smile as he shielded his eyes.

The explosion was louder than he expected it to be, but John was safely out of shrapnel distance. The explosion was followed by the unmistakeable sound of an AK47 rapid firing down upon the boy and the girl.

“I guess Trish got here before us.” John said as he squinted through the dust created by the bullets and grenade.

John slowly crept out of the bushes to get a better look. He quickly dashed over to the cover of a nearby plane. He could see both Lenny and Lulu scrambling around in panic as the bullets rained down. Perfect time to single out one of them, but he needed to hurry. Trish’s clip would be out shortly and he’d lost his good cover. Through the chaos John could see Lenny scrambling slowly towards cover, while Lulu still looked distressed.

John pulled out his Type 67, deciding to save the more lethal MP7 for later. Carefully aiming towards Lulu, John squeezed off two shots.

“Come and get me you bitch,” John shouted, “Gramma isn’t here to save you Lulu. Come and get me.”

John sprinted out from the cover of the airplane to give Lulu and glimpse of him. Every muscle in his body still protested from his fight with Eddie, but it would be worth it soon. If John could get to one of the hangars, he knew he could easily dispatch of Lulu. John ducked behind another plane, backing up slowly to give himself a view of where Lulu was. As he stepped back, he felt himself fall backwards on top of something.

“Jesus!” Riz exclaimed as he backed himself away from the mangled corpse of Emma Babineaux. In all the excitement since that day John had nearly forgotten about his last adventure in the airfield. He quickly rose back to his feet scouting for where Lulu was. That is if she was even following him. Fuck there was still a lot of dust from the gunfire and grenade.

Where the hell is she?
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It took everything John had in him not to burst out laughing as Lulu spoke. Her words were laced with a tone that almost compassion. This girl did not get it. She was about to die and she was still trying to reason with the people she had been pitted up against.

Realizing that Lulu was on the other side of the plane, John looked down at the corpse of Emma and felt the tinge of inspiration.

This won’t work twice Johnny boy.

“Yes it will.” John whispered to himself.

John rose up from his crouched position and slowly stepped away from the aircraft until he could see Lulu. John made sure to keep his pistol trained on the girl just in case she produced a form of threat.

“Okay Lulu, you’re right we are friends. We really are. All those great moments in English class, yeah I remember them,” John began as he narrowed his eyes against the morning sunlight, “What now though Lu? I mean what are we supposed to do? You know I’ve killed people, I know you’ve killed people. Our classmates, people that we were friends with too, remember? On top of that Lu-bear, you’ve been pal-ing around with Lenny fucking Priestly. The one person out here who is more dangerous than me. Lulu for God’s sake, Lenny killed one of your best friends! Do you not understand that Anna wouldn’t have wanted you to team with the guy who killed her? Seriously did this island make our entire class a fucking retard jamboree?”

John stopped to take a breath and analyze Lulu’s reaction. When she seemed about ready to speak, John interrupted.

“Come on Lu, you and I both know that only one person is walking away from this. Do you really think you can beat Trish who has fucking grenades and an AK? Do you really think you can beat Lenny? If you thought you could, you would have killed him already. You know your best chance is against me. I’ve got four shots left in this pistol and I’ll admit I’ve got another gun slung across my back. If you really want to get out of here and see your grandmother again, you know what we have to do,” John paused once again, “You need me to help you take out those two and then you and me can fight it out, no guns. I’ve already made one person a no guns promise that I held, and I’m willing to hold to it again.”

The commotion back at the tower was still ongoing and made John realize that he had to work fast. John took some slow steps towards Lulu, lowering his pistol as he did so.

“We wait and see who kills who in their fight, take out the survivor, then fight it out ourselves. If you want to avenge the death of your best friend and take your best chance at getting off this island then you’ll say yes. If that isn’t acceptable, then talk to me right now. Say no. I’ll put my gun back up and let you go running back to Lenny and you can try and beat the other two yourself.”

John kept his hand ready on his pistol as he awaited Lulu’s reply.
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"Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!? You have got to be kidding me. What do you think Lu? Do you really believe that we aren't all under pressure? I chased a girl halfway across the island because she knew I killed people. Remember when we didn't hear from Danya for a couple days there and they didn't say any names? Yeah, I was chasing down Velvet. Tried to kill her in that very control tower come to think of it. This was before it was made known that I was out to play. Lulu, that was pressure. I couldn't risk my cover blown. Hell, it was an open window to mow down as many people as I could. What kind of pressure have you felt? Wandering through this game attached to Anna's hip?"

