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Prom Dates
Topic Started: Jun 21 2009, 08:23 PM (5,794 Views)
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Vivien Morin is unlikely to get a date, given that most, if not all, of the senior class knows his "T" *referencereference* but is always available. Y'know, if you're into that sort of thing.
Chloe Strong is currently Erik Laurin's backup date, so she's probably not available~
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Daniel Blessing is looking for a date for Prom. He's a shy guy though most girls will probably be intrigued by his bad boy looks.
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Kale doesn't socialize that much, but he'll go to Prom to make his mom happy. He'll probably ask a girl too...He just doesn't know who...
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Ayn is going because her parents are forcing her to go. She will probably accept a prom date request from pretty much anybody (just keep in mind Ayn isn't exactly first rate material).

Elizabeth Tucker, however, is going since pretty much everyone ELSE is going. And...yeah.

If interested, PM/MSN me.
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Jason Clarke is British, he's smart, he's polite, and he plays field hockey. He's also looking for a prom date.
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Well, guess I should tell you guys what is up with my characters. ^_^;

Aileen is definitely showing up, but is most likely going stag, and will probably eventually be off doing her own thing once it starts, knowing her. A character can ask, but it "might" take some effort for her to actually accept.

Carol's honestly forgotten about it. But, you can have someone say "PROM" and she will probably remember, quickly take care of things, and maybe find a date. She's open to the possibility of one, but if she isn't asked, she'll happily go without one, and have fun with her classmates.

Chase? Most likely not going. She doesn't really "get" the point, honestly. But! This doesn't mean she is completely unavailable; if some guy asks her, Chase just might accept and end up showing up, after all. After all, this is the same person who likes to fangirl over the male students, so... yeah.

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Unlikely Ray will have acclimated himself to school enough to go to the prom.

Lily's likely to go, either if someone asks her or if she's covering the prom as a final feature for the paper.
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Dorothy, "Dory", Stoeber sees prom as an essential part of high school and is definitley attending - she'd probably be downright offended if she wasn't invited by anyone. That being said, she's also looking for a date! While being fairly popular and pretty, she has a reputation around Bayview of being somewhat cruel to the those lower on the social ladder than her and may have more than a few tantrums throughout the night with her date.

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Ladies, ladies, ladies!

Since I'm 1 for 3 in terms of finding prom dates, I thought I'd be a little more proactive and throw this out there.

Aislyn McCreery refuses to allow being dateless ruin her prom. She is looking for other girls to join her stag-ette group for prom. No stress, lot of laughter and fun, the way prom should be. Any dateless girls interested should PM me or let me know in chat.
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Gloria will go because it's "part of the school experience." And her mother thought she should interact with more people again. Of course, there's the matter of whether she danced with anyone...
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Brendan's in the process of getting a date. However, Clio will go with anyone eligible.
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Figured I should rez this, since it actually matters a bit more now.

I believe Kale and Mirabelle are set to go together (we can do an actual 'Kale asks' thread somewhere, if y'like), but that leaves David and Simon free. Raidon probably won't go, but any interested parties are free to ask!
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Ah.....Prom, the time to dance to bad music, get drunk and try to screw. At least if you go by hollywood.

Jonathan Jarock is going with Anna Chase, since she happens to be one of the few people he actually considers a decent human being.

Chris Davidson is going by himself, because he's new and doesn't know anyone.

and finally Daniel Vaughan may or may not go, if some girl asks him, then he'll go, just to make her happy.

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Hey hey folks. Anyone out there got a female and wanna hook up for a last-minute prom date? I'm changing plans with Ricky Fortino, so he's back on the market. Ricky's popular and good-looking, and expects his date to be the same, and doesn't want any drama or actual romance here.

Also, I feel like tossing my NPC Aaron Hicks into prom for the hell of it, so he's available too. Aaron demands hotness, and,well, that's about it. :D

Any girls want to go with the conceited football star, or the less conceited guy who starts sometimes, let me know thru PM/Chat/here. Mucho thanko.
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