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Prom Dates
Topic Started: Jun 21 2009, 08:23 PM (5,793 Views)
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Okay folksies, with V3 winding down the way it is (and keep reading cause business will be picking up in a big way shortly) there is going to be a prom thread. Last time around for Pre-Game, prom was mentioned only with the King/Queen winners and if a character had a flashback on the island. This time around there is going to be a thread/new area on the board where you will RP your characters at the prom. As such, this is going to be the official thread where you can advertise your characters for Prom Dates, or if you know they are going with someone, confirm who it is.

I'll get this shindig started.


Niklas Kronwall: Available. Nik's a good guy, looking for someone to go with. If you have a girl that would be interested in Nik, send me a PM/MSN/Chatzy message.

My other two guys are spoken for, so please don't message about DK or Brent.
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Roy Archer is available for any interested young ladies.

Ilario Fiametta III is also available and patiently awaiting for someone to express an interest.
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Are prom attendees required to have dates, or can they turn up alone (and perhaps meet people there)?
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Going stag is always an option.
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Ivan Kuznetsov is going alone.

Felicia Carmichael is, however, ready for any guy OR girl!
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Peter Siu: Any guy or girl willing to ask him, because he's far too lazy to do the asking himself.

Tiffany Baker: Looking for any one of the many nice guys around the school to ask her out. There is a chance she'll refuse because she's waiting on Peter :P .

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Justin Corrigan is in need of a popular girl or gay guy to go with if his backup partner can't make it.

And Abigail Atkins will be asking someone, but in the likely event she's turned down, anyone that would want to go with her as a date or as stag or whatever, hit me up c:
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I don't suppose I could get a partner for geeky and overweight Wayne West? I'm fine with him going stag, but I'd really like it if he ended up on an awkward date.
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Pigeon Army
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Max Neill is now taken.

Maf Tuigamala: In need of a female to accompany him. Not necessary, but appreciated.

Rachel Gettys is now taken.
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I have two lovely ladies looking for dates to the prom, if anyone is interested:

Aislyn McCreery is in need of a nice gentleman to escort her to prom. If nobody asks, she's already has a small group of girls intrested in going stag. So if we get close to time and your character is dateless but interested in attending, let me know.

Evelyn Reed, who makes wonderful arm candy for those who meet her standards, might need a date if her original plans don't work out.

If you're interested, PM me or hit me up in Chatzy to work out the details.
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... Haha, just kidding. Not a chance.

Jessie's spoken for.

Winston Parry: He's pretty shy, so he wouldn't be actively looking - it would depend if any girl would actually seek him out and ask him, and even then, it would depend on exactly who.

Semi-reserved due to a relationship I already have planned with somebody else.

Brock Mason: Again, unlikely he'd ask somebody because he's afraid of getting embarrassed. It's 50:50 on whether he'd go at all dateless.

- Brock will probably be going with Hilary Strand.

Rosa Fiametta: Anybody, male or female, who is either genuinely affectionate or can qualify for 'sweet talker' status, more or less.
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Clu, we should make Brock and Hilary go together. xD

Violet and Trent will probably go together as a friend-date thing, which just leaves...

Leila Langford looking for a date.

Hello again.
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Kaine Fischer would most-likely be looking for a girl to ask to the prom. He's popular, an athlete, and an all-around nice guy. Oh, and he's a junkie. But he doesn't talk about that.
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Melissa Li will definitely be going stag or heading out with Aislyn and the other girls if none of them turn out to have dates.

Violetta is already called for and is going with Cyrille.

Markham Connor is open and willing to go out with a nice, pretty girl if they like the quiet, introverted types. He won't be the one to do the asking though, so it'd have to be the girl who takes the reins.
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Max Crowe - Extremely lively and outgoing person, who wouldn't mind to going to a prom with a girl with positive attitude, and preferably with a single drop of 'craziness'. Actually, every girl, except those shy ones, or rich, pampered bitches will do.

Mike Maszer - Cheerful guy, with an abstract sense of humor. Anything else than psychotic bitches is fine for him ;]

Rob Jenkins will probably go alone, after being dumped by Melissa.

Gary Griffith... For starters, I need to actually RP anything with him -_-
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