John could feel the vein in his forehead begin to flare. The frustration of being essentially shot down on his idea was not a pleasant feeling for JR.

"You flew by everyone because of the people around you? What good did you do for anyone aside from getting people killed? Who the hell are you to say that what I'm offering you is a bad thing?"

"Oh, everyone look at me, I'm Louise, I'm going to take the moral ground," John said in a mockingly high pitched voice, "Absolutely ridiculous."

John turned to look at the control tower as more and more noise was emanating from within it.

"You know what Lulu; at least I was honest with myself. I knew exactly what I was doing every single moment I was out here. Sure I had to lie to people. Sure I took the easy way out in certain situations, but I can look back on it and say I deserve to be here. I fought for my life. From the sounds of it, so did Trish and so did Lenny. What have you done to deserve being alive right now? There were people, just like me, who fought to get to where we are now. I killed a couple of them myself. You remember Eddie Sullivan from our History class right? He came the closest anyone has come out here to stopping me. He was the only person out here that made me fear for my life."

John paused as he remembered the animalistic look in Eddie's eyes during their battle.

"THAT was pressure Lulu. You think Lenny is under pressure, I'll fucking show you what pressure will do to a person out here."

John reached out and grabbed Lulu's arm and forcibly pulled her over beside another aircraft. John turned her head so that she was facing the ground where a corpse lay. The corpse of Emma Babineaux.

"That is what pressure does to you. That is also what happens when you say no to me. Emma and I were going to go to the end together, but she couldn't stomach what I had to do to get us there. She was weak, just like you. She chose to abandon me and leave me to wander this god forsaken place. When I happened across her again, I couldn't stop myself. She left me with no choice but to kill her. She didn't deserve to be in the position I'm in now."

John breathed a heavy sigh as he turned back to Lulu.

"You don't want to kill Lenny? Well then what good are you to me?" John's voice rose as he finished his question.

"Answer me!" John yelled as he shoved Lulu to the ground. He quickly pointed his pistol at Lulu's head.

"No. You know what. I'll save this for the people that will actually challenge me."

John slid his bag around front and tucked the pistol into the open hole. He then reached down his pant leg and pulling it up, revealed the tire iron. He grabbed the tire iron from out of his sock and stared at it intently.

"This little beauty has served me very, very well. Why not use it one last time?"

John made the move forward to strike Lulu with the object.

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"You really want to know whats happened to me Lulu?"

John paused his attack at the sight of the scythe being drawn.

"You really want to know what has happened to me? I've woken up, that is what has happened. You say I was nice...I can't afford to be nice here. Our friends, friends Lulu, they would just as soon of killed me as I killed them. I want to go home. I want to live. Weak and insufferable people like yourself do not deserve to live out here. Look at that Adam Dodd guy, he was strong. Bryan Calvert was strong. They got to go home."

But did they really?

The voice inside John's head perked up. Adam Dodd had been tossed right back into the game hadn't he? On top of that, no one had seen a shred of evidence that after the cameras stopped rolling in the previous game, Bryan Calvert had even made it back to States. Would he really go home if he won?

"Either way Lulu, one of the people running around this airfield is going to win, and it will be who can come out of it the strongest. You say you aren't weak Lulu...then prove it."

John growled as he advanced the girl. Her scythe was intimidating, but after having guns pointed in your face, the cold steel of a blade just doesn't hold the same effect.

John could still read the look of fear in Lulu's eyes, so he began his attacked again. Lulu, however, anticipated his move well and scrambled away towards another of the fallen aircraft.

"Get back here!" John roared as he took off after the girl.

Lulu was faster than John expected her to be. John could see her glance back at him as she lept on to the aircraft in front of her. John put his head down and gathered some extra momentum. He needed to time this perfectly. John channeled every ounce of baseball skills into one move. He dropped and slid feet first under the aircraft, popping out on the other side.

"GotchaAAAAAAAA!!!!FUUUUUUCKKKK!!!!" John roared with pain.

John had executed the slide perfectly, but as his hand had risen to strike Lulu, he discovered the small girl had been waiting for him. Lulu swung the scythe with every ounce of force she could muster. Had it not been for the girl's lack of control in the situation, the damage could have been worse. Nevertheless, John was now clutching his hand as the warm flow of crimson liquid expelled itself from the stumps of where his left pinky and ring finger used to be.

