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In Loving Memory of Jerred Guillen; Please read, this is important.
Topic Started: Sep 27 2009, 07:57 AM (8,495 Views)
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are you upset?
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So I wanted to do this when I was sure I wasn't going to cry, but reading through this thread and just thinking about all the great that came along with Jerred, I doubt that's ever going to happen.

Jer was one of the most amazing friends anyone could ask for. He's was always right on top of it when you needed to complain about anything and would cheer you up right away. Y'know, reading how many other people never got a chance to truly talk to him, I'm honored that I actually got that and was able to be as close as I was with him. He and Tre were without a doubt two of my closest friends here and he was was a ray of light that just lifted your spirits.

Tre, I know you and you're family are devasted, but I want to thank you for being such an amazing friend. And never, EVER feel like you or anyone else is responsible for anything, because I know for a fact that you were one of the greatest big sisters ever. I love you<3.

And love you forever too, Gerber.

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