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In Loving Memory of Jerred Guillen; Please read, this is important.
Topic Started: Sep 27 2009, 07:57 AM (8,260 Views)
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It really pains me to say this, but Jerred Guillen, or DetectiveArcher as some of you are more familiar with, passed away last night. Theresa said she couldn't handle telling everybody, so I'm going to give you the details as per her request. My sole plea is that nobody PMs her or IMs her asking for more information in light of the difficult time her and her family are going through. The least we can do for her right now is respect her privacy.

These details will be hard to read, but she requested that I share them for you all. Please brace yourselves.

Jerred hanged himself in the Guillen family's garage. Theresa walked in later that night and found him. They called 911, and the paramedics took him to the hospital where they pronounced him.

None of the Guillens saw this coming, and neither could any of us. As I say that, I have to re-assure you all. Please do not feel guilty or responsible for Jerred's passing. There is nothing that any of us could have done; and Theresa, if you read this, I'm including you here as well. You were and still are a loving, thoughtful, and supportive sister. You haven't failed in any way. Your brother loved you, and continues to love you.

If anyone wants to leave a thoughtful message, a memory of Jerred, or support for the Guillen family in this trying time, they are more than welcome to. I once again ask that these messages stay in this thread. Theresa needs our support, but she also needs to grieve, and I ask that everybody respects that.

For now, I'm also going to ask that everyone puts their petty and inconsequential grievances with each other aside. Please be there for each other. In life, Jerred stepped in to mediate so many of our squabbles and differences, and in comparison, they all seem so futile now. We need to be there for each other instead of separating ourselves for tiny, insignificant reasons. His kindness, neutrality, and infinite pearls of wisdom reminded us of that in life, and the least we can do for him is carry on his talent and his care into our lives. That will be our best way to remember him.

I'm going to conclude with a quote Theresa told me just hours ago.

I know my brother considered you guys his friends, and he spoke of you fondly and often. Thank you for being there for him. He really enjoyed getting to know you, and spending time with you in chat and working on SoTF.

Talk to each other. Cry, laugh, and be there. Life is fragile, and we all need to get through it together, especially in times like this.


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