John continued screaming a mix of agony and pain induced laughter. His adrenaline was flowing through every section of his body now.

Lulu took the opportunity to dash off the aircraft and towards the hangar that was still standing.

John dropped to his knees, still holding his hand. He looked up at the girl running to the hangar. Fury burned through his eyes as he rose up. The pain in his hand only added to his desire to end this girl.

John slowly made his way to the hangar, ignoring the sounds of battle once again emitting from the nearby control tower. Unlike the other hangar that he'd burned down, this hangar's main doors for the planes were shut and locked. There was only one way in, and as far as John could tell, one way out. John opened the door with his good hand and quickly darted inside. There was absolutely no light other than some trickles of sunlight making their way through a window in the roof.

"Luuuuuuuuluuuuuuuuuuu!!! Come out and play!!!" John barked as he began to stalk around in the near blackness, breathing heavily from the throbbing pain in his hand.
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It was surprisingly how difficult it was to see in the hangar. The small ray of sunlight coming through was only impeding as it showcased the surprising amount of dust in the air.

Silent Johnny, keep it silent, she could be anywhere.

This was not the time to be his normal boisterous self. John knew they were within footsteps of the finish line and if he intended on winning this race he needed to maintain an aura of quiet while he searched. As he crept along in an almost cat like fashion, Riz's eyes scanned the rows of boxes and crates surrounding the rusting aircraft searching for any indication of where the smaller girl had escaped to.

God damn it, she could be anywhere.

The throbbing in his hand had still not subsided, and each time the pounding feeling returned, it served as a not so subtle reminder that Lulu did possess a dangerous side to her. He could not underestimate what she was capable of with the weapons she had. He'd already done that, and luckily escaped with his life. He would not make that mistake twice.

John paused in the walkway between two rows of crates and boxes contemplating what his next move really should be. Before he could even give that a second thought, he felt his knee buckle and saw the ground rushing towards him as an high pitched animalistic cry echoed through the empty hangar.

Lulu's feeling of entrapment had overcome her. Before she knew it, John was standing right in front of her hiding place, facing the opposite direction. She didn't want to be a sitting duck, especially since she'd now just realized that she had wedged herself into such tight quarters that she could not adequately defend herself with the gun or the scythe. She instead launched herself forward with a wail, slamming her body into John's legs before rising and darting off for a nearby corner. Lulu had barely made it around the corner when she heard the unmistakable sound of gunfire and bullets whizzing past her and slamming into the boxes and crates around her.

John had finally pulled out the MP7 and fired the gun. Missing two fingers on his grip hand was certainly not helping, but the gun had been a prize for a reason, and that reason was its ease of use, even for someone experiencing a handicap.

He scowled as the bullets embedded themselves into everything except the flesh of his target.

"LULU!!!!" John roared as he dropped his pack, keeping a hold of the MP7 and stalking down the walkway his target had ran down.

Two loud bursts of noise filled the air and caused John to hit the deck, but not before he felt something burn the skin on the side of his neck.

Lulu had returned fire before darting for the cover of the aircraft, one bullet had luckily missed him completely, but the second shot had left John with a burning cut to his neck from the near miss.

An inch away from death...

The thought gave Riz a second wind as he made his way to the corner of the walkway in time to see Lulu scrambling behind the aircraft.

John knew he did not have many bullets left in the first of his three clips, so he pointed the gun in Lulu's general direction and open fired until the clip was emptied. There were no cries of pain, but there was a strange hissing noise. One of the bullets had punctured the old front tire of the aircraft causing the nose of the plane to drop. The old and rusting plane's supporting beam attached to the front tire could no longer support the shift in weight and gave way, causing the plane to slide forward crashing into the hangar doors with a thundering bang. The doors gave way to the weight of the plane.

John coughed as he slowly made his way through the dust cloud caused by the commotion, squinting as he reloaded his gun with a fresh clip. He caught a glimpse of the girl's figure darting out the large garage doors.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" John cursed to himself.

Disbelief was starting to set in and it was not a welcome feeling.

This girl will be the death of you Riz.
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His first instinct had been to wait for her to come back in the hangar, but even John knew she wouldn't do that. He would need to follow her, but to do that he would need to get out of the hangar without Lulu blowing his head off. His only hope was that in the chaos of the plane crashing into the doors, Lulu had somehow dropped her gun.

John slowly crept through the now settling dust cloud and past the aircraft, his eyes fixated on the exit created by the commotion. There were crates and boxes scattered all over the place in such a manner that John had to climb his way past the blockage.

The stench of the airfield hit John's nostrils once again as he slowly peeked out the hole in the doors. He could not believe his eyes. Lulu actually had her back turned to his position. She was running for the control tower, the dumb b--


The only thought running through John Rizzolo's head was that Lulu was running for backup. It was highly likely that Lenny would be able to kill Trish from what John had heard from the announcements, and if Lulu was able to reach him, Riz could kiss his ass goodbye.

"God--damn--fuchghah." He grunted as he scrambled through the opening, falling in the process. He rose up in time to see that Lulu was mere feet away from the doors.

"No!" John roared as he fired widely at the girl from his knees.

He didn't know if any of the shots hit, but Lulu stopped in her tracks. John rose up to his feet as the girl turned to face him.

John kept the MP7 pointed at her as he neared.

"What do you want from me?!"

The almost primal tone with which the words were spoken was unlike anything John had ever heard come from the small girl's mouth. John stopped his forward motion to look at her. Beaten, disheveled, furious and fearful all in one. It was quite a sight to behold. Riz also noticed that the girl was no longer carrying her gun, or anything for that matter.

"You know what I want Lu. I want to win." John said coldly as he reached to his pocket to reload his gun and end this fight.

W-what!? Where the fuck is the clip Johnny?"

Riz's eyes widened as he realized that his last clip of ammo now laid back at the hangar amongst a pile of crates. His next action was to toss the gun aside in disgust. This was truly going to come to a fist fight. He needed to win. He needed to get that last clip if he stood a chance against Lenny. He needed to get that clip to stand a chance against the AK wielding Trish. He needed that clip.

"Alright. Let's end this Lu-bear. Let's end this." John said with a flat tone.

Something in Lulu had changed though. There was a steely determination in her eyes. Maybe all of John's talk about proving why you're still alive had finally come to fruition.

Lulu was ready for him. She was waiting for his first move. This fact alone sent a chill down his spine.

With a loud grunt John sprinted at Lulu in hopes of tackling the girl. Lulu however used her size to her advantage and side-stepped Riz's attack, narrowly missing his outstretched arms. Lulu had one problem though. John was in striking range, and he was the stronger of the two. No! Those were the thoughts that Lulu was learning to fight off. Instead, she pounced on the boy's back with the fury of a cougar. Scratching and clawing at any area she could.

John did his best to protect his eyes, but it felt like everywhere else from his face down was being ripped into with no regard. He felt the girl slip her arm under his chin in attempt to choke him.

Lulu wrapped her legs around Riz's torso and sunk in the choke. She could feel him struggling in her grasp, but she knew she had to hang on.

John's body went into panic mode. He frantically tried to pry the girl off but it was no use. He could feel his head getting dizzy. He needed to get out of this. With one last ditch effort, John reached both of his hands above and behind his head. He felt his target. Both of John's hands took a handful of Lulu's hair as John dropped to his ass.

Lulu was too focused on the choke to worry about John's hands on her head. That focus was broken though as Riz's move had worked. The combination of his grip and body drop caused Lulu's chin to crash into John's skull. Her grip was released as she dropped to the ground in pain.

John felt the cool air rush back into his lungs. Unfortunately it was exhaled just as quickly as it came as he lay there coughing from the choke. His body was telling him to stay down, and so far it was obeying. John rolled to his side to see where Lulu was. She too was on the ground. John coughed repeatedly as he used his arms to turn himself towards Lulu and began to crawl towards her.
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Everything had come down to one last lucky swerve in John's favour. The hellcat he was fighting had knocked him right next to the one instrument he needed to end her. He'd killed over 10 people. He had worked his ass off for most, and fought for his life in others. Johnathan Rizzolo was the deadliest person on the island, and despite that, it all came down to lucky break.

As he pushed the girl and rose to his feet, it seemed as though there was no ambient noise in the airfield. It felt as though not even the wind was rustling the leaves of the surrounding forest as Riz stood above the small girl at his feet. With a look of contempt Riz emptied more shots into the girl. Each shot seeming to do nothing. Lulu was still trying to talk herself into fighting. Her battle wounded body still had some fight left in it.

The girl reached out to John again and began to speak but John had had enough. This needed to end. He needed to end it. He pulled the trigger and felt the pop of the gun once again. The bullet embedded itself into the girl's stomach and stopped everything. Her mouth stopped and her body went limp.

John dropped to his knees and let out a primal roar. It was a roar of pain, anger and satisfaction. He threw the gun away from himself as he took in the moment. For the second time on the island, John felt tears well up in his eyes. He couldn't figure out why the tears were there. He still had other people to fight. He couldn't be crying when there was still a job to do.

John rose to his feet once again, thinking that his best bet would be to try and find his last clip for the MP7 before Trish or Lenny came bounding out of the tower and blasted him the face with some lead justice. The thought was cut short though by the sound of....clapping?

The sound of a slow clap filled the airfield as John scanned the surrounding area for where the noise was coming from. His curiosity was answered almost instantly when the all to familiar voice of Mr. Danya rang through the speakers.

"Congratulations Mr. Rizzolo. I know you're expecting to have to keep fighting, but I have excellent news for you," Danya's voice said in a joyous tone, "Ms. McCarroll was able to defeat our dear friend Lenny, but she just wasn't able to muster up the fortitude to finish what she started. It's a shame we didn't get to see that though when we think about your track record with the ladies out here."

There was a paused as John looked back to Lulu's corpse.

"You are the winner John. Now, if you would kindly ensure that you are not carrying any weapons on you, we are sending in a few of our people to escort you off the island. They will be there before you know it. Congratulations again John, we will be in touch very soon."

John heard the click of the PA and tried to replay everything he had just heard. He had won. He had actually won. A smile broke over his bloodied face at the thought. He had outlasted his entire class to be the last person standing.

John took one last long look around the airfield. It was a place of ruin thanks to his efforts. This was his place on the island. He had owned the area every single time he'd visited. That thought alone sent a wave of serenity through John's mind.

After a moment of thought, Riz began to walk to the nearest aircraft. He checked the pockets of his dirtied and tattered pants for any objects that may be considered dangerous and found nothing. He climbed up on to the wing of the aircraft, albeit with great effort as his body was now losing the adrenaline rush and returning to its throbbing painful state. John looked to his right to see the corpses of his former classmates Ryan Atwell and Steve Digaetano. On Ryan's chest there was a folder piece of paper on which John could out the words: TO THE WINNER

Riz slowly climbed off the plane and scooped up the letter then looked from Ryan to Steve with a curious look on his face.

"Hey kid!" a burly voice shouted from behind him.

John turned around to see a group of 5 armed personnel all with their guns trained on him. John quickly turned to show them that the item in his hand was only a letter, but the gun barrels were not lowered.

"Let's go." the man said flatly from behind his riot mask.

John pocketed the letter and walked towards the group. After the leader of the guards inspected John's pockets, leaving the letter, and checked his shoes, he gave a slight nod, followed by an, "All clear."

John was forced to walk behind the leader, but in front of the other 4, and though he could not see it, he knew they had their guns pointed right at his back.

It's kind of flattering in a way to know they think I'm that dangerous.

The trek to the coastline was not a long one, and as they neared, John could make out a small boat on the shore and a much larger one out on the sea. As John climbed into the boat, he turned one last time to look at the island. It looked so serene despite the carnage which littered the inside.

The ride to the larger of the boats was not a long one either. John was ordered to climb up the ladder to the vessel first. He was greeted at the top of the boat by even more large armed personnel.

"This way." Said one of them.

John was led to the interior of the boat and down several hallways before finally stopping in front of a wooden door with a small red cross on it.

"In there." The guard said in a voice that clearly indicated he thought he was above escorting some kid around the boat.

John entered a room which was clearly a small medical office. The woman inside gestured from him to sit down on the table. After taking a seat, not before noticing that the escorting guards had followed him into the room, the nurse took John's left hand.

Without saying a word to him, the nurse cleaned the wounds and bandaged up his entire hand.

"That is the best I can do until we get back to mainland." She informed him.

"Alright, get up and come on." The guard said gruffly.

John got up off the table without a word to anyone and followed the man back into the hallways.

It wasn't long before they stopped in front of another door which had a small plaque with initials V.D. on it. The lead guard knocked on the door twice and was answered by a voice inside.

"Send him in."

The door opened to reveal a room where a heavy-set man sat behind a desk.

"Come on in Mr. Rizzolo," said the voice John had grown to know over the last 13 days, "We have much to discuss."


B58: Johnathan Rizzolo - WINNER
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